Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in memory and now welcoming 2008!

the first day of new year and so far so good. the last 2 weeks of 2007 have been filled with leisure & pleasure of quality time with hubby and family. it was also a stress-free-period at work as many of the editors were on leave & because of the 3 public holidays. my products cleared earlier than scheduled and that was great! but January - May ‘08 must be one hellish period…more new products, more books, buddying new team members..well lets hope luck will be on my side again this year.

2007..it was kinda sad to leave this year as this was the year that meant so much to me. the year i changed my status to WIFE, single to MARRIED and now i have a SPOUSE! could not ask for more than being married to the guy i love, had a beautiful & enjoyable reception with all my family members & friends were there to share my big day (the place it was held was actually decided by my mum but i totally agreed! it was all worth it), bought a house (thanks to abah dearest), and suddenly i am living all my dreams! i really thank God for what He have gave me despite all the challenges that i have to face & i hope this year will be one great year too. i am so lucky to have such a loving family, an understanding-loving-caring-cool hubby and surrounded by superb friends. we did have our ups & downs but alhamdulillah, we managed to resolve each and every problems successfully. hope things will stay that way forever, insyaAllah

apart from all the good things, there were some that hurt and really emotional too. the toughest of all was to say goodbye to quite a number of fun, wonderful colleagues who have left to pursue their careers in other organizations. i admit that i do miss their presences a lot but i wish them the best. will never forget all the wonderful memories we have shared. things are a little too quiet in the office but life has to go on right? people come & go and i just have to be brave & adapt myself to the situation. I’ll manage ;)

well, i wish you all a happy new year filled with peace, love, happiness, good will & fun. have a great new year ahead!

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