Tuesday, July 29, 2008


my TL is not around for this whole week till next tuesday and guess who’s in charge?heheh..not much to do in the office as i have 2 products which are still in review state and one book to finalised. team and i planning to go for birthday lunch this afternoon to celebrate 2 of our team members birthday.

last weekend, went for a “cukur jambul kenduri” at my grand aunt house. luckily i have this one baju kurung that i can still fit as for the rest..could not even zip it up and had to use safety pin instead..ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai. altered the hook also didnt work…huhuhuh…there goes the moment where i could easily fit into old baju kurung, as old as 4 yrs! now the new ones also cannot fit *sigh in relief* why relief? cause i think its normal for preggers :P my aunt who is umi’s cousin just had her 3rd daughter and she did the “cukur jambul” for all her 3 princesses. the 3rd one is just 5 mths old and she’s so lovely, chubby and well behaved! not cranky at all except for this one time when she was hungry..she could just dozed off easily on ellie’s lap..gosh, i want a baby just like that. tak banyak hal pon..hehehe..poor ellie have to pangku her that she gave up after few minutes and put the baby back in the room ..the baby is heavy, alrite! my hands went numb just after carrying her for 5 minutes..berat! tapi sangat comel..*geram* tak percaya? see the pic below to believe it..heheh..we left the place at 4pm and back to subang.

after Asar, decided to check the grill @putra heights. well the man did quite an impressive job, perfect! i even asked the curtain man to come and take the measurement for all the windows. my sliding doors curtain i tailor-made from this one shop @putra heights and thinking of putting wooden blinds and curtain for the rooms and living hall upstairs with cheaper material la, have to see the budget first. then we had our early dinner at this restaurant called “Warung Mak Jah”. the food was delicious & nice presentation too. the deco and environment pon okay for family, friends, lovebirds..hehehe..it was actually a girls only outing. hubby had his own agenda that evening (jamming with his friends). returned to shah alam around 9pm. our plan was to watch this movie called Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds aka Scarlett Johansson fiance but 15 mins after the show, i was already in my lala land. huhuhu..hubby watched the movie alone..*tired*

nothing much happen on sunday, just lazying around the house and had a very late lunch @Nasi Kandar Pelita. i told hubby i wanted to try nasi kandar line clear and wouldnt mind to have nasi kandar shariff too..but..aarghh..penang is so far away! if tak dapat, i think nasi kandar kayu at ss2 also can la..hehehehe..yummylicious!

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