Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy 19th birthday to my dearest sis!

When you were little I’d watch you play You’d smile at me In your own cute way My heart would fill With my love for you Without you I’d wonder What would I do And as you grew up I watched you with pride Happy was I With you at my side To me a blessing You will always be So much I love you I hope this you see

HaPpY b|rThDaY to my one & only sis. love you so much!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It’s Wednesday and I’m not comfortable with my outfit today. It’s loose and big. It makes me looks bigger than I already have and I wish I could change to something else. I know that preggers should wear loose clothes..yes, but not this loose! Hormone, hormone, was raining last night and I woke up 3 times to go to the loo and there was this one time when I felt something on my face and guess what? It was the d**n roach!(at least that’s what I think it was) Not the big but the small one and I think I accidentally smacked it..eeewwwww!!! Did not have the heart to wake up hubby as I know he was far away in lala land. So it was just me, the freaking dirty 'roach' and the loo..(apekah yang diramblekan ini??)

Monday, November 24, 2008

weekend updates

I don’t feel like blogging but somehow I need to release the tension that is building up and bout to explode anytime. So I’ll blog la kejap. What did I do last weekend..hmhm..

Had breakfast at Umi’s place and was supposed to meet the electrician @Putra Heights at 11am. Dragged my sis to accompany me and we waited for an hour but there was no sign of the electrician coming, call pon tak angkat so we decided to check out this cupcake shop nearby as sis wanted to order a cake for her upcoming birthday. Cake birthday nak order sendiri okay, siap nak design cantik² lagi :P she plans to have a cake-cutting ceremony during the kenduri doa selamat which will be held at my new house this Sunday (small kenduri jer, house warming later kayz). After browsing through the catalog, we found out that the prices quoted are a bit too much and mind you, the prices quoted are basic price belum campur add on. So tak jadi order but we helped ourselves with Vanilla Butter Cream cupcake for me and Choc Chip Butter Cream cupcake & Iced Choc for sis. Cupcakes okay la, sedap gaks atau mungkin kah kerana kami sudah lapar? Hmhmh..then balik rumah and let hubby settle it later. Plus memang patut pon he deals with the electrician himself. I wouldn’t have a clue of what to ask for pon nanti.

After lunch, Umi asked me whether I want to accompany her to Giant and I agreed as she wanted to buy some stuffs for the kenduri. Being UMI, she always put 100% in whatever she does. She was the one who called the caterer and ordered the food, invited the guests and she was the one who prepares almost everything. And being ME, kinda lazy to think bout this and that, I just ikut jer and help out skit² to whatever is necessary. Sangat berterima kasih kepada Umi. Love you!

Then as we were about to leave, it was raining heavily and to kill the time, we had our makan² petang at the foodcourt and managed to leave after waiting for almost an hour. After Asar, around 5 I think, Umi and I decided to send some of the things we bought to Putra Heights. Before that, Umi suggested we check out the stove at this electrical shop at USJ. She suggested to get the stove with electric oven (ala, yg oldskool tuh) but the design a bit modern lar. With Umi around, she managed to persuade the salesman to give us best price and then suddenly she said.. “Fridge nak tak?” aaaa..saya mana ada duit nak beli one shot :p then she said, “Nvm, you can use my money first..” so kira loan lar.. :p hubby agak terkejut sebab memula nak beli stove jer then suddenly ade fridge stove and fridge settle! Thanks again Umi :)

My bro & sis came by to my apartment around 3pm to help me transfer some of the stuffs to Putra Heights. They were very helpful and sangat rajin minus that one confusion between the guard and my bro. Thanks Duts, sayang kamu semua. Then waited for Umi and Abah to return from wedding cum visit to hubby's parents house in Bkt Mahkota as the items we bought yesterday were supposed to be delivered around 4pm. Went to Putra Heights again and Abah helped out by buying the gas to test the new stove. So I officially have a dapur now and there is no excuse not to cook. Ada oven sekali okay, so have to make use of it :p We lepak² there for an hour plus then headed back home.

Get ready for dinner to celebrate my sis’s birthday (her birthday falls on the 27th and on weekdays hence we decided to celebrate it earlier). Asked hubby to meet us there after work. Owh yeah, hubby kerja last weekend. Sometimes it’s good when he works during weekend cause I got to spend more time with my family and balik rumah lama².

