Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iftar with the gurls, 3 guys and a baby

Had a breaking fast session with the gurls, Lan, K and baby Irene yesterday. Initially there were only 8 of us + Irene but Zab made a surprise visit to his dear wifey arriving from Kemaman. He reached there nearly 8 and could only joined us for few minutes. As for my darling hubby, he finished work at 7 and I asked him to iftar with his colleagues @office cause he would not make it on time if he joins. As we were waiting, Faz said “Fiz, Zira laa..” hehehe..yes, my sister was at the same restaurant too with her friend sitting like a table behind us. What a coincidence I’m sure she’ll say we were loud and it’s true. We were like in our own world and could not care less bout other people who were sitting around us. Actually, not that bad lar since no complaint or what so ever..just too excited I guess. I enjoyed meeting the gurls and we had a great catch up session. Even Eisha was around! Played with baby Irene and gosh, she’s so adorable and very well-behaved! There were only few times when she got cranky and when Mama Erin fed her or tuck her in the stroller, she just sat there quietly for a while and in a second, she was ready to play again. So easy to take care of her! Love to pose when she sees the camera and always smile with her big eyes! cute lar you..Aunt Eeja wants to gigit you! Hehehe..

To my dear baby, mommy hopes you would not trouble mommy so much too, yeah? Then Mommy can happily bring you along to meet mommy’s friends and you can be friend with Irene or else, mommy will need to leave you home with Daddy or at Grandma’s house

Btw, HaPpY B|RtHDaY eR|n! *hugs&kisses*

Here are some pics..enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

team building

I remember last time at my previous company we have this area called breakout area and whenever we are free (low item in the queue), our AMO (Assistant Manager of Operation) will ask us to go (usually in a group of 10-15 people) to this area and do a team building session. We would do fun activities such as play cards, truth or dare, poison box, sing out loud or just lazed around chit chatting to fill up the time and it was such an enjoyable moment back then. I realised that I have this strong bond of friendship with my colleagues back then compared to now and we always in a big group creating havoc, gossiping and life back then was so easy and relax. I was 22 that time and still enjoying it when I turned 23…you have nothing to worry about and the office was like a big playground and very college-like; full with young people with fun loving attitude. I feel so lucky to experience this and being a fresh grad that time was just the right place to start my so-called career. I believe that was one of the main reasons why I could stand working on an odd shift (3PM-12 midnight, 4PM – 1AM for daylight saving period) and observed UK public holidays instead of Malaysia’s. If we are working on a public holidays during the festive season, the company will provide us free lunch/dinner to brighten up our days with special dishes for that very occasion (eg ketupat, lemang, sate for Hari Raya) and there were also competitions held for best dressed of the day, best team and we will be rewarded with gifts and performances from our colleagues themselves and even management participated to perform. We once been entertained with lion dance during Chinese New Year and to work on public holidays for us was like going for a big open house with never ending food supply and entertainment. If only I knew how to appreciate those then. Nevertheless I will definitely treasure all the memories I have collected in those 2 wonderful years.

The reason why I mention this is because I’m so free at the moment. Nothing much to do in the office and even when I offer my help to my team mates, they have nothing to give me too. Things are different here when you are free. Team building? What the heck is that what more an approval from your Team Leader to do one? I bet my TL has no idea too what team building really means. The environment here is different with more serious minded people and we sit quietly in our cubicle and do our own things. It’s extremely quiet okay.. In other words, it is very office like except for one or two occasions where we have these activities organised by Fun Inc club (don’t ask me why the name is like that) like quiz, auction or games just to take off our minds from work for few minutes. Other than that, it is work, work, work or pretend to work If we need to talk, we rather do it thru messenger. We even chat with our colleagues who are sitting in front or nearby us. Everybody is doing their own thing. Well it could be good or bad..that depends on the individual and situation. What I know now is, I am dying of this boredom and very much sleepy..the clock is only showing 10:31 AM and I have like 6 hours to go..yikes!

So my dear friends, appreciate every little things that you have alrite? Live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it! ciao..

Friday, September 19, 2008


I don’t know why sometimes I can be extremely fussy and petty not to other people but to my own hubby instead! For example, this morning during sahoor, I woke up and prepared my food (tuna mayo sandwich) then watched helplessly as hubby prepared his. He fried Ayamas chicken and had it with Indomee (kesian kan hubby makan ni jer..huhuhuh) and he even had the courtesy to ask me whether I want it or not..but all I did was shook my head and ate my sandwich without even waiting for him! What make it even worse was, I did not offer my help at all! Teruk kannnn????? Sangat teruk! Could it be the reason because I have to go to work and he does not have to as today is his off day?? It only happened to this morning and not to the other mornings you know..hmhmhmmh

