Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ahmad Mikhail Haris Ahmad Johari :) I have safely delivered a baby boy on 20.12.2008, 7.34AM at Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong. He weighed at 3.3kg and 51cm in length. I had a normal delivery but had to use the help of vacuum.

Mikhail Haris - Day 1

Overall his doing fine but he got a little bit of jaundice and still under observation. I'm in my confinement now at my mom's house. Will share with you more the details in another entry ya..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

day 1 after the V check up

hello..baru jer lepas makan nasi kandar Raihan, Glenmarie while watching Survivor Gabon reunion. i love not to have to go to work and relax. but dalam relax, i can still feel mild contractions coming but not for long. baby is actively moving as usual and as long as no weird sign, guess I'm okay.

After the check up yesterday, I have this bleeding and was kinda worried. I planned to go to the hospital this morning if the bleeding still continues but Alhamdulillah, dah stop. Dr Raja did reminded me about this yesterday but I was not expecting this kind of bleeding. Thought something light for now, we just wait and see. Movement wise, sangat limited. Cannot walk, sit, sleep for too long. Have to change position always. Hubby will resume to work tomorrow and luckily my cousins are around. They will come and pick me up tomorrow and bring me to Subang. At least I will not be left alone here. Will update pray for me ya?

My sis texted me this morning around 6, on her way to the airport. Her Chiang Mai's flight is at 8AM and will return on Monday morning. Abah wished me good luck in advance. I just hope they will come back on time :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

checkup @38 weeks

Started my annual+maternity leave today till March next year, yeay! Woke up and hubby suggested we go to Low Yatt coz he needs to get something there and since we failed to make it last Friday, so Low Yatt it is. Reached there nearly 11 and while waiting we decided to have brunch at this Nasi Ayam shop..okay lar..sedap!

otw to Low Yatt 
 saya makan steamed chicken fav

I cannot walk that far as it makes me feel very the uncomfortable and after spending another half an hour there (and also after buying Big Apple Chocoreo & Christmas special berries donut) we went home. Not long after that, we had to go to the hospital for my 38th week check up.

The checkup..hmhmhm..I've put on 2 more kilos and as I was about to go to the waiting area, I saw Azza and her cute lil baby. I was supposed to pay her a visit over the weekend and was happy to be able to meet her at last. Her baby, Haziq is so adorable and just turned 3 months. Azza is the one who recommended me to go to CA and meet Dr Raja. Infact her wedding date was just a day after mine and we even went to Bali for our honeymoon about the same time. Me so happy to meet her!

 with Azza & baby Haziq yang sangat comel & chubby

Owh regarding the check up..guess what? Dr Raja said that I'm 2cm dilated already and the labour could happen anytime from now. But she asked me to go back home, prepare and eat whatever I feel like eating tonight coz chances of me giving birth early is quite high. Aaaaaaa..are you for real?? Saya sangat takut! No wonder I feel so uncomfortable..she said wait for the sign and if I'm in pain, do come over to the hospital. My dad & sis will be flying to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning and I just wish the baby could wait till Monday at least so that they are here to share the moment with. My dad's clerk ni pon..tanya lar dulu before fixing the dates..*sigh* Well, guess we just wait and see and pray everything is gonna be alright..InsyaAllah. wish me luck ya?

After check up, hubby asked me if I feel like eating anything. I was still in shock and suddenly felt so full after hearing the news..sangat takde mood nak makan. we went to Wendy's again anyways..hubby's case was different..he was panic + nervous that he could eat the 2 fried chickens he ordered together with the fries okay..huhuhuh..will keep you updated.

Ayam goreng not mine..hubby punya 
terkejut..dunno what to Eeja..

Monday, December 15, 2008

makan activities during the long weekend

I had a very long weekend and enjoyed every moment of it.


Public holiday for Selangor last Thursday and went out for dinner to celebrate Umi’s birthday. Her birthday actually falls on Friday but we decided to have the dinner earlier coz they have to attend my cousin’s solemnization ceremony that Friday. Hubby could not join us for dinner as he was on the PM shift and I spent the night at Subang sleeping on my sis’s bed while Curly curled up comfortably on the mattress below. She did not really care about her sleeping place as long as she’s in the room with us

 Abah & Umi
 Chubby me..huhuh
Curly curling up comfortably under the comforter


Woke up at 7AM and it was raining heavily. Hubby picked me up from Subang and we went to tahpau breakfast at my favourite Nasi Lemak stall at SS 15. Then we returned to Shah Alam and had our breakfast. Around 10AM, joined hubby for a nap but I only managed to close my eyes for few minutes and decided to surf and did something else. Checked out the online baby store and we planned to buy the baby cot which was actually a present from Umi & Abah. Thank you guys, appreciate it very much. Muah!

