Sunday, August 24, 2008

last weekend’s update

I’m now in my 22 weeks, 18 weeks to go, InsyaAllah. see how fast time pass us by. Last weekend hubby had to work and I thought my weekend is going to be dull and boring already but Alhamdulillah, I managed to keep myself busy. Thanks to my family ;)

On Friday, around 7pm, hubby’s car broke down right after the Cyberjaya’s tol. Not really broke downla, still can drive but the temperature kept going up and it almost reaches HIGH. He managed to drive till home and me being a dear loving wife, wanted to accompany him that I drove myself back to Cyber and followed him from behind, just to make sure that if he is going to be stranded, he will not be alone. The next day he borrowed my car to work and Abah dropped by to check his car. Abah volunteered to drive the car to Uncle Kenny’s workshop somewhere in D’sara and he asked me to drive his car back to Subang as I’m going there anyway and also because I forgot how to drive a manual car :P

Uncle Kenny is Abah’s friend and we always consult him if we need to get our cars fix/service. His price is quite reasonable and we do trust him with our cars. The reason why I mentioned his workshop is in D’sara is because, Abah thought he could make it by taking the highway thru Glenmarie but the temperature kept going up and Abah said it was too dangerous to drive and parked in front of DRB-Hicom in Glenmarie. That time I reached Subang already and asked Zira to accompany me to pick Abah up. Why didn’t I follow Abah from behind? Well, good question. When Abah came to my house that morning, he drove his new car and I was like..OMG..don’t tell me I have to drive this car back. The car has all these weird digital buttons even to change the gear you need to press the correct button so that it is able to go from P to D or R and if you press the wrong one, it will not take you there and you will end up struggling so hard to change the gear and no matter how hard you try, it wont go as you press the wrong one. It was so confusing as the car is a bit modern from the previous beemers he had. Had to learn all that in less than 5 mins and I even forgot to ask Abah how to adjust the seat! To adjust the seat, you also need to know which button to press also and when you press a button, you either press it to the right or to the left..depends on which position you want your seat to be. Conclusion, you need to master all the buttons before you start driving and there was no time for that. So there I was, driving the car without adjusting the seat and didn’t lean back at all cause if I did, I will not be able to reach the pedals & see the rear view mirror or even in front! All I could think at the moment was to get the car back to Subang safely and I took the easiest route which is the highway, only 5 mins drive while Abah took the Glenmarie road. That was why I did not follow Abah from behind. Was so relieved to be able to get the car home and Umi was amazed to see how her daughter could drive such a big car without adjusting the seat..hehehe..well, if you ask me to do reverse or side parking..I will definitely fail, no doubt at all. Btw, the car’s plate no is not being registered as our usual family plate number as Abah got it from the waiting list (ppl ordered the car but did not collect it, still zero mileage) and he cannot even choose the color. It is cheaper compared to if you order a brand new one. But the color & the cream-colored leather seat are nice..they blend very well. love it! So Abah got the car already, its time to change the gate and equip the house with better security system, okay? We certainly do not want the same thing to happen again.

Then Umi, Zira and me went to Pyramid to do some shopping. We were there for few hours but in that few hours I managed to get myself some clothes for my new wardrobe (it is impossible to wear XS or S now unless the cutting is really loose or the size S of the maternity wear). In the evening, went to Tesco because Umi wants to do some grocery shopping. They were supposed to drop me at my house but Abah said hubby’s car is ready, Uncle Kenny will deliver it in the evening. So I followed them back to Subang and waited for hubby to return from office which was around 7. Checked his car, everything was okay and we headed back home. Thanks Abah for taking care of the car and for your time! He had golf meeting after Zohor and he still managed to take care of the car.

On Sunday, again we went out and this time to Shah Alam where Umi needs to collect her curtain. I even managed to buy ready made curtains for all the rooms except for the master bedroom. Got them at a very good price and quality material too. I only returned home after tea, tahpau some lauk for dinner and that was it. A lovely weekend indeed!

Btw, congratulations to my dear bro. He had his convocation on 08/08/08. I was unable to attend as it was on working day plus Umi said she’s afraid I cannot stand the crowd, weather and they had to park the cars quite far from the hall.

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