Friday, November 21, 2008

checkup @34 weeks

I’m now in my 35 weeks and I feel bloated, heavy and HUGE! I’ve put on like 13 kgs and yet the doctor said it was okay??! Are you for real? The nurse even smiled when she weighed me that she said “Eh dah naik 2 kg from last visit”..Normal kah ini? The check up went well and Alhamdulillah, good feedbacks received from the Doc. She said to be prepared on the 38 weeks as labour could happen at anytime starting from the 38 weeks. 38 weeks is like 3 weeks away! OMG..takut nyeeee. If baby to come out that time, Abah and sis will not be around as they will be in Chiang Mai for Abah’s office trip. Let’s hope everything goes well okay?
I so wanna have a new hairdo and miss wearing my old clothes and shoes which are now kept safely in the boxes @Putra Heights. Hopefully I can get back to my old size after the delivery, InsyaAllah.
Owh, after the check up, I bought some goreng pisang, keropok leko & kacang kuda (I called it kacang kuda..not sure of the real name though) and since we were in Puchong, I asked hubby to tahpau for me (and himself too) Nasi Lemak Queenz. I used to eat this when I stayed in Puchong last time. Tak serik² btol weight dah naik. takpe takpe..eating for two and also if I don’t eat, nanti teringat² laks..(sedapkan hati sendiri)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

an afternoon delight

it was friday and we went to somewhere nice for lunch (unfortunately that somewhere nice is just in Cyber) and to kill the time..Wana said, "Hey, why don't we take some photos?" Ros & Me were like.."Ooookkayyy!" i thought of trying this newfound scrapblog site. enjoy!

isn't this cat adorable?? sangat geram okay!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

checkup @32 weeks

2 posts in 2 days? I must be very² free. Actually ader la kerja but as always, buat slow² coz it’s not urgent pon. I’m way ahead of the deadline and so, slow down sikit (clear cepat² pon macam ada orang nak appreciate). I had vegetarian meal jer for lunch tapi still sleepy and so to cure it, blog la kot

Went for my checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are doing fine. I have few things to clarify and the doc was helpful enough by answering my never-ending queries and doubts, even for things that I have already know the answer but saja nak tanya lagi :P Doc kan sounds convincing. Doc says baby will gain approximately 200gm weight per week and I have 7 more weeks to go till my EDD InsyaAllah. For now baby is in the right size & weight. Tried to take a 3-D image but he’s quite shy lar..always cover his face with his this time around, we still cannot get a 3-D image of him. Baby ni nak surprise kan me n hubby kot. Hubby said, “No need lar..tgk masa keluar nanti” The checkup was done in 15mins time and no hassle at all. Sampai² nurse dah tunggu, then prepare the necessary and I did not have to wait for my turn pon. My name was displayed on the LCD screen together with the doc’s name and me being a bit jakun snap la a photo of it (will upload it later) So far, I’m quite satisfied with the service. The bill was quite reasonable too, not much difference than the previous clinic that I used to go. I asked the doc why baby hiccups but she said that the exact cause was unknown. Baby’s hiccups may be helping to strengthen the diaphragm muscle in order to help the baby breathe both in the womb and once they are born. That’s what the expert said. I noticed the hiccups happen like for 2-3 mins, 2-3 times a day. Boleh tak I cakap kat doc baby tak cukup air ke? Heheh..she just laughed. Baby kan mmg duduk dlm air, so mestilah cukup!

After the checkup we made a quick stop at the lighting store and added 4 more lights. As it was still early, hubby suggested we go to Pyramid. Had an early dinner there and jalan² sampai my kaki sakit..kan swollen..huhuh..sakit dan lenguh². Sambil jalan, sambil makan donut RM0.80 sebab teringin sangat nak makan donut yg ade sugar kat atas tuh. I sempat jer grab 2 more maternity pants and so happy sebab muat *grin* Last time I try, tak muat sebab the elastic band sangat loose for my tummy but now tidak lagi. It fits perfectly! Selesa tau pakai maternity pants ni LOL. My pants yg lain² memang dah tak muat dah so I can keep them away nicely in the moving box until it’s time I can wear them again, wish me luck! Btw, do forgive me for babbling ntah pape coz I’m so sleepy at the moment and sangat bosan. So I simply type..that’s why agak ntah pape :P Hubby was supposed to meet a friend @Parade at 8PM but his friend was stuck in traffic jam @KL, so he sent me home first. Balik rumah, mandi, then watched TV japs, then sambil tunggu hubby balik sambil main game yang sangat addictive, susah nak stop. Then at 10, watched CSI for half n hour sebab dah ngantuk..hubby lagi la..start jer terus tido okay..heheh..pukul 3.30AM tersedar sbb hubby bangun tgk bola then macam lapar..but was too sleepy to bangun and makan..sambung tido sampai la alarm kejut @6.50AM. okay dah banyak sangat tulis ntah pape ni..i’m heading to no where. Later people! *muah*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

nothing much

Hubby sent me to work this morning and reached the office @7.30AM. I have to leave early today as I’m going for my 2nd check up @CA this evening. Not much to do at the office except for offering help here and there. Just cleared 2 products last Friday and Monday and another one is still stuck with SE. The clock is only showing 10:21AM and I’m already sleepy. Even surfing & blogs hoping did not help that much *sigh*

This weekend will be another busy weekend. Umi wants to let go some of her stuffs to my house and I, of course, accept them willingly. Who doesn’t want freebies rite? Furthermore, hubby and I need to use the money for something else and so whatever furniture is welcome for now. Plus they are still in good condition, so why waste the money on something that you can get them for free? *beam*

