Friday, October 24, 2008

31 weeks

went for my 1st checkup at the hospital last night..and Alhamdulillah, everything is A-okay. I’m in my 31 weeks now. Baby is doing fine and mommy is in a good health too. Hubby sent and fetched me from work and we decided to have dinner first before the checkup. the nurses were friendly and helpful, the equipments used are way more advance than the clinic i used to go, no hassle and no waiting as it was on appointment basis. The gynae, Dr Raja Juhaidah was friendly enough and she really made me feel at ease. I’ve put on 5 kilos since my last check up and i think it is fine as they said the 3rd trimester is the time when you will gain most weight. So ape lagi..makan lar..the portion tak boleh banyak² coz i tend to have short of breath if makan banyak². The doc advised me to eat banyak kali but in small portion, just like the 1st trimester. Maybe sebab tak banyak ruang for the baby and food kot..then sekarang like cepat jer ngantuk kat office..exactly like 1st trimester..i got leg cramp too especially bila nak tido or when i suddenly stretch masa tido..sakit woooo..if dah duduk/baring lama² sure kena mintak tolong hubby bangunkan sebab susah..hehehe..macam orang tua ;P

asked the doc whether I can hear the baby’s heartbeat coz believe it or not, i never got the chance to hear it before. It sound so real the minute I heard it! Alhamdulillah..I still could not believe that there is a human being inside of me..rasa sgt overwhelming and it is a MIRACLE okay! nways, sian tummy is aint that big for you to move around kan? limited space..even now I could feel his kicks, tossing and turning adjusting himself inside there. Be patient my dear, only 7-9 weeks to go before you can see the real world!

last weekend, hubby and I did some shopping (for the baby). not really knowing what exactly to buy (though we have checklist to refer to, we were still clueless) we ended up buying all kind of stuffs..rompers, short sleeves, long sleeves, mittens, booties, hat, towel, feeding bottles, shampoo, lotion, powder and so much more. All the clothes are so tiny and super duper cuteeee..rasa macam nak beli semua jer..i even shopped online for the rompers..hehehe..we still have quite a few things to get and that includes stroller, infant carrier, bedding, diapers etc. takpe, slowly..then mana la tau ade orang baik hati nak bagi gift ke *hint hint*


nazira aziz said...

comel nyaaa baju baby!

raF|za said...

boleh pakai kat curly gaks..huhuh..kecik je tau baju² tuh

nazira aziz said...

curly harharhar,nanti nak belikan baju utk curly aa

raF|za said...

curly naughty..ingat dia muda lagi :P