Ish ish ish..memang berkira..then after sahoor, he said nicely he wanted to sleep first cause he stayed up all night and kinda tired and I did not reply..I continued washing the dishes..buat tak tahu jer..hmhmhm..then what made me more mad was he did not switch off the tv & air-cond in the living room, left the lights on..straight away went to sleep and switched on the air-cond and tv in the room pulak! So lagi lar marah kan..sometimes he can be so irresponsible and as usual, I made a big fuss out of this. 5 mins later, I went inside and saw him fast asleep with the tv & air-cond on! *geram geram* tapi I think partly his fault too coz tinggalkan everything like that and I lar yang have to switch off everything..(mungkinkah revenge sbb wife tak layan dia baik²..tapi I know my hubby is not that type..itu adalah saya ) true it’s a responsibility of a WIFE to keep things in order tapi kan..takkan I have to do everything everytime? Penat lar..Argggghh…*sigh* so hubby in case you are reading this..can you pls be more responsible so I don’t have to be angry and make a big fuss about little things anymore? You know me kan.. I’m not that fussy or petty actually and I’m not a fan of mess if you see me marah², not because I simply marah..there must be a valid reason behind it (yer, sometimes mmg saje je marah tak tentu pasal but most of the time..ade la something tak kena tuh)..after writing this, I feel so guilty the right thing to say is..“I’m sorry”. Nanti raya saya mintak maaf face to face yer..hehehe..ciao!

p/s: baby is kicking so hard when i’m writing this. dia pon emo kot like his mummy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

reminiscing those old days

During my pre-U year, I stayed at this place called Unihostel. Although the place was off campus, it was very hostel like and for me, it was way more comfortable. you got to live in a 4 bedrooms house instead of the tiny room on campus. Unihostel was a gated housing area specially for MMU female students complete with security, located about 1km from the university and it had total of around 30 houses with 4 bedrooms which can occupy 7 tenants (1 person will get the single room). Each house was provided with a dining table, telephone (you can call out, but it was a bit expensive than the normal public phone but can certainly receive incoming calls), 2 large cabinets (we used this cabinets to store our food), 1 toilet and 1 shower room. Each room except for the single room was provided with 2 single beds, 2 study desks & 2 cupboards. There was no curfew and so we were free to go in and out whenever we like and the compound was like a big play ground where you can ride bicycle, play badminton and the best part was, everyone like know each other. You are free to go from one house to another as long as you know the people lar and I always go to my neighbour’s house for a sleep over. We seldom lock our gate/main door except for the bedroom’s door and it was so safe back then. Unihostel was also equipped with washing machines which we can use them for free located at tv area/cafĂ© and I remember washing my clothes in the middle of the night/early morning to avoid the crowd and while waiting for it to finish, I watched TV (Astro pon ada okay :p ) it was pure bliss and I totally enjoyed my days there.

What I love the most is my room. I have my own laptop, telephone, internet connection and I brought my radio with me. I found it so cosy and still can remember those long phone conversations in the wee hours (that time mana ada handphone fixed line phone dah cukup menghiburkan), then the dating sessions behind the house (dulu tak couple lagi ngan my hubby tapi baik selalu hang out together..he always buy me McD and passed it to me kat belakang rumah..tak mintak pon okay) then I remember watching movies at my friend’s room and sometimes at the house in front of us, main kejar²..owh how I miss those old days. Freedom and nothing to worry about. There was this one stall which sells Nasi Goreng Ayam yang sangat sedap! *drooling* ishh..bulan puasa nie..then this restaurant called RSU where most of the students hang out here and popular with Nasi Goreng Daging Merah..yumm yumm..mmg this place like very the popular la for us MMU students back then. Then those jalan² session at night, Mahkota Parade and the time when we waited for bus to go back to Subang..that 1 lovely year..mmg sangat best la..i really enjoyed my time there and thank God I found Unihostel the place where I made lots of friends, had a good time goofing around with the girls and those memories shall remain in my heart forever..i miss my pre-U year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the day i knew i was…