Then around 3PM, hubby decided to check out something at Low Yatt and was so disappointed with the traffic. It was so bad that we had to make a U-turn and forget about our mission. We went straight to the baby store in Jln Kuchai Lama and bought the cot. It was a good buy as it comes in package and the price is cheaper compared to other places.

We dropped the baby cot at Subang and since my cousins, aunts and uncle were around, my sister had this brilliant idea to surprise Umi with a birthday cake. After Maghrib, we sang Happy Birthday and asked Umi to cut the cake. It was nice to have all my relatives around and we totally enjoyed being around each other :)

Then went back to Shah Alam and my brother dropped by 15 mins later for PS3 session with hubby and went out for supper around 11PM

Surprise! with my sister & cousins
(pic a bit blur, thnks to hubby :p)


what did I do..hmmm..oh man, I totally forgot! Owh okay, we went to Section 14, PJ hoping to find a parking spot to go to the Digital Mall but mission failed. It was so crowded there hence we decided to tahpau Nasi Ayam Ipoh at the Section 14 market. I even asked hubby to tahpau for me some goreng pisang and a Slurpee but was quite frustrated as the machine in 7-11 was out of order. What is 7-11 without Slurpee?? Grrr..grr..Hubby suggested we go to Subang to get one but it was so out of the way plus I was hungry already. We watched Eagle Eye while having our lunch.

Then for dinner, we went to Uptown as I felt like eating the “Sotong goreng” and “Lala Sweet & Sour”. That might be the last time I’m having it before I deliver. I even tahpau some satay coz I saw this group of people having it and thought it must be delicious..not quite though :P


went out to Summit. Hubby needs to get something there and had McD for brunch. Had Prosperity burger again although we just had it Friday before. Went to Umi’s place and Umi was busy cleaning up my brother’s room for me to use it later and hubby and bro assembled the cot. I even got the chance to eat Umi’s “Ikan Masak Kicap” and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough! Then my sister bought some goreng pisang for tea and again, makan time. I love to eat! *yumm yumm yumm*

It was raining in the evening and when we returned to Shah Alam, it was already 5PM.

Hubby & my bro assembling the baby cot

That basically how my weekend goes. Full of eating activity huh? Nvm, I will soon be on confinement and cannot eat all these for 44 days! So now, enjoy lar :P

Friday, December 12, 2008

happy birthday to my mommy dearest!

This wish for you Mother
is straight from the heart.
With more special meaning
than words can impart...
May your day hold pleasures
that your fondest of...
And remember each day
you're thought of with Love.

HaPpY B|rThDaY to my mommy you so much!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

checkup @36 weeks

Hello..sorry for the delay in updating the checkup entry. Overall checkup was okay. Baby is doing fine and in position for labour (no wonder I always want to go to the loo) Mommy is not gaining that much of weight and the doc says it’s fine at this stage as I have gained a lot for the past 8 mths. Hubby said “Tak cukup lagi ke?” least I’m still lighter than u okay :P The nurse even attached the admission letter to my red card should I be admitted before my next checkup (next checkup is on the 17th) Lets just hope everything is sailing smooth ya?

Umi told me to wash all the baby clothes I bought cause u’s skin is sensitive and it’s best to have everything new washed first before use. So I washed all the clothes with NappiKleen except for the towel, napkin, handkerchief, mittens and boots (2nd round). My colleague gave me 2 pieces of “kain bedung” for the baby (thanks Ros!) and I asked Umi to get some from Bahau (thanks Umi!)

Last weekend was a bit boring as hubby had to work and was on PM shift..and my family balik kampung for it was just me alone with my Diner Dash & Parking Dash games..owh I did went out with my sis last Saturday for last minute shopping and managed to get almost everything in the checklist for the hospital bag. Please Eeja, no more delaying. Get the bag ready ASAP!!

2 of my friends which their EDD are about the same as mine (maybe a week earlier) had given birth to baby girls last week. They were like 2 weeks early and ironically were admitted to the same hospital! Congratulations! Okay..i’m now officially scared..aiyaiyaiyaiyai..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha! Can u believe it I had McD Big Breakfast and not any of the traditional food till 5 in the evening?

