Monday, January 28, 2008

peace & quiet

first day of TL not around and so far so good. hope the next 4 days will be easy breezy too. don’t want anything major to happen while he is not around as its a bit tedious to liaise with the managers & editors-in-chief when i don’t really know that much myself. workload..busy! well, Asia Team..beginning of the year..its normal..(rite!still cannot get use to it though i have been around for 2 yrs).

i have 2 books to be completed by end of February and i am leaving for Singapore the week after CNY to help out with the Budget Report newsletter and it had to be done overnight. the team consists of 2-3 Editors, one SE & one PE and we have to meet the 6AM deadline! cant imagine how am i gonna survive this. my eyes will be automatically shut down at 11 even during weekend! TL requested me to go base on my seniority basis and hope i wont let him down. lets try our best yeah? good thing, everything is covered ^_^ bad thing..i am afraid i cannot catch the deadlines for my own books. grrr..grrr..okay think positive..everything is gonna be alright…just relax and have fun! weeeeeeee…..*grin from ear to ear*

nothing much really happen for these past few days only family dinner, wedding & other normal stuffs. i am basically living a quiet life & believe it or not..its GREAT! the only thing that worry me is i have no effort or even mood to clean the house! this is not me..i am not used to throw things around, and dust?? what the ^&*% is that??hahaha..but now..i am practically doing all the things i’ve used to avoid. Feeling guilty, i will make fuss to hubby saying things are in a mess, disorganise, these things should not be here or there..hoping he will take the blame and apologise for nothing when the truth is..they are MY things, MY mess and of course the blame is back on me!! *sigh* if i cant deal with an apartment how am i gonna deal with my own house?! maybe i will ask my mum’s maid to help me with the cleaning. after all, she really does a fantabulous job *wink*

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