Tuesday, September 23, 2008

team building

I remember last time at my previous company we have this area called breakout area and whenever we are free (low item in the queue), our AMO (Assistant Manager of Operation) will ask us to go (usually in a group of 10-15 people) to this area and do a team building session. We would do fun activities such as play cards, truth or dare, poison box, sing out loud or just lazed around chit chatting to fill up the time and it was such an enjoyable moment back then. I realised that I have this strong bond of friendship with my colleagues back then compared to now and we always in a big group creating havoc, gossiping and life back then was so easy and relax. I was 22 that time and still enjoying it when I turned 23…you have nothing to worry about and the office was like a big playground and very college-like; full with young people with fun loving attitude. I feel so lucky to experience this and being a fresh grad that time was just the right place to start my so-called career. I believe that was one of the main reasons why I could stand working on an odd shift (3PM-12 midnight, 4PM – 1AM for daylight saving period) and observed UK public holidays instead of Malaysia’s. If we are working on a public holidays during the festive season, the company will provide us free lunch/dinner to brighten up our days with special dishes for that very occasion (eg ketupat, lemang, sate for Hari Raya) and there were also competitions held for best dressed of the day, best team and we will be rewarded with gifts and performances from our colleagues themselves and even management participated to perform. We once been entertained with lion dance during Chinese New Year and to work on public holidays for us was like going for a big open house with never ending food supply and entertainment. If only I knew how to appreciate those then. Nevertheless I will definitely treasure all the memories I have collected in those 2 wonderful years.

The reason why I mention this is because I’m so free at the moment. Nothing much to do in the office and even when I offer my help to my team mates, they have nothing to give me too. Things are different here when you are free. Team building? What the heck is that what more an approval from your Team Leader to do one? I bet my TL has no idea too what team building really means. The environment here is different with more serious minded people and we sit quietly in our cubicle and do our own things. It’s extremely quiet okay.. In other words, it is very office like except for one or two occasions where we have these activities organised by Fun Inc club (don’t ask me why the name is like that) like quiz, auction or games just to take off our minds from work for few minutes. Other than that, it is work, work, work or pretend to work If we need to talk, we rather do it thru messenger. We even chat with our colleagues who are sitting in front or nearby us. Everybody is doing their own thing. Well it could be good or bad..that depends on the individual and situation. What I know now is, I am dying of this boredom and very much sleepy..the clock is only showing 10:31 AM and I have like 6 hours to go..yikes!

So my dear friends, appreciate every little things that you have alrite? Live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it! ciao..

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