  1. hubby worked on PM shift on Sunday and only came home at 8 AM
  2. we planned to celebrate it here as I am not fit to travel for long distance journey
  3. I’m too lazy to cook? (this by right should be the 1st reason :p)
  4. hubby needs his sleep and only woke up at 1 PM
  5. all my family members balik kampung
It was raining the whole day and we left for Bkt Mahkota around 4.45PM. Mummy served us nasi tomato, lemang, ketupat, rendang but I still miss my mom’s kuah kacang & rendang. My cousin and sister called in the morning telling me they have already pack some food for sweeettt! We did dropped by @Subang to pass the nasi tomato given by Mummy but did not get the chance to meet my family as they were caught up in this massive traffic jam and only reached around 9.30PM and also to check on the cats. As I fumbled in my purse for the keys, I somehow knew the cats were waiting behind the door probably wondering who was making such noise as the windows were all shut for them to go out or even to have a peek and I was right. Both Fluffy & Curly were there and meow-ing once the door was open. It was getting late and so I told Umi that we will return for dinner tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kenduri & family gathering over the weekend

I wanted to update this yesterday but was too caught up with work hence totally forgot about it. Actually not much work for me lar since it’s December already and I’m going off for my maternity leave soon. Just helped around and pretended to be busy :p

Last Saturday followed hubby to send my car for service then headed down to my favourite salon to get a new haircut. I’m so over with my long hair and decided to cut it short, well just an inch below the shoulder and I feel ‘lighter’. Obviously the lighter feeling is just for the hair and not for my physical appearance :p Since the salon is in 15, Subang, hubby was so willing to accompany me and while I got my hair done, he met up with his friends at his favourite hang out place. Then dropped by at Umi’s place for lunch/tea and my grandma, aunty and uncle were already there for the ‘kenduri’ on Sunday. After that we went to Giant for a quick shopping of the items we left out and went back home. We watched this movie called “The Promotion” and stuffed ourselves with McD. Then watched football for a while and by 10, I was already in my lala land :p woke me up not hubby (he said he did not want to wake me up as I need to rest more but baby dah move banyak kali asking his mommy to wake up and so I have to get up and helped myself with cream crackers & milk (bangun terus makan okay) while hubby did his road work). I don’t really need an alarm clock now, baby will automatically wakes me up around 6.45AM. Err, thank you baby? Heheh..

Then we got ready for breakfast and fetched Kak Isma (part time maid) and drove off to Putra Heights. Sampai² Kak Isma terus bersihkan rumah, mop, basuh toilet, lap tingkap and hubby washed the porch and while I arranged the plates, cups and tissues. We left Kak Isma there and went back to Shah Alam, siap² and reached Putra Heights nearly noon. My cousins Tatie and Nana were already there and Kak Isma really did her job well. Rumah sangat bersih, carpet and tikar dah di arrange neatly and we sat there quietly and not to mention hungrily waiting for the guests to arrive. Most of the guests arrived around 12.30 noon and the kenduri started off with bacaan Yaasin followed by doa selamat led by my FIL. After that, they performed Zohor prayer together led by my dad and by 1.30PM, everybody dah helped themselves with food..and talking about food, banyak nyer!! Ada nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging kurma, acar, pulut kuning, sambal ikan bilis, meehoon, nasi lemak pon ada okay tapi that one tak serve pon sebab left over from bfast plus dah banyak atas meja..for desert we have choc cake (courtesy of my grandma on my dad's side), karipap, roti jala, kuih tak tau nama (courtesy of my aunt), egg tart & karipap version bakery (courtesy of my MIL) and this sister of mine nak potong cake sempena her birthday which falls on last yeah, another cake ;)

We even tahpau for the guests sebab if not, membazir. By 3pm, most of the guests dah balik and so Kak Isma bersihkan rumah again with sweeping and mopping and she was really fast and efficient! We left Putra Heights nearly 4pm and were satisfied with the condition of the house. Sangat bersih. It was nice to see most of the family members and a great family gathering indeed. Some of them even came all the way from Muar and Negeri Sembilan to attend the small kenduri. Thanks for coming everyone and thank you for helping out Umi, Abah, bro, sis, aunts, uncles, grandmas, PIL, SIL, BIL and cousins! Really appreciate your presences.

I hope to have another so called house warming session after I deliver nanti. So my dear friends, I tak lupa you all lar, in case you guys are wondering :p

Got another check up today and will keep you guys updated..stay tuned for the next entry! Have a great day kayz :)