Monday, November 24, 2008

weekend updates

I don’t feel like blogging but somehow I need to release the tension that is building up and bout to explode anytime. So I’ll blog la kejap. What did I do last weekend..hmhm..

Had breakfast at Umi’s place and was supposed to meet the electrician @Putra Heights at 11am. Dragged my sis to accompany me and we waited for an hour but there was no sign of the electrician coming, call pon tak angkat so we decided to check out this cupcake shop nearby as sis wanted to order a cake for her upcoming birthday. Cake birthday nak order sendiri okay, siap nak design cantik² lagi :P she plans to have a cake-cutting ceremony during the kenduri doa selamat which will be held at my new house this Sunday (small kenduri jer, house warming later kayz). After browsing through the catalog, we found out that the prices quoted are a bit too much and mind you, the prices quoted are basic price belum campur add on. So tak jadi order but we helped ourselves with Vanilla Butter Cream cupcake for me and Choc Chip Butter Cream cupcake & Iced Choc for sis. Cupcakes okay la, sedap gaks atau mungkin kah kerana kami sudah lapar? Hmhmh..then balik rumah and let hubby settle it later. Plus memang patut pon he deals with the electrician himself. I wouldn’t have a clue of what to ask for pon nanti.

After lunch, Umi asked me whether I want to accompany her to Giant and I agreed as she wanted to buy some stuffs for the kenduri. Being UMI, she always put 100% in whatever she does. She was the one who called the caterer and ordered the food, invited the guests and she was the one who prepares almost everything. And being ME, kinda lazy to think bout this and that, I just ikut jer and help out skit² to whatever is necessary. Sangat berterima kasih kepada Umi. Love you!

Then as we were about to leave, it was raining heavily and to kill the time, we had our makan² petang at the foodcourt and managed to leave after waiting for almost an hour. After Asar, around 5 I think, Umi and I decided to send some of the things we bought to Putra Heights. Before that, Umi suggested we check out the stove at this electrical shop at USJ. She suggested to get the stove with electric oven (ala, yg oldskool tuh) but the design a bit modern lar. With Umi around, she managed to persuade the salesman to give us best price and then suddenly she said.. “Fridge nak tak?” aaaa..saya mana ada duit nak beli one shot :p then she said, “Nvm, you can use my money first..” so kira loan lar.. :p hubby agak terkejut sebab memula nak beli stove jer then suddenly ade fridge stove and fridge settle! Thanks again Umi :)

My bro & sis came by to my apartment around 3pm to help me transfer some of the stuffs to Putra Heights. They were very helpful and sangat rajin minus that one confusion between the guard and my bro. Thanks Duts, sayang kamu semua. Then waited for Umi and Abah to return from wedding cum visit to hubby's parents house in Bkt Mahkota as the items we bought yesterday were supposed to be delivered around 4pm. Went to Putra Heights again and Abah helped out by buying the gas to test the new stove. So I officially have a dapur now and there is no excuse not to cook. Ada oven sekali okay, so have to make use of it :p We lepak² there for an hour plus then headed back home.

Get ready for dinner to celebrate my sis’s birthday (her birthday falls on the 27th and on weekdays hence we decided to celebrate it earlier). Asked hubby to meet us there after work. Owh yeah, hubby kerja last weekend. Sometimes it’s good when he works during weekend cause I got to spend more time with my family and balik rumah lama².


The Tatie said...

cant wait to lepak beramai2!!

nazira aziz said...

ha ha ha ha ha
sebenarnye adik nak makan cake sedap tu la order sendiri punya :P

raF|za said...

Tatie: mari berlepak²..makan² :):)

Adik: heheh..oooo..memilih btol budak dut ni :p:p