Monday, January 28, 2008

peace & quiet

first day of TL not around and so far so good. hope the next 4 days will be easy breezy too. don’t want anything major to happen while he is not around as its a bit tedious to liaise with the managers & editors-in-chief when i don’t really know that much myself. workload..busy! well, Asia Team..beginning of the year..its normal..(rite!still cannot get use to it though i have been around for 2 yrs).

i have 2 books to be completed by end of February and i am leaving for Singapore the week after CNY to help out with the Budget Report newsletter and it had to be done overnight. the team consists of 2-3 Editors, one SE & one PE and we have to meet the 6AM deadline! cant imagine how am i gonna survive this. my eyes will be automatically shut down at 11 even during weekend! TL requested me to go base on my seniority basis and hope i wont let him down. lets try our best yeah? good thing, everything is covered ^_^ bad thing..i am afraid i cannot catch the deadlines for my own books. grrr..grrr..okay think positive..everything is gonna be alright…just relax and have fun! weeeeeeee…..*grin from ear to ear*

nothing much really happen for these past few days only family dinner, wedding & other normal stuffs. i am basically living a quiet life & believe it or not..its GREAT! the only thing that worry me is i have no effort or even mood to clean the house! this is not me..i am not used to throw things around, and dust?? what the ^&*% is that??hahaha..but now..i am practically doing all the things i’ve used to avoid. Feeling guilty, i will make fuss to hubby saying things are in a mess, disorganise, these things should not be here or there..hoping he will take the blame and apologise for nothing when the truth is..they are MY things, MY mess and of course the blame is back on me!! *sigh* if i cant deal with an apartment how am i gonna deal with my own house?! maybe i will ask my mum’s maid to help me with the cleaning. after all, she really does a fantabulous job *wink*

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

happy birthday sayang!

today marks the 7th month of us being hubby & wifey..what??! already?? where did the time go? and today is hubby’s birthday too. double celebration, yeay! happy birthday to my dear husband!!. 27 is quite a big number, dont you think? whatever it is, so glad to celebrate your special day as your wife.

i managed to stay up till midnight (i usually retire to bed way earlier than that) & just before midnight, told him that i wanted to take a glass of water. then i came back to the room with a cake on my hand and started to sing on top of my lungs & out of tune too. i know its midnight already and we are living in an apartment..but who cares?! its my hubby’s birthday..and so happy birthday sayang! me love you so much!

and..i am still "single" fyi. practically we are focusing on one thing at a time & enjoying each other company and freedom to go anywhere, anytime but if its already meant to be then of course we accept it willingly. we will see how ;)

for these 7 months i think my cooking skill has improved (sangat perasan tapi mungkin juga sudah improve..hihih). although not that drastic but still..there is an improvement to be proud of and i thank my mummy-in-law who provided me with her own recipe book & my mum who is just a phone call or to be exact 8km away & not to forget my friends for sharing with me their recipes & tips. plus hubby always offer his help in the kitchen. he is actually the taster. if sedap sedap la..if tak sedap then partly his fault too sbb tolong rasakan..heheh..

last saturday, girlfriends came over for tea cum dinner and we talked a LOT! from 5pm - 10pm, jumping from one topic to another and amazingly we never ran out of ideas. how we miss the good old days. those were the days when we discovered loads of things, experimented this & that and even got ourselves into countless times of trouble due to our mischievous behavior. we have been there & done that and what most important, i have my girlfriends to share all the moment with. there was no time to regret for some of the unfortunate events as i was too busy enjoying my teen life & it did add some spices to this so-called average life of mine. love u so much girls! to mama Erin in Melbourne & Eisha who were not able to join us, we did include you in our conversation too. hope we can arrange another get together session soon.

the following day went to Tok Alang’s house to celebrate Tok Nyang’s birthday. Tok Nyang is my great grandpa from my mum’s side. he turns 98 this year and we celebrated earlier because his birthday which is on the 10th falls on weekdays. furthermore, it was convenient for everyone to come during weekend. the birthday party was concluded with a "doa selamat" and it was a nice family gathering.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

maybe i should start blogging again

it has been a while since my last entry and now i am planning to blog here. i do have another blog which not many people know of the existence..not to mention, i have 11 journals that i still keep..JOURNALS??!! (yes, the old fashioned way of blogging)..haha..i started to write one when my form 2 English teacher asked us to write a page everyday in the standard exercise book. we were allowed to write about anything but nothing too personal and have to submit to her on weekly basis. the objective was to develop writing & creative thinking skills. those who were in the same class with me would probably still remember this. since then, it has been a routine for me and only in ‘05 i’ve decided to switch to the online version.

expressing thoughts & feelings in journal is so different compared to the online version as journal was meant for the writer’s eyes only. you can pour your heart out, talk about anything and include everything in there! but you need a very safe place to keep it. speaking of safe place, an unexpected incident happened to me when i was in form 4 (so they called it honeymoon year and indeed it was!). i was very rebellious, naughty and i always up to something. my mum knew i kept a journal and to find out what her daughter has been up to she needs the journal. thanks to this nosy neighbour of mine who complained to her about my misbehavior. the truths were revealed once she started reading it. me being so smart wrote almost everything in there luckily i left out some info on purpose..sheesh!

that was one painful experience and the incident really taught me a valuable lesson. i was lectured by my parents & grounded for few months but honestly, i have no regret at all. still think it was fun & glad to have it as one remarkable experience in my life!

i have it all written in my journals/blog. from one stage of life to another and i have no plan to get rid any of it. after all, they are my LIFE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in memory and now welcoming 2008!

the first day of new year and so far so good. the last 2 weeks of 2007 have been filled with leisure & pleasure of quality time with hubby and family. it was also a stress-free-period at work as many of the editors were on leave & because of the 3 public holidays. my products cleared earlier than scheduled and that was great! but January - May ‘08 must be one hellish period…more new products, more books, buddying new team members..well lets hope luck will be on my side again this year. was kinda sad to leave this year as this was the year that meant so much to me. the year i changed my status to WIFE, single to MARRIED and now i have a SPOUSE! could not ask for more than being married to the guy i love, had a beautiful & enjoyable reception with all my family members & friends were there to share my big day (the place it was held was actually decided by my mum but i totally agreed! it was all worth it), bought a house (thanks to abah dearest), and suddenly i am living all my dreams! i really thank God for what He have gave me despite all the challenges that i have to face & i hope this year will be one great year too. i am so lucky to have such a loving family, an understanding-loving-caring-cool hubby and surrounded by superb friends. we did have our ups & downs but alhamdulillah, we managed to resolve each and every problems successfully. hope things will stay that way forever, insyaAllah

apart from all the good things, there were some that hurt and really emotional too. the toughest of all was to say goodbye to quite a number of fun, wonderful colleagues who have left to pursue their careers in other organizations. i admit that i do miss their presences a lot but i wish them the best. will never forget all the wonderful memories we have shared. things are a little too quiet in the office but life has to go on right? people come & go and i just have to be brave & adapt myself to the situation. I’ll manage ;)

well, i wish you all a happy new year filled with peace, love, happiness, good will & fun. have a great new year ahead!