Friday, November 21, 2008

checkup @34 weeks

I’m now in my 35 weeks and I feel bloated, heavy and HUGE! I’ve put on like 13 kgs and yet the doctor said it was okay??! Are you for real? The nurse even smiled when she weighed me that she said “Eh dah naik 2 kg from last visit”..Normal kah ini? The check up went well and Alhamdulillah, good feedbacks received from the Doc. She said to be prepared on the 38 weeks as labour could happen at anytime starting from the 38 weeks. 38 weeks is like 3 weeks away! OMG..takut nyeeee. If baby to come out that time, Abah and sis will not be around as they will be in Chiang Mai for Abah’s office trip. Let’s hope everything goes well okay?
I so wanna have a new hairdo and miss wearing my old clothes and shoes which are now kept safely in the boxes @Putra Heights. Hopefully I can get back to my old size after the delivery, InsyaAllah.
Owh, after the check up, I bought some goreng pisang, keropok leko & kacang kuda (I called it kacang kuda..not sure of the real name though) and since we were in Puchong, I asked hubby to tahpau for me (and himself too) Nasi Lemak Queenz. I used to eat this when I stayed in Puchong last time. Tak serik² btol weight dah naik. takpe takpe..eating for two and also if I don’t eat, nanti teringat² laks..(sedapkan hati sendiri)

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