Thursday, September 18, 2008

reminiscing those old days

During my pre-U year, I stayed at this place called Unihostel. Although the place was off campus, it was very hostel like and for me, it was way more comfortable. you got to live in a 4 bedrooms house instead of the tiny room on campus. Unihostel was a gated housing area specially for MMU female students complete with security, located about 1km from the university and it had total of around 30 houses with 4 bedrooms which can occupy 7 tenants (1 person will get the single room). Each house was provided with a dining table, telephone (you can call out, but it was a bit expensive than the normal public phone but can certainly receive incoming calls), 2 large cabinets (we used this cabinets to store our food), 1 toilet and 1 shower room. Each room except for the single room was provided with 2 single beds, 2 study desks & 2 cupboards. There was no curfew and so we were free to go in and out whenever we like and the compound was like a big play ground where you can ride bicycle, play badminton and the best part was, everyone like know each other. You are free to go from one house to another as long as you know the people lar and I always go to my neighbour’s house for a sleep over. We seldom lock our gate/main door except for the bedroom’s door and it was so safe back then. Unihostel was also equipped with washing machines which we can use them for free located at tv area/cafĂ© and I remember washing my clothes in the middle of the night/early morning to avoid the crowd and while waiting for it to finish, I watched TV (Astro pon ada okay :p ) it was pure bliss and I totally enjoyed my days there.

What I love the most is my room. I have my own laptop, telephone, internet connection and I brought my radio with me. I found it so cosy and still can remember those long phone conversations in the wee hours (that time mana ada handphone fixed line phone dah cukup menghiburkan), then the dating sessions behind the house (dulu tak couple lagi ngan my hubby tapi baik selalu hang out together..he always buy me McD and passed it to me kat belakang rumah..tak mintak pon okay) then I remember watching movies at my friend’s room and sometimes at the house in front of us, main kejar²..owh how I miss those old days. Freedom and nothing to worry about. There was this one stall which sells Nasi Goreng Ayam yang sangat sedap! *drooling* ishh..bulan puasa nie..then this restaurant called RSU where most of the students hang out here and popular with Nasi Goreng Daging Merah..yumm yumm..mmg this place like very the popular la for us MMU students back then. Then those jalan² session at night, Mahkota Parade and the time when we waited for bus to go back to Subang..that 1 lovely year..mmg sangat best la..i really enjoyed my time there and thank God I found Unihostel the place where I made lots of friends, had a good time goofing around with the girls and those memories shall remain in my heart forever..i miss my pre-U year!

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