Tuesday, December 9, 2008

checkup @36 weeks

Hello..sorry for the delay in updating the checkup entry. Overall checkup was okay. Baby is doing fine and in position for labour (no wonder I always want to go to the loo) Mommy is not gaining that much of weight and the doc says it’s fine at this stage as I have gained a lot for the past 8 mths. Hubby said “Tak cukup lagi ke?” Ciss..at least I’m still lighter than u okay :P The nurse even attached the admission letter to my red card should I be admitted before my next checkup (next checkup is on the 17th) Lets just hope everything is sailing smooth ya?

Umi told me to wash all the baby clothes I bought cause u know..baby’s skin is sensitive and it’s best to have everything new washed first before use. So I washed all the clothes with NappiKleen except for the towel, napkin, handkerchief, mittens and boots (2nd round). My colleague gave me 2 pieces of “kain bedung” for the baby (thanks Ros!) and I asked Umi to get some from Bahau (thanks Umi!)

Last weekend was a bit boring as hubby had to work and was on PM shift..and my family balik kampung for Raya..so it was just me alone with my Diner Dash & Parking Dash games..owh I did went out with my sis last Saturday for last minute shopping and managed to get almost everything in the checklist for the hospital bag. Please Eeja, no more delaying. Get the bag ready ASAP!!

2 of my friends which their EDD are about the same as mine (maybe a week earlier) had given birth to baby girls last week. They were like 2 weeks early and ironically were admitted to the same hospital! Congratulations! Okay..i’m now officially scared..aiyaiyaiyaiyai..


The Tatie said...

parking dashhhhh???
ape itu?
mcm menarik ajeeeeeeee!

raF|za said...

hahah..dia macam diner dash tapi susun kereta. menarik gaks! try lar

Fazlynne Majid said...

hehe... isha slalu main diner dash tu dulu.., noce cot btw fiz. all ready for delivery day? :) i'm sooooo excited!!

raF|za said...

diner dash best! addicted pon ade. kta siap completekan all levels before delivery lagi..heheh..hahah..terpaksa ready dear..walaupon sangat takut and don't know what to expect. me too..excited + takut..heheh..