Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Abah’s birthday-cum-“buka puasa” at Subang and it was a nice get together session as my cousins and uncle were also there to join us. In the morning, my siblings and I together with hubby decided to look for Abah’s present and we decided to get him a Plasma LCD tv. Umi is the main contributor and the rest top up, how much..that depends after the tv hunting session, I stayed back to help Umi prepare the dishes while hubby went home with my bro. I was craving for “tauhu sumbat” and told Umi that I would be gladly to prepare that while she prepared “kari daging”, “ikan tenggiri masak lemak” and vegetable soup. The dishes were simple but so sedap! Makan ramai² memang sedap pon. Hehehe..For desert, Ellie brought Big Apple donuts & curry puffs, we had “kuih bakar”, pudding, banana and not to forget the birthday cake! Yummylicious..I don’t take chocolate but from the look of it I know that the cake is delicious. Around 8 when Abah went for terawih, the tv was delivered & installed and it was sort of a surprise for him when he returned from terawih. The other reason why they (Umi & siblings) decided to get him a tv is, the old one is not functioning well anymore and so you can say it’s for their own purpose too..heheh..it was raining the whole day and I was glad to be able to spend the day with my loved ones. On the way home, we stopped by @Burger King to to tahpau for sahur and later at night thought of watching movie at home but sangat la sleepy..at 11, I was already in my lala land

Today is Ellie’s birthday. Happy birthday to my dear cousin! Bila nak kahwin ni? Have a great day everyone!

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