Wednesday, September 10, 2008

songs with memories

Have you ever listen to a song that brings back old memories? Well, I’m listening to some at the moment and wow, these songs really influenced my life! One song reminds me during my pre-U year and another song reminds me when I was in Form 4 & Form 5 etc..the best part is, I could still remember what I was doing at that very moment and all the bittersweet memories come flashing back at me, one by one.

I’m just glad that I have been given the opportunity to get to know all sorts of people before I decided to commit myself to “the one” and each of them has different ways, styles, moods, preferences. There are things that are just too painful to be remembered but I believe everything happens for a reason. I thank all of you for making me be a better person, wise, more confident in making decisions & actions and careful enough not to repeat the same mistake in the next relationships before I devoted myself to “the one”. Those good things that are worth to be remembered, I just keep them safe & sound as its good to know that I was once cared & appreciated although the relationships failed to survive. Like they said.. “Takde jodoh..nak wat canne kan?” and NO..I never regret. In fact I’m happy enough to experience all these as you only live once, right?

Each song is unique and has its own memories and I don’t think I could erase them permanently from my mind. What I can do is to move on and get it over with, which I already did. Let it be just memories and chapters of my life. Do cherish your loved ones ya..have a nice day! Owh, i love you sayang!

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