Wednesday, October 15, 2008

post Raya entry

I know it has been like 2 weeks after Raya but since I’m in the mood of updating, who cares right? Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all my friends who are celebrating. Hope you had a great time and still enjoying your Raya with open houses, visiting relatives and friends (Raya kan sebulan). I have actually uploaded some Raya pics in FS & FB..if sudi, sila lah tengok yer :)

My Raya this year was a bit different from last year’s as we changed our schedules a bit. Though it was tiring to travel here and there but it was great! Here goes..

The last day of Ramadhan:
  • Iftar with hubby at Bumbu Bali, Puchong. Most people already returned to their hometowns or gather at one place with their loved ones but for us, it was a bit different. My mum was at Bahau with my sis & bro, my dad was at Johor and since this Raya hubby’s family celebrated at their new house in Bkt Mahkota, we decided to go there only on the 1st Syawal morning before the prayer. For us, malam Raya was just like any ordinary nights except this night got Takbir (so missing my arwah Tok Bah. Things will be different if he still around). Nevertheless, it was one great night to be able to sleep at your own house, on your own bed, watching TV and lepak² with your hubby peaceful.. ;)
  • I managed to fast 28 days only coz the other 2 tak larat puasa and scared that something bad happen to baby..he was not that active those 2 days and to avoid anything bad from happening, I decided to not to fast (as per the doc advised)
1st Syawal:
  • Woke up around 6AM and made a move to Bkt Mahkota. Managed to reach there before 8AM. Went to the mosque to perform the Solat Aidilfitri with hubby, FIL, SIL & SIL hubby
  • After solat, went to PIL house and makan². All of hubby’s siblings were there and we salam² and asked for forgiveness and took some pics
  • Around 10.45AM, we (PIL, SIL&hubby and hubby & me) made our ways in 2 cars to Muar to visit hubby’s uncles, aunts & relatives
  • Got the chance to meet most of my PIL siblings and it was one great new experience. Took some pics here and managed to go to 4 houses only as nobody was at home for the other 2. By the time we finished, it was nearly 7PM
  • Dropped PIL at their house and headed back to Shah Alam (yeay, tido rumah sendiri lagi..eheheheh)
  • By the time we reached home, it was almost 11 and had to recharge our energy for another trip the next day
2nd Syawal:
  • Breakfast at Subang then Abah asked us to check the fishes and fed them. Everything was okay with the fishes and house and pushed off to Bahau around 11AM
  • Highway was clear but upon reaching Bkt Putus, caught up in traffic jam and instead of 2 hours journey, it became 3 hours and reached Bahau at 2PM
  • As usual, Tok Mak invited her siblings to come on the 2nd raya, sort of open house..makan² and just lepak² with my cousins, aunts and uncles. It was good to be able to meet them and the moment I entered the house, they actually stared at me or to be precise at my tummy..hehehe..yer la, after so long tak jumpa then mula la many months, when are you due, got morning sickness and some even gave tips on what to eat and what not to eat was great to be center of attention once in a while :P
  • Acu & Aunt Normah invited hubby & me to sleep at their house, alaa..tak jauh..Tok Mak’s old house, row depan rumah Tok Mak jer and we agreed sebab last year pon we slept at their house plus it was more comfortable and privacy lah. Even my bro joined but different rooms, of course
  • Before that, jalan² at Bahau and my..agak boring la actually..but duduk rumah pon boring jugak..hehehe
3rd Syawal:
  • Had breakfast cum beraya at Aunt Zie’s house. She served us Nasi Lemak together with cakes & kuih raya
  • After that, my family and hubby made our ways to Johor in 3 separate cars. Umi & abah one car, Zira & Ajoi one car and hubby & me one car..membazir jugak..but what to do..we went back different time masa raya that day
  • Reached Johor around 12noon and makan lagi. This time Tok Mak J cooked her initial Kari Ayam, makan with nasi putih, ikan goreng, lodeh, ketupat..simple and yet delicious
  • The guys went to the mosque for Friday prayer and around 3PM, we went to Muar. Initial plan was to eat Mee Bandung at this famous restaurant but it was full! Then we just ate at another not-so-famous restaurant and hubby tahpau Murtabak Singapore for his family
  • Next stop was my Tok Andak’s house and last house was Pak Tam’s house. Mak Tam served us Meehoon Goreng and Roti Jala and my..sangat kenyang okay! Makan non stop from morning. Baby pon kenyang makan macam²..well..thats what they called Raya Sakan.. :P
  • After Maghrib, hubby and me balik Shah Alam while the rest went back to Tok Mak J’s house and spent the night there. We decided to singgah at his parents and sisters house to give them the Murtabak and only managed to reach home around 11PM but it was we still have a good weekend to rest :)
That basically how my Raya goes..Got the chance to meet my and his relatives and although it was tiring to sit in the car for hours, but I enjoyed the trips very much and insyaAllah next year, there will be one additional person tagging along and I bet it will be one new experience and perhaps more tiring? Only 1 sad thing happened..the fishes died! Abah has like 6-7 Koi fishes and they were quite big..and all died except for 1 “ikan bandaraya”. There was a failure with the power supply and the pump was not working..kesian the fishes..better luck next time ya?

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!

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