Sunday, March 16, 2008

shops hoping with E

it has been quite a while since my last entry. reason being, i was damn busy with work! but that was 2 weeks ago when i was caught up with this massive book. cleared the book the week after i got back from Spore and everything was fine until 2 weeks later, editor decided to do another review on the content. helloooo..u are not supposed to do that after the clearance date! turned out she did not do thorough checking the first time and publishing manager picked up some content errors and made her check every single sentence and of course amendments need to be done.

yes, i was the “lucky” PE who had to clean up her mess and redo the whole book. at that time, i was busy with another book and the other book was also a top priority. so there i was, juggling 2 books at once and never in my life on friday night, i have to stay late until 9pm. usually the latest for me would be around 7pm. stress..of course! and it certainly not good if you are planning to be a mom. finally i am able to breathe again..things are sailing smooth now. still windy here and there but quite on a good track. TL was away the whole week and i have to step up as the interim TL and thank major problem. the team and i were in our own world and everybody kinda knew what we were supposed to do, so that kept us busy or at least we pretended to be busy :P

saturday the 8th was voting day for Malaysians and my very first too. not a big fan of politics but kinda enthusiastic to pay my responsibility. the opposition won and having that, clearly Malaysians want new state government to rule and i hope this new government will fulfill their promises. whatever it is, lets just hope for the best.

then on sunday, went shopping with one of my gurls..we decided to park @the gardens, to avoid the crowd in midvalley. we told ourselves, "naaa…tak mau la pegi midvalley, ramai orang! kita shop sini jer la.." and i told hubby.. "saya teman jer..nothing to buy pon..just jalan-jalan" but that was before stepping into the shops that have “SALE/DISCOUNT 50-70%” signs that made me went berserk! i got myself a 9West handbag, a cute baby-T from GAP and another shirt from Esprit (okay, Esprit is in Midvalley..oooppsss…looked like these 2 girls have changed their minds!). before i knew, i too have a list of things to buy… much of “teman jer & nothing to buy”. did try a pair of jeans @esprit but the cutting just wont fit..i still prefer Levi’s. i could fit into it and she couldnt..we were in different fitting rooms but we could still holler at each other & giggled like ain’t nobody’s business.. :P it was fun! i didnt manage to buy a pair of shoes/sandal. i want something comfortable which i could wear it to office & for leisure. guess & 9west..on sale but the heels were like 3-4 inches not comfortable. we had lunch at this thai restaurant. the food was delicious but a bit spicy though..thai food..what do u expect? hehehe..nways, it sure gave us energy that made us changed our minds to go to MV. we were out for 6 hrs and by the end of the day..we were too exhausted and kaki sangat sakit okay..tak larat nak jalan..headache..too many that was it..balik timee!

owh, regarding the handbag, we bought the same one only hers is black and mine is dark blue. both of us walked out of the store grinning from ear to ear, satisfied with our little investments. we do share the same taste since school years. we fancy the same clothes, shoes, handbags, purse, movies, books, hobbies, far no major argument..we totally respect each other preferences.

still related to handbag, my mom gave me one of her own, said that its suit me well than to her. i really like it but nothing compare to her maroon limited edition LC handbag. she said, “that one cannot give..not now..but feel free to have it if you want to borrow” ehehe..okay Umi..the other handbag pon cantik gaks..thanks. love u much!

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