Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my 2 mths overdue post

helloooo..i did mention to update about my trip but due to my extremely lazy syndrome, i just dont bother to update it! what can i say about the trip was, it was fun-exciting-thrilling-patience-a lot of waiting-new places-new people-new experiece-tiring but above all, it was great! first school was MCKK, Kuala Kangsar. it was founded to educate the Malay elite, comprising of royal children and the sons of Malay nobility and was actually my great grandpa’s school. the town…quiet and kinda not much going on there though it is known as Bandar Di-Raja. at first i thought to wait for hubby but it was so boring hence decided to pay a quick trip to the town. i found “The Store” after passing by 4 times contemplating whether should i give it a visit or just pusing² with hope hubby would call by the time i decide phone call..parked my car and was so dull. very lifeless, washroom pon takde..then the things they ade brand tak pernah dengar sume..then jalan² atas skit and found this kedai kain and as i was busy browsing and bargaining, hubby called said he’s ready..alaaa..kacau jer..baru nak enjoy..oh well, i managed to grab this pair of songket which is way lot cheaper then the price in KL. MCKK done, then we headed up to penang and straight to the hotel. shower, watched AI @YouTube and took a nap..then dinner time..we went out to our favourite place..nasi kandar shariff @Gelugor..the food portion sgtla banyak and really cheap & delicious! we never miss this place whenever we come to penang. had a good rest and slept soundly till morning.

morning came, bfast..ppl eat 1 main course and the rest like skit2 but i ate 2 main courses and makan tak ingat dunia sbb takut lapar nanti masa tunggu hubby. my initial plan was to stay at hotel, pergi spa & massage while hubby pergi site at kedah..but changed my mind..i tagged along coz bila lagi nak sight-seeing kan? plus nak teman hubby, takkan he drive alone without this annoying-tak-boleh-duduk-diam co-pilot..we made our way to Sg Petani and dropped hubby at this school which is located near Tesco. jalan² there..and luckily hubby didnt take that long to finish..was not that hungry (sebab bfast dah makan banyak) and so we headed straight to the next school which is located in Alor Star, and about 30km from the town..jauh nyeee!! we even passed by the Langkawi exit…but it was great dapat tengok padi2 di tepi highway and bought some pisang goreng..asked for RM2 sbb if kat KL, skit jer RM2 tuh but dapat banyak giler. sangat puas hati..then hubby pergi school..i sat quietly in the car, read book, main PSP, nyanyi sekuat hati then macam panas dan bosan..duduk bawah pokok sambil ambil pic..environment dia so sunyi and really kampung like..fresh & takde pon bau asap² ke, bunyi kereta peaceful..well..once in a while best gaks..then dah settle kat sekolah tuh..we headed back to Penang. went to Gurney Plaza, ingat nak tgk movie but takde cerita menarik..we ate at this Nasi Kandar Zubaidah..lepak² at hotel..then bile dah malam we ordered room service sbb saya lapar lagi..hehehe and again..a very good night sleep.

last day at penang, bfast..this time i only took 1 main course sbb dah tahu nak makan ape..then packed our stuffs and headed home. before balik, hubby kena pegi STAR @Ipoh..we had lunch at Ipoh Parade. dah nak sampai, hubby said he wanna get himself a new handphne so we all pegi survey and he bought terus sebab wife dia sibuk cakap cantik & belilah, rugi kalau tak beli.. :P balik rumah sangat penat but thank God it was Friday. so our weekend like just begun was tiring but i had a lot of fun..minus the waiting and jalan sorang² tuh la..*wink*

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