Early this year, hubby and I tried to have a 2008 baby and alhamdulillah, after the 3rd was successful *grin*. When the first 2 failed, I was not that depress, just a little bit down but I knew everything happens for a reason. Maybe the timing was not right or could be because I was stress…owh well, “Belum ada rezeki kan..” so we thought okay..nvm..just keep on trying. time was running out and most likely we would not have our 2008 baby..tak sempat ni..hehehe..suddenly..April came..I was supposed to get my P around the 20th but..takde pon..normally my cycle tak pernah lari..usually on time or 1-2 days early, never late..but I stay collected coz ade jer my friends delay 2 weeks and in the end they got their P. so I did not want to put any hope and assumption..buat tak tahu jer..That time, I always emo tak tentu pasal and cepat jer nak marah² and the victim was…hubbyla who else poor hubby..selalu kena I thought..PMS..typical alasan. Then I remember feeling cramp kat pinggang & tummy sangat tak selesa bloated semacam..again I thought..nak P mmg la camtuh kan. I waited for 2 weeks but still nothing..jeng jeng jeng..suspen pon ade tapi acted nonchalantly. my friend persuaded me to buy the DIY Pregnancy Kit..masa nak beli tuh agak malu²..yer la..all this while tak pernah tahu pon about that..and I was searching for it ade la dlm 10 mins dlm Guardian tuh coz tak nak tanya orang..i remember that day was Friday after work..pergi sorang²..then hubby main futsal mlm tuh and I thought to do it while he’s gone but I fell asleep instead and he woke me up when he returned around midnight asking me the result..before hubby left, I dah emo² with him coz the house was in a mess and he did not wash the dishes..kesian hubby..asyik kena marah jer for that few days..sorry yer b..blame it on the hormones..hehehe..Masa nak wat test tuh agak takut coz I don’t know what to expect..panic..sume la ade..siap baca instructions beratus kali takut salah buat..then after 2 mins kot..the result showed clear doube lines. Boleh caya ke benda ni?? masa tuh mmg takde speechless..and not sure to believe it or not..i told hubby and his reaction also lebih kurang mine..he asked.. “So what does this mean? Camner?” I asked him to read the instructions sebab takut I pon salah baca..then he smiled..i pon smile sbb dah dia smile kan takkan nak nangis laks.. both of us were in betul ke ni???? sangat tidak day, we went to the clinic and again the doc confirmed it was positive but we went to the normal clinic la not gynae..he did the same test like I did at home only his kit a bit more advance..and..knowing me..saya sangat inginkan kepastian! tapi at the same time we have told Umi & Mummy, cuma not 100% confident la..hehehe..on Monday decided to go to the gyane and when the doc scanned, I could see this tiny black dot inside my uterus and the doc congratulated us and with that..i know that I am preggers, ahamdulillah. That time I was 5 weeks pregnant dah :)

My 1st trimester was vomitting only nausea, easily tired and sleepy in the evening. I remember feeling so sleepy and tired that I have to jalan² around the office to hilangkan the mengantukness. Then I had this weird metal taste on my tongue and everything I ate felt tasteless. I could not stand the coffee smell and the thought of nasi lemak..urgghh..mmg tak suka..padahal those are my fav food! I’m tired of eating rice at terminal and the only thing I could eat was spaghetti. Pergi mane2 pon cari spaghetti..tapi of coz la..mamak mane hilangkan rasa nausea..i ate Peppermint chewing gum every morning and took orange juice..i think there were only few times I vomit and itu pon sebab perut kosong and i terus makan something heavy like nasi tomato and benda pedas²! Errkkkk…. But headache mmg selalu every week once mesti headache..other than that, I felt fine and managed to perform my daily tasks without any difficulty, alhamdulillah. Thank you God for giving me the strength!

Now I’m in my last month of 2nd trimester and things are going well too. People cannot really tell that I was pregnant during my 4th month and the bump just started to show only in early 5th month. Even that, they say if from behind, I doesn’t look pregnant at all only when I turn, then they can see my tummy..hehehe..I’ve put on several kilos and often gets leg cramp at night that I need to lie down instead of sit when watching tv/reading. Baby started to move/kick during the 18th weeks and sometimes it’s so ticklish that I have to straighten my back and stroke my tummy to ask the baby bertenang..sometimes boleh nampak dia gerak²..eheheh..what a wonderful feeling! This year Ramadhan I might be able to fast 30 days full, thanks to my baby. Today is the 16th day the Muslims are fasting and hope that I have the strength to finish the last 14 days, InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

songs with memories

Have you ever listen to a song that brings back old memories? Well, I’m listening to some at the moment and wow, these songs really influenced my life! One song reminds me during my pre-U year and another song reminds me when I was in Form 4 & Form 5 etc..the best part is, I could still remember what I was doing at that very moment and all the bittersweet memories come flashing back at me, one by one.

I’m just glad that I have been given the opportunity to get to know all sorts of people before I decided to commit myself to “the one” and each of them has different ways, styles, moods, preferences. There are things that are just too painful to be remembered but I believe everything happens for a reason. I thank all of you for making me be a better person, wise, more confident in making decisions & actions and careful enough not to repeat the same mistake in the next relationships before I devoted myself to “the one”. Those good things that are worth to be remembered, I just keep them safe & sound as its good to know that I was once cared & appreciated although the relationships failed to survive. Like they said.. “Takde jodoh..nak wat canne kan?” and NO..I never regret. In fact I’m happy enough to experience all these as you only live once, right?

