Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ahmad Mikhail Haris Ahmad Johari :) I have safely delivered a baby boy on 20.12.2008, 7.34AM at Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong. He weighed at 3.3kg and 51cm in length. I had a normal delivery but had to use the help of vacuum.

Mikhail Haris - Day 1

Overall his doing fine but he got a little bit of jaundice and still under observation. I'm in my confinement now at my mom's house. Will share with you more the details in another entry ya..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

day 1 after the V check up

hello..baru jer lepas makan nasi kandar Raihan, Glenmarie while watching Survivor Gabon reunion. i love not to have to go to work and relax. but dalam relax, i can still feel mild contractions coming but not for long. baby is actively moving as usual and as long as no weird sign, guess I'm okay.

After the check up yesterday, I have this bleeding and was kinda worried. I planned to go to the hospital this morning if the bleeding still continues but Alhamdulillah, dah stop. Dr Raja did reminded me about this yesterday but I was not expecting this kind of bleeding. Thought something light for now, we just wait and see. Movement wise, sangat limited. Cannot walk, sit, sleep for too long. Have to change position always. Hubby will resume to work tomorrow and luckily my cousins are around. They will come and pick me up tomorrow and bring me to Subang. At least I will not be left alone here. Will update pray for me ya?

My sis texted me this morning around 6, on her way to the airport. Her Chiang Mai's flight is at 8AM and will return on Monday morning. Abah wished me good luck in advance. I just hope they will come back on time :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

checkup @38 weeks

Started my annual+maternity leave today till March next year, yeay! Woke up and hubby suggested we go to Low Yatt coz he needs to get something there and since we failed to make it last Friday, so Low Yatt it is. Reached there nearly 11 and while waiting we decided to have brunch at this Nasi Ayam shop..okay lar..sedap!

otw to Low Yatt 
 saya makan steamed chicken fav

I cannot walk that far as it makes me feel very the uncomfortable and after spending another half an hour there (and also after buying Big Apple Chocoreo & Christmas special berries donut) we went home. Not long after that, we had to go to the hospital for my 38th week check up.

The checkup..hmhmhm..I've put on 2 more kilos and as I was about to go to the waiting area, I saw Azza and her cute lil baby. I was supposed to pay her a visit over the weekend and was happy to be able to meet her at last. Her baby, Haziq is so adorable and just turned 3 months. Azza is the one who recommended me to go to CA and meet Dr Raja. Infact her wedding date was just a day after mine and we even went to Bali for our honeymoon about the same time. Me so happy to meet her!

 with Azza & baby Haziq yang sangat comel & chubby

Owh regarding the check up..guess what? Dr Raja said that I'm 2cm dilated already and the labour could happen anytime from now. But she asked me to go back home, prepare and eat whatever I feel like eating tonight coz chances of me giving birth early is quite high. Aaaaaaa..are you for real?? Saya sangat takut! No wonder I feel so uncomfortable..she said wait for the sign and if I'm in pain, do come over to the hospital. My dad & sis will be flying to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning and I just wish the baby could wait till Monday at least so that they are here to share the moment with. My dad's clerk ni pon..tanya lar dulu before fixing the dates..*sigh* Well, guess we just wait and see and pray everything is gonna be alright..InsyaAllah. wish me luck ya?

After check up, hubby asked me if I feel like eating anything. I was still in shock and suddenly felt so full after hearing the news..sangat takde mood nak makan. we went to Wendy's again anyways..hubby's case was different..he was panic + nervous that he could eat the 2 fried chickens he ordered together with the fries okay..huhuhuh..will keep you updated.

Ayam goreng not mine..hubby punya 
terkejut..dunno what to Eeja..

Monday, December 15, 2008

makan activities during the long weekend

I had a very long weekend and enjoyed every moment of it.


