Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hello hello hello..yes, its been a while. so many things have happened since the last time I blog. It’s not that I do not want to blog but everytime I draft an entry, I only do it halfway, save it and totally forgot about it.

Where should I begin..maybe the recent ones to go first:
  • Just came back from my monthly medical check up. Baby is fine, mommy is fine too (psstt..we know the gender already, but yet to be revealed. lets keep it a secret first ya.. ;) I am now in my 4th month and things are so far so good, Alhamdulillah. No morning sickness, only nausea and I remembered that I cannot tahan the sight or even hear the word “nasi lemak” though it is one of my fav food. Then the smell of white coffee from the coffee machine at my office just make me wanna run away..but that was during the 1st trimester only. Now everything also can tahan except for Kuey Teow. Why Kuey Teow? Hubby once cooked Kuey Teow and it did not turn out well. I think either because of too much or not enough ingredients which made the Kuey Teow turned out that way. Since then, I avoid Kuey Teow and just thinking of it makes me sick. Sorry sayang, bukan tak suka awak masak just hormone..ya ya..blame it on hormone :P (ada kena mengena ke?)Trying my best to avoid any caffeine drink too. If I really feel like having one, maybe once or twice a week can la. Empty stomach is a NO-NO as I will throw up whatever I eat after that. Have to keep my tummy full. I have a lot of craving (even if I’m not pregnant, I still have the urge to eat a lot of things :P). I craved to eat putu mayam, Umi’s sambal ikan bilis, sotong goreng with fried lala @Uptown, roti canai Malay punya, vegetarian food at Khush, J Co’s donut, spaghetti..anywhere will do, baked beans & scramble egg (I can eat this almost everyday for dinner) and mostly mom’s cooking whenever I feel like eating something nice during the weekend, I will definitely be in Subang. Alhamdulillah, so far all the food senang cari. My hubby pon tak pening kepala to find
  • Hubby resigned from GITN in June to work with MIMOS in Technology Park but resigned again after 1.5 mths joining the comp to work in this MNC comp in Cyberjaya. Good news, he’s back in Cyber to work in this well-known IT Comp as an Analyst (network) and well…the pay is much better, Alhamdulillah. Bad news, he has to work in 2 shifts (AM & PM – rotate by week), 4 days work (12 hrs) and 3 days off and his rest days will not necessarily fall on weekend. Nvm, think on the bright side. It’s REALLY worth it; the knowledge, experience and salary wise. Good luck sayang! Luckily my parents are just nearby and Umi told me to spend a night or two at her place if I feel alone and bored or can just drop by after work for dinner when hubby is working on the PM shift. He will be starting this 28/7
  • Happy birthday to my dear bro who turned 24 on July, 5th. He finished his study already and now working at Bandar Kinrara as a mechanical engineer and he plans to join Abah soon. How soon..I have no idea :P
  • Speaking of Abah, his dear beloved beemer kena curi about a month ago :(:( There goes the Master of 5955. The incident happened early Tuesday morning around 3-4am. The thief broke into the house and took the car key and drove off the car which was parked INSIDE! He even managed to grab Abah’s laptop and briefcase which were at the living room (Abah did not keep it away when he retired to sleep even after being reminded constantly to do so). This was not the 1st time someone broke into the house but the 3rd time I think only this happened during wee hour and the 2nd time his laptop got stolen. Thank God nobody was hurt and he did not take nor touch anything else (he got the beemer, what else did he want?!!). But jackpot for the thief as inside the briefcase, there was a digicam and cash in USD! Abah was planning to get himself a 3G hand phone over the weekend but he didn’t..tak ade rezeki kan..pity him..and there was a new golf set in the car which he already planned to take it with him to Thailand that weekend. I think the thief has targeted the beemer for quite a long time cause if he really needs a car, he can just take 3 other cars which were parked outside and were more vulnerable. Why susah² kan diri to get into the house, take the car key, open the auto gate and drove off the car? Our neighbour’s CCTV managed to capture a glimpse of the incident. In the video, one car came and parked in between my house and neighbour’s and few minutes later, the beemer being successfully stolen emerged and followed the first car. Although the quality of the video was poor, we still send the tape to the police with hope that they will do something. My uncle has a friend who is a DSP of SJ but I doubt they can resolve this case. According to the DSP, there are too many similar incidents and it happens almost everyday. What we can do from our side is to take extra precaution. Umi changed the grill (she took the opportunity to change it to wrought iron grill. Initial plan was only to fix the grill for main door but she got all the windows covered as well :P), changed and installed additional locks for the wooden door. Abah is still thinking of buying another beemer but Umi advises him to install CCTV, alarm and change the auto gate first before he gets we’ll see..this is the 2nd time our car kena curi depan rumah. The 1st time was Umi’s Kembara which was parked outside the house and that time was around 7pm. Umi was actually inside the house watching tv and she heard someone started the Kembara but thought it was the neighbour since they also got one..that was 5 yrs ago and now the same thing happen only that the thief broke into the house to get the car keys. I wonder what will happen if the thief did not get the car key..hmhmhm..whatever it is, Alhamdulillah, everybody was safe and sound. Better be careful next time ya..
