Friday, September 19, 2008


I don’t know why sometimes I can be extremely fussy and petty not to other people but to my own hubby instead! For example, this morning during sahoor, I woke up and prepared my food (tuna mayo sandwich) then watched helplessly as hubby prepared his. He fried Ayamas chicken and had it with Indomee (kesian kan hubby makan ni jer..huhuhuh) and he even had the courtesy to ask me whether I want it or not..but all I did was shook my head and ate my sandwich without even waiting for him! What make it even worse was, I did not offer my help at all! Teruk kannnn????? Sangat teruk! Could it be the reason because I have to go to work and he does not have to as today is his off day?? It only happened to this morning and not to the other mornings you know..hmhmhmmh

Ish ish ish..memang berkira..then after sahoor, he said nicely he wanted to sleep first cause he stayed up all night and kinda tired and I did not reply..I continued washing the dishes..buat tak tahu jer..hmhmhm..then what made me more mad was he did not switch off the tv & air-cond in the living room, left the lights on..straight away went to sleep and switched on the air-cond and tv in the room pulak! So lagi lar marah kan..sometimes he can be so irresponsible and as usual, I made a big fuss out of this. 5 mins later, I went inside and saw him fast asleep with the tv & air-cond on! *geram geram* tapi I think partly his fault too coz tinggalkan everything like that and I lar yang have to switch off everything..(mungkinkah revenge sbb wife tak layan dia baik²..tapi I know my hubby is not that type..itu adalah saya ) true it’s a responsibility of a WIFE to keep things in order tapi kan..takkan I have to do everything everytime? Penat lar..Argggghh…*sigh* so hubby in case you are reading this..can you pls be more responsible so I don’t have to be angry and make a big fuss about little things anymore? You know me kan.. I’m not that fussy or petty actually and I’m not a fan of mess if you see me marah², not because I simply marah..there must be a valid reason behind it (yer, sometimes mmg saje je marah tak tentu pasal but most of the time..ade la something tak kena tuh)..after writing this, I feel so guilty the right thing to say is..“I’m sorry”. Nanti raya saya mintak maaf face to face yer..hehehe..ciao!

p/s: baby is kicking so hard when i’m writing this. dia pon emo kot like his mummy

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