Public holiday for Selangor last Thursday and went out for dinner to celebrate Umi’s birthday. Her birthday actually falls on Friday but we decided to have the dinner earlier coz they have to attend my cousin’s solemnization ceremony that Friday. Hubby could not join us for dinner as he was on the PM shift and I spent the night at Subang sleeping on my sis’s bed while Curly curled up comfortably on the mattress below. She did not really care about her sleeping place as long as she’s in the room with us

 Abah & Umi
 Chubby me..huhuh
Curly curling up comfortably under the comforter


Woke up at 7AM and it was raining heavily. Hubby picked me up from Subang and we went to tahpau breakfast at my favourite Nasi Lemak stall at SS 15. Then we returned to Shah Alam and had our breakfast. Around 10AM, joined hubby for a nap but I only managed to close my eyes for few minutes and decided to surf and did something else. Checked out the online baby store and we planned to buy the baby cot which was actually a present from Umi & Abah. Thank you guys, appreciate it very much. Muah!

Then around 3PM, hubby decided to check out something at Low Yatt and was so disappointed with the traffic. It was so bad that we had to make a U-turn and forget about our mission. We went straight to the baby store in Jln Kuchai Lama and bought the cot. It was a good buy as it comes in package and the price is cheaper compared to other places.

We dropped the baby cot at Subang and since my cousins, aunts and uncle were around, my sister had this brilliant idea to surprise Umi with a birthday cake. After Maghrib, we sang Happy Birthday and asked Umi to cut the cake. It was nice to have all my relatives around and we totally enjoyed being around each other :)

Then went back to Shah Alam and my brother dropped by 15 mins later for PS3 session with hubby and went out for supper around 11PM

Surprise! with my sister & cousins
(pic a bit blur, thnks to hubby :p)


what did I do..hmmm..oh man, I totally forgot! Owh okay, we went to Section 14, PJ hoping to find a parking spot to go to the Digital Mall but mission failed. It was so crowded there hence we decided to tahpau Nasi Ayam Ipoh at the Section 14 market. I even asked hubby to tahpau for me some goreng pisang and a Slurpee but was quite frustrated as the machine in 7-11 was out of order. What is 7-11 without Slurpee?? Grrr..grr..Hubby suggested we go to Subang to get one but it was so out of the way plus I was hungry already. We watched Eagle Eye while having our lunch.

Then for dinner, we went to Uptown as I felt like eating the “Sotong goreng” and “Lala Sweet & Sour”. That might be the last time I’m having it before I deliver. I even tahpau some satay coz I saw this group of people having it and thought it must be delicious..not quite though :P


went out to Summit. Hubby needs to get something there and had McD for brunch. Had Prosperity burger again although we just had it Friday before. Went to Umi’s place and Umi was busy cleaning up my brother’s room for me to use it later and hubby and bro assembled the cot. I even got the chance to eat Umi’s “Ikan Masak Kicap” and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough! Then my sister bought some goreng pisang for tea and again, makan time. I love to eat! *yumm yumm yumm*

It was raining in the evening and when we returned to Shah Alam, it was already 5PM.

Hubby & my bro assembling the baby cot

That basically how my weekend goes. Full of eating activity huh? Nvm, I will soon be on confinement and cannot eat all these for 44 days! So now, enjoy lar :P

Friday, December 12, 2008

happy birthday to my mommy dearest!

This wish for you Mother
is straight from the heart.
With more special meaning
than words can impart...
May your day hold pleasures
that your fondest of...
And remember each day
you're thought of with Love.

HaPpY B|rThDaY to my mommy you so much!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

checkup @36 weeks

Hello..sorry for the delay in updating the checkup entry. Overall checkup was okay. Baby is doing fine and in position for labour (no wonder I always want to go to the loo) Mommy is not gaining that much of weight and the doc says it’s fine at this stage as I have gained a lot for the past 8 mths. Hubby said “Tak cukup lagi ke?” least I’m still lighter than u okay :P The nurse even attached the admission letter to my red card should I be admitted before my next checkup (next checkup is on the 17th) Lets just hope everything is sailing smooth ya?

Umi told me to wash all the baby clothes I bought cause u’s skin is sensitive and it’s best to have everything new washed first before use. So I washed all the clothes with NappiKleen except for the towel, napkin, handkerchief, mittens and boots (2nd round). My colleague gave me 2 pieces of “kain bedung” for the baby (thanks Ros!) and I asked Umi to get some from Bahau (thanks Umi!)

