Saturday, February 16, 2008

first day @Spore

S’pore’s trip was thrilling yet exhausting! departed on Thursday @3.45pm with hubby sending me to KLIA and accompanied me till Nizam arrived. then checked in and wandered around the duty free shops to buy some chocs for the editors. at first, thought of waiting for Kak Mas (my sis-in-law who works in Hermes, KLIA) as she can gets us good discount with the chocs, but since the expenses were covered by company, why bother to get a discount :P while waiting for the boarding gate to be opened, we decided to quench our thirst & fill up the time at a nearby cafe. although Nizam & I are in the same team for 2 yrs, still feel a bit awkward to be with him as we seldom talk that much before. conversation was restricted to work related matters only then, and now we are a lil bit open in our conversation. the first few hours were difficult but after that, it was easy breezy. before boarding, paid Kak Mas a short visit to say a quick hello & goodbye.

it was an uncomfortable, ear-splitting atmosphere in the plane. we were seated at the very last row and i have to sit in between Nizam & this man who did not look very pleased with these 2 lil girls in front of us..they cried all the time! there was an unpleasant smell too in the plane, maybe BO..*yucks!* i felt dizzy & nauseous and had to refrain myself from throwing up. touched down at Changi Airport @4.35pm and checked into M Hotel, Anson Road. the hotel is strategically located at the centre of town and its only 5 mins walk to the office. very convenient but a bit far from any restaurant or foodcourt. i have this big room by myself..excited? not really. we had to go to the office to test our system logins and most of the editors have gone home. the logins were successful and had dinner with our ex-colleague, Alice who is now working in S’pore. we managed to spend few hours updating each other with latest news & gossips. she gave us some ideas on where to go and how to get to it and even walked us back to the hotel. it was so nice of her..thanks Alice! hope we can meet up again ;)

the day we reached, it was V-day. they really celebrated it here. candle light dinner, roses & chocs and..i dont miss that at all. me & hubby dont celebrate this except for that one time where we went for double dates with our MMU friends. V-day is just not our thing plus its not our tradition too to celebrate. retired to bed around 11 while watching American Idol and that ended my day 1

view from the hotel room, the red building is the office

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