Thursday, November 6, 2008

checkup @32 weeks

2 posts in 2 days? I must be very² free. Actually ader la kerja but as always, buat slow² coz it’s not urgent pon. I’m way ahead of the deadline and so, slow down sikit (clear cepat² pon macam ada orang nak appreciate). I had vegetarian meal jer for lunch tapi still sleepy and so to cure it, blog la kot

Went for my checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are doing fine. I have few things to clarify and the doc was helpful enough by answering my never-ending queries and doubts, even for things that I have already know the answer but saja nak tanya lagi :P Doc kan sounds convincing. Doc says baby will gain approximately 200gm weight per week and I have 7 more weeks to go till my EDD InsyaAllah. For now baby is in the right size & weight. Tried to take a 3-D image but he’s quite shy lar..always cover his face with his this time around, we still cannot get a 3-D image of him. Baby ni nak surprise kan me n hubby kot. Hubby said, “No need lar..tgk masa keluar nanti” The checkup was done in 15mins time and no hassle at all. Sampai² nurse dah tunggu, then prepare the necessary and I did not have to wait for my turn pon. My name was displayed on the LCD screen together with the doc’s name and me being a bit jakun snap la a photo of it (will upload it later) So far, I’m quite satisfied with the service. The bill was quite reasonable too, not much difference than the previous clinic that I used to go. I asked the doc why baby hiccups but she said that the exact cause was unknown. Baby’s hiccups may be helping to strengthen the diaphragm muscle in order to help the baby breathe both in the womb and once they are born. That’s what the expert said. I noticed the hiccups happen like for 2-3 mins, 2-3 times a day. Boleh tak I cakap kat doc baby tak cukup air ke? Heheh..she just laughed. Baby kan mmg duduk dlm air, so mestilah cukup!

After the checkup we made a quick stop at the lighting store and added 4 more lights. As it was still early, hubby suggested we go to Pyramid. Had an early dinner there and jalan² sampai my kaki sakit..kan swollen..huhuh..sakit dan lenguh². Sambil jalan, sambil makan donut RM0.80 sebab teringin sangat nak makan donut yg ade sugar kat atas tuh. I sempat jer grab 2 more maternity pants and so happy sebab muat *grin* Last time I try, tak muat sebab the elastic band sangat loose for my tummy but now tidak lagi. It fits perfectly! Selesa tau pakai maternity pants ni LOL. My pants yg lain² memang dah tak muat dah so I can keep them away nicely in the moving box until it’s time I can wear them again, wish me luck! Btw, do forgive me for babbling ntah pape coz I’m so sleepy at the moment and sangat bosan. So I simply type..that’s why agak ntah pape :P Hubby was supposed to meet a friend @Parade at 8PM but his friend was stuck in traffic jam @KL, so he sent me home first. Balik rumah, mandi, then watched TV japs, then sambil tunggu hubby balik sambil main game yang sangat addictive, susah nak stop. Then at 10, watched CSI for half n hour sebab dah ngantuk..hubby lagi la..start jer terus tido okay..heheh..pukul 3.30AM tersedar sbb hubby bangun tgk bola then macam lapar..but was too sleepy to bangun and makan..sambung tido sampai la alarm kejut @6.50AM. okay dah banyak sangat tulis ntah pape ni..i’m heading to no where. Later people! *muah*


The Tatie said...

baby hiccups tu camne????????
tak pnah dengar pun!

raF|za said...

dia hiccup cam kta hiccups..tapi dlm perut..hehehe..rasa cam dia getar2 camtuh lar :P

The Tatie said...

hahaha...mcm comel je~
sakit tak bile dia hiccups?

raF|za said...

tak sakit lar. just rasa geli² camtuh. heheh..u will know when the right time comes :P

afnilogy said...

awak..yeay..yeay..leh baca blog awak slalu.keep on blogging!!

raF|za said...

hi afni! nice to hear from u. lama tak chat ngan awk :)