Wednesday, November 5, 2008

nothing much

Hubby sent me to work this morning and reached the office @7.30AM. I have to leave early today as I’m going for my 2nd check up @CA this evening. Not much to do at the office except for offering help here and there. Just cleared 2 products last Friday and Monday and another one is still stuck with SE. The clock is only showing 10:21AM and I’m already sleepy. Even surfing & blogs hoping did not help that much *sigh*

This weekend will be another busy weekend. Umi wants to let go some of her stuffs to my house and I, of course, accept them willingly. Who doesn’t want freebies rite? Furthermore, hubby and I need to use the money for something else and so whatever furniture is welcome for now. Plus they are still in good condition, so why waste the money on something that you can get them for free? *beam*

After the checkup, we might make a quick stop at the lighting shop store to add few more lights. We totally forgot about the stairs, store and gate light. Will update more soon.

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