Each song is unique and has its own memories and I don’t think I could erase them permanently from my mind. What I can do is to move on and get it over with, which I already did. Let it be just memories and chapters of my life. Do cherish your loved ones ya..have a nice day! Owh, i love you sayang!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Abah’s birthday-cum-“buka puasa” at Subang and it was a nice get together session as my cousins and uncle were also there to join us. In the morning, my siblings and I together with hubby decided to look for Abah’s present and we decided to get him a Plasma LCD tv. Umi is the main contributor and the rest top up, how much..that depends after the tv hunting session, I stayed back to help Umi prepare the dishes while hubby went home with my bro. I was craving for “tauhu sumbat” and told Umi that I would be gladly to prepare that while she prepared “kari daging”, “ikan tenggiri masak lemak” and vegetable soup. The dishes were simple but so sedap! Makan ramai² memang sedap pon. Hehehe..For desert, Ellie brought Big Apple donuts & curry puffs, we had “kuih bakar”, pudding, banana and not to forget the birthday cake! Yummylicious..I don’t take chocolate but from the look of it I know that the cake is delicious. Around 8 when Abah went for terawih, the tv was delivered & installed and it was sort of a surprise for him when he returned from terawih. The other reason why they (Umi & siblings) decided to get him a tv is, the old one is not functioning well anymore and so you can say it’s for their own purpose was raining the whole day and I was glad to be able to spend the day with my loved ones. On the way home, we stopped by @Burger King to to tahpau for sahur and later at night thought of watching movie at home but sangat la 11, I was already in my lala land

Today is Ellie’s birthday. Happy birthday to my dear cousin! Bila nak kahwin ni? Have a great day everyone!

Friday, September 5, 2008

happy birthday to the coolest Dad ever!

HaPpY b|rThDaY aBaH!

you are one wonderful dad and love you so much! thank you for your help with the car, house and everything! i never gonna survive if it is not because of you. love you so much!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Independence Day & Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends and happy 51st birthday Malaysia! Didn’t do anything on Merdeka eve as I was already asleep around 11..alone! hubby had to work and he was on the night shift last weekend. I only went to Putra Heights accompanied by my brother as the delivery man wanted to deliver the kitchen cabinet. It was raining heavily when we reached there. My mom was not around during the weekend and so did my sister. Umi went back to see Tok Mak and Zira went for her class camping. It was a very dull Saturday *sigh*

On Sunday, had lunch with Faz & Ereen @Bumbu Bali. That was their first time there and they really enjoyed the food. Eisha was supposed to join us but she could not make it. Eisha, next time awak better make it tau! After lunch, they wanted to see my house and we paid a quick visit to PH as I have to be back before hubby leaves for work. Was so happy to meet them and managed to update ourselves with latest info and endless gossips of this & that! I was thinking of going back to Subang and sahur there but texted Ereen instead asking her if she wants to go out for dinner. Ereen’s hubby has to work too and he’s at offshore and she really understands the feeling not to have hubby around. In her case, she only sees her hubby like 3 weeks once and I really respect how she prefers to live on her own rather than with her family who is just in Subang. We tahpau something for sahur and we made a pretty good company ourselves

1st day of puasa was okay for me. I had rice, oatmeal, milk and plenty of water for sahur to keep me going for the day. It was not that bad because it was public holiday so I can just sit back and relax. Went to Bazaar Ramadhan, Shah Alam and my, there were so many people shoulder to shoulder and not a mere chance to go near the stalls! Most of the food sold out already. We went there quite late also around 6 because of the earlier heavy down pour. Break fast at Umi’s and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough for my tummy Only that I pity hubby as he does not fancy “rendang” that much and that was the main dish. Next time I will inform Umi to cook something you like okay?

2nd day puasa was work day, aint that bad also. I left the office at 3.45pm and picked up hubby to go to Bazaar Ramadhan. This time we were early, still not many people when we reached there. But on the negative side, you feel like buying this and that and everything look simply delicious! We managed to refrain ourselves from getting carried away and after checking all the stalls at the 3 long rows, we decided that enough is enough!

For today & tomorrow, I am going back to Subang to break fast and also will be spending the nights there as hubby is working on Wednesday & Thursday night. He will have his day shift back next week and hopefully things will be better

Just a quick update, baby started to move already. Actually I started to feel it in my 18th weeks gestation and I thought I was feeling hungry/tummy upset or something. It feels like butterfly/bubbles/gas. Words cannot express how happy I am to feel the baby moves and can actually feel the baby moves when I put my hand on the tummy. Such a lovely feeling! Hubby felt the same way too when he felt the baby moved though he was expressionless but I could tell he was excited as he keeps asking if the baby is moving or not and wants to feel it again. So happy to be able to share the feeling with him and it is a miracle to know that there is a human being inside of me! I notice that the baby is very active in the evening around 5pm – 8pm and sometimes early morning around 5am. If I lie down on my side or just sit quietly reading or watching tv, I can easily feel it. Alhamdulillah, hope everything goes well. Do pray for me and my baby health :)