Sunday, March 23, 2008

old place, old memories

the team & i had our team lunch at bumbu bali last monday. management allocates certain amount of money for each team and the team then decide what they would like to do with the money and how they would like it to be spend (eg lunch, karaoke, bowling, gift voucher etc). we decided to go for lunch as that was the most convenient time for everyone and the easiest thing to settle for. we left the office around 1.30pm and headed straight to the restaurant which is located at bandar puteri, puchong. that was my first time being there after a year and the area is developing fast. traffic is heavier, shops are everywhere, two hospitals and there’s even a new flyover under construction. last time, Giant can be seen from the main road being the only landmark there, but now..not even a glimpse!

thank God i have moved out from that congested area. used to stay there for 3 years. 3 wonderful years..well you can say so. bitter sweet memories and hell before was full of surprises! too many surprises that i almost stumble and fall..almost..*wink* well, i was living life to the fullest and experiencing a whole lot of experiences.bottom line is, there are things to be remembered and there are things you just have to forgive and forget. it was kinda hard to let them go at first but you just have to be strong and keep moving forward.

“live life to the fullest” they said. i’m just glad i have lived mine :P

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