Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Independence Day & Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends and happy 51st birthday Malaysia! Didn’t do anything on Merdeka eve as I was already asleep around 11..alone! hubby had to work and he was on the night shift last weekend. I only went to Putra Heights accompanied by my brother as the delivery man wanted to deliver the kitchen cabinet. It was raining heavily when we reached there. My mom was not around during the weekend and so did my sister. Umi went back to see Tok Mak and Zira went for her class camping. It was a very dull Saturday *sigh*

On Sunday, had lunch with Faz & Ereen @Bumbu Bali. That was their first time there and they really enjoyed the food. Eisha was supposed to join us but she could not make it. Eisha, next time awak better make it tau! After lunch, they wanted to see my house and we paid a quick visit to PH as I have to be back before hubby leaves for work. Was so happy to meet them and managed to update ourselves with latest info and endless gossips of this & that! I was thinking of going back to Subang and sahur there but texted Ereen instead asking her if she wants to go out for dinner. Ereen’s hubby has to work too and he’s at offshore and she really understands the feeling not to have hubby around. In her case, she only sees her hubby like 3 weeks once and I really respect how she prefers to live on her own rather than with her family who is just in Subang. We tahpau something for sahur and we made a pretty good company ourselves

1st day of puasa was okay for me. I had rice, oatmeal, milk and plenty of water for sahur to keep me going for the day. It was not that bad because it was public holiday so I can just sit back and relax. Went to Bazaar Ramadhan, Shah Alam and my, there were so many people shoulder to shoulder and not a mere chance to go near the stalls! Most of the food sold out already. We went there quite late also around 6 because of the earlier heavy down pour. Break fast at Umi’s and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough for my tummy Only that I pity hubby as he does not fancy “rendang” that much and that was the main dish. Next time I will inform Umi to cook something you like okay?

2nd day puasa was work day, aint that bad also. I left the office at 3.45pm and picked up hubby to go to Bazaar Ramadhan. This time we were early, still not many people when we reached there. But on the negative side, you feel like buying this and that and everything look simply delicious! We managed to refrain ourselves from getting carried away and after checking all the stalls at the 3 long rows, we decided that enough is enough!

For today & tomorrow, I am going back to Subang to break fast and also will be spending the nights there as hubby is working on Wednesday & Thursday night. He will have his day shift back next week and hopefully things will be better

Just a quick update, baby started to move already. Actually I started to feel it in my 18th weeks gestation and I thought I was feeling hungry/tummy upset or something. It feels like butterfly/bubbles/gas. Words cannot express how happy I am to feel the baby moves and can actually feel the baby moves when I put my hand on the tummy. Such a lovely feeling! Hubby felt the same way too when he felt the baby moved though he was expressionless but I could tell he was excited as he keeps asking if the baby is moving or not and wants to feel it again. So happy to be able to share the feeling with him and it is a miracle to know that there is a human being inside of me! I notice that the baby is very active in the evening around 5pm – 8pm and sometimes early morning around 5am. If I lie down on my side or just sit quietly reading or watching tv, I can easily feel it. Alhamdulillah, hope everything goes well. Do pray for me and my baby health :)

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