Saturday, October 25, 2008

a lunch and one happy news

had lunch with Faz & Ereen. Erin & Eisha could not make it and so only 3 of us were there again @Bumbu Bali. We had a great 2.5 hrs lunch and as usual, there were so many things to update..and speaking of update, there’s a new mommy in town! heheheh..congratulations Ereen! I’m so happppyyyyyyy for you! If mine keluar lambat..then our babies will be the same age la kan..seronoknyeeeee!!! Hubby is working today and malam pulak tuh but takpe..i have things to do to occupy the time. before he left for work, we went to Burger King for a takeaway coz i suddenly feel like having the Mushroom Swiss Burger..heheh..yummy!


The Tatie said...

kak ja tak nampak pregnant pun.

raF|za said...

heheheh..sebab duduk kot..huhuhu