Wednesday, January 2, 2008

maybe i should start blogging again

it has been a while since my last entry and now i am planning to blog here. i do have another blog which not many people know of the existence..not to mention, i have 11 journals that i still keep..JOURNALS??!! (yes, the old fashioned way of blogging)..haha..i started to write one when my form 2 English teacher asked us to write a page everyday in the standard exercise book. we were allowed to write about anything but nothing too personal and have to submit to her on weekly basis. the objective was to develop writing & creative thinking skills. those who were in the same class with me would probably still remember this. since then, it has been a routine for me and only in ‘05 i’ve decided to switch to the online version.

expressing thoughts & feelings in journal is so different compared to the online version as journal was meant for the writer’s eyes only. you can pour your heart out, talk about anything and include everything in there! but you need a very safe place to keep it. speaking of safe place, an unexpected incident happened to me when i was in form 4 (so they called it honeymoon year and indeed it was!). i was very rebellious, naughty and i always up to something. my mum knew i kept a journal and to find out what her daughter has been up to she needs the journal. thanks to this nosy neighbour of mine who complained to her about my misbehavior. the truths were revealed once she started reading it. me being so smart wrote almost everything in there luckily i left out some info on purpose..sheesh!

that was one painful experience and the incident really taught me a valuable lesson. i was lectured by my parents & grounded for few months but honestly, i have no regret at all. still think it was fun & glad to have it as one remarkable experience in my life!

i have it all written in my journals/blog. from one stage of life to another and i have no plan to get rid any of it. after all, they are my LIFE!

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