Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the day i knew i was…

Early this year, hubby and I tried to have a 2008 baby and alhamdulillah, after the 3rd was successful *grin*. When the first 2 failed, I was not that depress, just a little bit down but I knew everything happens for a reason. Maybe the timing was not right or could be because I was stress…owh well, “Belum ada rezeki kan..” so we thought okay..nvm..just keep on trying. time was running out and most likely we would not have our 2008 baby..tak sempat ni..hehehe..suddenly..April came..I was supposed to get my P around the 20th but..takde pon..normally my cycle tak pernah lari..usually on time or 1-2 days early, never late..but I stay collected coz ade jer my friends delay 2 weeks and in the end they got their P. so I did not want to put any hope and assumption..buat tak tahu jer..That time, I always emo tak tentu pasal and cepat jer nak marah² and the victim was…hubbyla who else poor hubby..selalu kena I thought..PMS..typical alasan. Then I remember feeling cramp kat pinggang & tummy sangat tak selesa bloated semacam..again I thought..nak P mmg la camtuh kan. I waited for 2 weeks but still nothing..jeng jeng jeng..suspen pon ade tapi acted nonchalantly. my friend persuaded me to buy the DIY Pregnancy Kit..masa nak beli tuh agak malu²..yer la..all this while tak pernah tahu pon about that..and I was searching for it ade la dlm 10 mins dlm Guardian tuh coz tak nak tanya orang..i remember that day was Friday after work..pergi sorang²..then hubby main futsal mlm tuh and I thought to do it while he’s gone but I fell asleep instead and he woke me up when he returned around midnight asking me the result..before hubby left, I dah emo² with him coz the house was in a mess and he did not wash the dishes..kesian hubby..asyik kena marah jer for that few days..sorry yer b..blame it on the hormones..hehehe..Masa nak wat test tuh agak takut coz I don’t know what to expect..panic..sume la ade..siap baca instructions beratus kali takut salah buat..then after 2 mins kot..the result showed clear doube lines. Boleh caya ke benda ni?? masa tuh mmg takde speechless..and not sure to believe it or not..i told hubby and his reaction also lebih kurang mine..he asked.. “So what does this mean? Camner?” I asked him to read the instructions sebab takut I pon salah baca..then he smiled..i pon smile sbb dah dia smile kan takkan nak nangis laks.. both of us were in betul ke ni???? sangat tidak day, we went to the clinic and again the doc confirmed it was positive but we went to the normal clinic la not gynae..he did the same test like I did at home only his kit a bit more advance..and..knowing me..saya sangat inginkan kepastian! tapi at the same time we have told Umi & Mummy, cuma not 100% confident la..hehehe..on Monday decided to go to the gyane and when the doc scanned, I could see this tiny black dot inside my uterus and the doc congratulated us and with that..i know that I am preggers, ahamdulillah. That time I was 5 weeks pregnant dah :)

My 1st trimester was vomitting only nausea, easily tired and sleepy in the evening. I remember feeling so sleepy and tired that I have to jalan² around the office to hilangkan the mengantukness. Then I had this weird metal taste on my tongue and everything I ate felt tasteless. I could not stand the coffee smell and the thought of nasi lemak..urgghh..mmg tak suka..padahal those are my fav food! I’m tired of eating rice at terminal and the only thing I could eat was spaghetti. Pergi mane2 pon cari spaghetti..tapi of coz la..mamak mane hilangkan rasa nausea..i ate Peppermint chewing gum every morning and took orange juice..i think there were only few times I vomit and itu pon sebab perut kosong and i terus makan something heavy like nasi tomato and benda pedas²! Errkkkk…. But headache mmg selalu every week once mesti headache..other than that, I felt fine and managed to perform my daily tasks without any difficulty, alhamdulillah. Thank you God for giving me the strength!

Now I’m in my last month of 2nd trimester and things are going well too. People cannot really tell that I was pregnant during my 4th month and the bump just started to show only in early 5th month. Even that, they say if from behind, I doesn’t look pregnant at all only when I turn, then they can see my tummy..hehehe..I’ve put on several kilos and often gets leg cramp at night that I need to lie down instead of sit when watching tv/reading. Baby started to move/kick during the 18th weeks and sometimes it’s so ticklish that I have to straighten my back and stroke my tummy to ask the baby bertenang..sometimes boleh nampak dia gerak²..eheheh..what a wonderful feeling! This year Ramadhan I might be able to fast 30 days full, thanks to my baby. Today is the 16th day the Muslims are fasting and hope that I have the strength to finish the last 14 days, InsyaAllah.

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