Last weekend was a bit boring as hubby had to work and was on PM shift..and my family balik kampung for it was just me alone with my Diner Dash & Parking Dash games..owh I did went out with my sis last Saturday for last minute shopping and managed to get almost everything in the checklist for the hospital bag. Please Eeja, no more delaying. Get the bag ready ASAP!!

2 of my friends which their EDD are about the same as mine (maybe a week earlier) had given birth to baby girls last week. They were like 2 weeks early and ironically were admitted to the same hospital! Congratulations! Okay..i’m now officially scared..aiyaiyaiyaiyai..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha! Can u believe it I had McD Big Breakfast and not any of the traditional food till 5 in the evening?

  1. hubby worked on PM shift on Sunday and only came home at 8 AM
  2. we planned to celebrate it here as I am not fit to travel for long distance journey
  3. I’m too lazy to cook? (this by right should be the 1st reason :p)
  4. hubby needs his sleep and only woke up at 1 PM
  5. all my family members balik kampung
It was raining the whole day and we left for Bkt Mahkota around 4.45PM. Mummy served us nasi tomato, lemang, ketupat, rendang but I still miss my mom’s kuah kacang & rendang. My cousin and sister called in the morning telling me they have already pack some food for sweeettt! We did dropped by @Subang to pass the nasi tomato given by Mummy but did not get the chance to meet my family as they were caught up in this massive traffic jam and only reached around 9.30PM and also to check on the cats. As I fumbled in my purse for the keys, I somehow knew the cats were waiting behind the door probably wondering who was making such noise as the windows were all shut for them to go out or even to have a peek and I was right. Both Fluffy & Curly were there and meow-ing once the door was open. It was getting late and so I told Umi that we will return for dinner tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kenduri & family gathering over the weekend

I wanted to update this yesterday but was too caught up with work hence totally forgot about it. Actually not much work for me lar since it’s December already and I’m going off for my maternity leave soon. Just helped around and pretended to be busy :p

Last Saturday followed hubby to send my car for service then headed down to my favourite salon to get a new haircut. I’m so over with my long hair and decided to cut it short, well just an inch below the shoulder and I feel ‘lighter’. Obviously the lighter feeling is just for the hair and not for my physical appearance :p Since the salon is in 15, Subang, hubby was so willing to accompany me and while I got my hair done, he met up with his friends at his favourite hang out place. Then dropped by at Umi’s place for lunch/tea and my grandma, aunty and uncle were already there for the ‘kenduri’ on Sunday. After that we went to Giant for a quick shopping of the items we left out and went back home. We watched this movie called “The Promotion” and stuffed ourselves with McD. Then watched football for a while and by 10, I was already in my lala land :p woke me up not hubby (he said he did not want to wake me up as I need to rest more but baby dah move banyak kali asking his mommy to wake up and so I have to get up and helped myself with cream crackers & milk (bangun terus makan okay) while hubby did his road work). I don’t really need an alarm clock now, baby will automatically wakes me up around 6.45AM. Err, thank you baby? Heheh..

Then we got ready for breakfast and fetched Kak Isma (part time maid) and drove off to Putra Heights. Sampai² Kak Isma terus bersihkan rumah, mop, basuh toilet, lap tingkap and hubby washed the porch and while I arranged the plates, cups and tissues. We left Kak Isma there and went back to Shah Alam, siap² and reached Putra Heights nearly noon. My cousins Tatie and Nana were already there and Kak Isma really did her job well. Rumah sangat bersih, carpet and tikar dah di arrange neatly and we sat there quietly and not to mention hungrily waiting for the guests to arrive. Most of the guests arrived around 12.30 noon and the kenduri started off with bacaan Yaasin followed by doa selamat led by my FIL. After that, they performed Zohor prayer together led by my dad and by 1.30PM, everybody dah helped themselves with food..and talking about food, banyak nyer!! Ada nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging kurma, acar, pulut kuning, sambal ikan bilis, meehoon, nasi lemak pon ada okay tapi that one tak serve pon sebab left over from bfast plus dah banyak atas meja..for desert we have choc cake (courtesy of my grandma on my dad's side), karipap, roti jala, kuih tak tau nama (courtesy of my aunt), egg tart & karipap version bakery (courtesy of my MIL) and this sister of mine nak potong cake sempena her birthday which falls on last yeah, another cake ;)

We even tahpau for the guests sebab if not, membazir. By 3pm, most of the guests dah balik and so Kak Isma bersihkan rumah again with sweeping and mopping and she was really fast and efficient! We left Putra Heights nearly 4pm and were satisfied with the condition of the house. Sangat bersih. It was nice to see most of the family members and a great family gathering indeed. Some of them even came all the way from Muar and Negeri Sembilan to attend the small kenduri. Thanks for coming everyone and thank you for helping out Umi, Abah, bro, sis, aunts, uncles, grandmas, PIL, SIL, BIL and cousins! Really appreciate your presences.