After the checkup, we might make a quick stop at the lighting shop store to add few more lights. We totally forgot about the stairs, store and gate light. Will update more soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

a very well spent weekend

My weekend started early on Friday, earlier than usual lar :P Left the office at 4pm and we decided to check out this baby warehouse sale in Puchong. Managed to reach there at 5pm and it was okay, not many people. We planned to get a stroller and an infant carrier or better still a travel system where it has this 3 in 1 function (stroller, carrier & car seat). When we saw the displayed items, hubby was not too convinced with the quality and actually I was not either. We thought of checking other places and off we go to Jln Kuchai Lama. There’s this online shop that sells baby items and there are few types of strollers that are in our list and we thought of seeing the real thing first before coming up with any decision. Managed to get there at 6pm and thank God the traffic was not that bad as the shop closes at 7pm. The one that I like was not on display (out of stock) and it is a travel system. Again, we thought, nvm we’ll check out the strollers at other shops. Avent BPump was on sale and it comes with a bag & 4 bottles and hubby bought that instantly as he said it was a very good buy plus I received good reviews from my friends on that brand & a recommendation to get that one. Hubby sent me home before he left again for futsal around 8PM. Was too tired and went to bed early but somehow woke up around midnight when I realised the house was empty plus I was hungry. He said his futsal finishes at 11pm but it was half past midnight and still he was not around. Called him and he was on his way back. Ate some biscuits with eyes half shut then back to sleep..hehehe..

Woke up and get ready to go to Putra Heights. Today is “basuh rumah” day. We reached there around 8.30AM, bfast and hubby started to “samak” the house first while waiting for Abah, Umi, Ajoi, Zira & Kak Isma (she works for Umi & me once in a while) to arrive. I helped to clean up a bit while waiting for them to arrive. They reached at 10AM and Kak Isma started right away. The rest helped out too with the washing, mopping, cleaning the window, toilet, stairs, Abah fixed the taps and even helped to wash the porch. Thanks all, love you! I was prohibited from doing anything, so I just sat outside minum air and makan kuih bought by Umi. Owh did I tell you that I have swollen feets? Water retention, so they said :P

By 1PM, we were almost done and Abah, Ajoi & Zira went back first while Umi, hubby and me went for lunch and decided to buy the lights and fans. Kak Isma stayed at home so she could continue with cleaning the house. After lunch, we checked out the lights at this shop and was told by this guy (sort of our neighbour as he is staying one row behind us) that we can get cheaper lights & fans from this one shop @Puchong. So without wasting anymore time, we went straight to the mentioned shop and he was right..there were so many designs to choose from and the prices are way more cheaper. We spent like 2.5 hrs choosing and deciding which lights and fans to buy and were very satisfied and happy with our purchase and the service. The owner even gave us some discount too. we LIKE!

When we reached home, the curtain man was already waiting for us to put up the curtains. I love the curtains and even asked the guy to quote the kitchen windows to fix the blinds. Received good review for the kitchen cabinets from him and he said he could get the same colours as the cabinets for the blinds with discount too. I so love the word DISCOUNT! The lights, fans & blinds will be installed this weekend and we can even start to transfer some excited!

Breakfast @Old Town Kopitiam and headed off to MV to check out this baby store called Mamours. Checked out the QZ stroller and it has this modern design but we are not really interested with it as the push chair does not have flat reclining position for children aged 6mths above to lie down. So we deleted that from our list and made a quick stop @Jusco to buy some things from the checklist. I actually wanted this G design while hubby really adores the M design. Conflict! After MV, we went to SS2 to check this store and they are selling the M stroller for quite a good price but again, I was not that convince with it and went to Planate Enfants, Atria hoping that we could get best price there. The salesgirl demo us the PP Piko P3 and I like this one better than the QZ and of course the price is way more expensive than QZ and no discount, only best price but still..hmhmhm..then off we go to SS21 to check out another store and this time, the salesman was not helpful at all! What kind of salesman brought his children to work and expect us to ask when he’s the one supposed to explain and demo to us. His kids were busy shouting in the background when we hubby and me tawar hati + emo + letih + panas + that’s it. You just lost one potential customer Mr!

Went to Parade to check out the strollers @Mothercare but nothing caught our eyes and after lunch, we found this shop and the saleslady demo us the Z stroller. Okay, this one macam cantik and affordable. It’s like the M stroller but cheaper and berat sikit jer and function just like the M stroller and both of us like it. Tapi to make sure we don’t regret later, we thought of holding to it first and made one last stop @Summit. We saw the same stroller with 5% discount..suddenly hubby said.. “Think first la..don’t make hasty decision” I ended up buying few more items from the checklist and next stop was home sweet home.

Choosing a stroller is not an easy job u know! There are lots of things to be considered and the most important thing is..what’s best for the child so he can sits/sleeps comfortably inside there. We made some survey checking out the reviews on net, forums, YouTube and managed to narrow down our list to 2..but still..TBC..Still got time to decide and there’s one more store for us to check out.

That was how my weekend was well spent and although tiring, I really enjoy it very much because managed to settle some important things and of course with help from my loved ones.

Have a good day people!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

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