Tuesday, January 8, 2008

happy birthday sayang!

today marks the 7th month of us being hubby & wifey..what??! already?? where did the time go? and today is hubby’s birthday too. double celebration, yeay! happy birthday to my dear husband!!. 27 is quite a big number, dont you think? whatever it is, so glad to celebrate your special day as your wife.

i managed to stay up till midnight (i usually retire to bed way earlier than that) & just before midnight, told him that i wanted to take a glass of water. then i came back to the room with a cake on my hand and started to sing on top of my lungs & out of tune too. i know its midnight already and we are living in an apartment..but who cares?! its my hubby’s birthday..and so happy birthday sayang! me love you so much!

and..i am still "single" fyi. practically we are focusing on one thing at a time & enjoying each other company and freedom to go anywhere, anytime but if its already meant to be then of course we accept it willingly. we will see how ;)

for these 7 months i think my cooking skill has improved (sangat perasan tapi mungkin juga sudah improve..hihih). although not that drastic but still..there is an improvement to be proud of and i thank my mummy-in-law who provided me with her own recipe book & my mum who is just a phone call or to be exact 8km away & not to forget my friends for sharing with me their recipes & tips. plus hubby always offer his help in the kitchen. he is actually the taster. if sedap sedap la..if tak sedap then partly his fault too sbb tolong rasakan..heheh..

last saturday, girlfriends came over for tea cum dinner and we talked a LOT! from 5pm - 10pm, jumping from one topic to another and amazingly we never ran out of ideas. how we miss the good old days. those were the days when we discovered loads of things, experimented this & that and even got ourselves into countless times of trouble due to our mischievous behavior. we have been there & done that and what most important, i have my girlfriends to share all the moment with. there was no time to regret for some of the unfortunate events as i was too busy enjoying my teen life & it did add some spices to this so-called average life of mine. love u so much girls! to mama Erin in Melbourne & Eisha who were not able to join us, we did include you in our conversation too. hope we can arrange another get together session soon.

the following day went to Tok Alang’s house to celebrate Tok Nyang’s birthday. Tok Nyang is my great grandpa from my mum’s side. he turns 98 this year and we celebrated earlier because his birthday which is on the 10th falls on weekdays. furthermore, it was convenient for everyone to come during weekend. the birthday party was concluded with a "doa selamat" and it was a nice family gathering.

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