  • We finally got our keys to our new house. Inspection –> DONE (with 1 year warranty from SIME UEP), grill –> DONE, kitchen cabinet in progress, curtain in progress and next is to find the lights & fan. Thank you to my parents who were willing to bear the expenses for the wrought iron grill and kitchen cabinet. Alhamdulillah, love you Umi & Abah. Umi said we don’t have to move there so fast because err..of my condition and also because there are still not many people in that area yet. We are just going to decorate the house and hold a “doa selamat cum makan²” after Raya and get it ready by end of this year. I can still enjoy my 3 bedrooms apartment for now. Yeay!
  • Whut else..errmm..owh..we turned 1 year last 8th June and cant believe we have been married for a year! Time do pass by so quick and soon two will become 2nd honeymoon cause that time it was not advisable to travel and people say you have to be very careful during the 1st trimester and so we spent the day with jalan² around here, makan² with our family and just enjoying the quality moment. We didn’t buy any gift also, just dinner as we already have this precious gift. anyways, hubby did get himself a PS3 and bought an amp for his electric guitar and got his wife some basic normal things ;) Whatever it is, I am happy, he is happy..thats all that matter. So sayang, happy anniversary! We will try to do something nice next year you!
  • Ajoi got a new car, the latest addition of 5955 to the family. Zira takes the Kelisa
  • My dear sis had her appendix removed somewhere in late May. She was admitted to SJMC and as soon as she got out, she asked for McD and other food which by right should be avoided. She could not sit still too that during her 1 week of recovery, pergi jalan² here and there..stubborn girl :P and thank God her operation was on her semester break
  • Attended Kartini’s reception on 310508 @KGNS. Faz & K were there and we have this table of 10 to only 4 of us..the food was it was catered by d’saji, felda only that there was no sambal udang on the menu..but i ate quite a lot of the ‘daging dendeng’. yummylicious. met our ex-schoolmates and it was good to see the familiar faces back. Kartini did put 3 photos of me on her when we were in Std 4 i think, then 2nd one when we went to the Commonwealth game back then in ‘98..we were at this bus stop waiting for my cousin to fetch us and there was actually a story behind it *wink* we had no transport to go home and my cousin had to borrow my friend’s mum van to fit 6 of us. it was one hell of experience coz we actually susahkan our parents and came home late..tapi best! then the last photo, was at Erin’s wedding with Ereen. very the obvious our faces..heheheh *malu*
  • david cook won the American Idol title. hoorayy! at last a rocker in AI history. at first, he was not one of my favourites. michael john outshined him but when he sang “Hello”, i knew that this Cook really got talent. then with a hit song like “Always Be My Baby”..i knew he’s gonna make it…you rock David Cook!
  • erin is back! welcoming irene natasha too..ereen and me paid them a visit and i’m so in love with irene..she’s SO adorable and sangatlah baik. with her big eyes..suka tengok orang and well behaved! i want a baby just like dat..muah muah to irene!
I guess that’s about it (banyak jugaks kan.. :P). Hope to update this often although I know nobody really reads this anyway..ciao!

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