Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iftar with the gurls, 3 guys and a baby

Had a breaking fast session with the gurls, Lan, K and baby Irene yesterday. Initially there were only 8 of us + Irene but Zab made a surprise visit to his dear wifey arriving from Kemaman. He reached there nearly 8 and could only joined us for few minutes. As for my darling hubby, he finished work at 7 and I asked him to iftar with his colleagues @office cause he would not make it on time if he joins. As we were waiting, Faz said “Fiz, Zira laa..” hehehe..yes, my sister was at the same restaurant too with her friend sitting like a table behind us. What a coincidence I’m sure she’ll say we were loud and it’s true. We were like in our own world and could not care less bout other people who were sitting around us. Actually, not that bad lar since no complaint or what so ever..just too excited I guess. I enjoyed meeting the gurls and we had a great catch up session. Even Eisha was around! Played with baby Irene and gosh, she’s so adorable and very well-behaved! There were only few times when she got cranky and when Mama Erin fed her or tuck her in the stroller, she just sat there quietly for a while and in a second, she was ready to play again. So easy to take care of her! Love to pose when she sees the camera and always smile with her big eyes! cute lar you..Aunt Eeja wants to gigit you! Hehehe..

To my dear baby, mommy hopes you would not trouble mommy so much too, yeah? Then Mommy can happily bring you along to meet mommy’s friends and you can be friend with Irene or else, mommy will need to leave you home with Daddy or at Grandma’s house

Btw, HaPpY B|RtHDaY eR|n! *hugs&kisses*

Here are some pics..enjoy!

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