I hope to have another so called house warming session after I deliver nanti. So my dear friends, I tak lupa you all lar, in case you guys are wondering :p

Got another check up today and will keep you guys updated..stay tuned for the next entry! Have a great day kayz :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy 19th birthday to my dearest sis!

When you were little I’d watch you play You’d smile at me In your own cute way My heart would fill With my love for you Without you I’d wonder What would I do And as you grew up I watched you with pride Happy was I With you at my side To me a blessing You will always be So much I love you I hope this you see

HaPpY b|rThDaY to my one & only sis. love you so much!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It’s Wednesday and I’m not comfortable with my outfit today. It’s loose and big. It makes me looks bigger than I already have and I wish I could change to something else. I know that preggers should wear loose clothes..yes, but not this loose! Hormone, hormone, was raining last night and I woke up 3 times to go to the loo and there was this one time when I felt something on my face and guess what? It was the d**n roach!(at least that’s what I think it was) Not the big but the small one and I think I accidentally smacked it..eeewwwww!!! Did not have the heart to wake up hubby as I know he was far away in lala land. So it was just me, the freaking dirty 'roach' and the loo..(apekah yang diramblekan ini??)

Monday, November 24, 2008

weekend updates

I don’t feel like blogging but somehow I need to release the tension that is building up and bout to explode anytime. So I’ll blog la kejap. What did I do last weekend..hmhm..

Had breakfast at Umi’s place and was supposed to meet the electrician @Putra Heights at 11am. Dragged my sis to accompany me and we waited for an hour but there was no sign of the electrician coming, call pon tak angkat so we decided to check out this cupcake shop nearby as sis wanted to order a cake for her upcoming birthday. Cake birthday nak order sendiri okay, siap nak design cantik² lagi :P she plans to have a cake-cutting ceremony during the kenduri doa selamat which will be held at my new house this Sunday (small kenduri jer, house warming later kayz). After browsing through the catalog, we found out that the prices quoted are a bit too much and mind you, the prices quoted are basic price belum campur add on. So tak jadi order but we helped ourselves with Vanilla Butter Cream cupcake for me and Choc Chip Butter Cream cupcake & Iced Choc for sis. Cupcakes okay la, sedap gaks atau mungkin kah kerana kami sudah lapar? Hmhmh..then balik rumah and let hubby settle it later. Plus memang patut pon he deals with the electrician himself. I wouldn’t have a clue of what to ask for pon nanti.

After lunch, Umi asked me whether I want to accompany her to Giant and I agreed as she wanted to buy some stuffs for the kenduri. Being UMI, she always put 100% in whatever she does. She was the one who called the caterer and ordered the food, invited the guests and she was the one who prepares almost everything. And being ME, kinda lazy to think bout this and that, I just ikut jer and help out skit² to whatever is necessary. Sangat berterima kasih kepada Umi. Love you!

Then as we were about to leave, it was raining heavily and to kill the time, we had our makan² petang at the foodcourt and managed to leave after waiting for almost an hour. After Asar, around 5 I think, Umi and I decided to send some of the things we bought to Putra Heights. Before that, Umi suggested we check out the stove at this electrical shop at USJ. She suggested to get the stove with electric oven (ala, yg oldskool tuh) but the design a bit modern lar. With Umi around, she managed to persuade the salesman to give us best price and then suddenly she said.. “Fridge nak tak?” aaaa..saya mana ada duit nak beli one shot :p then she said, “Nvm, you can use my money first..” so kira loan lar.. :p hubby agak terkejut sebab memula nak beli stove jer then suddenly ade fridge stove and fridge settle! Thanks again Umi :)

My bro & sis came by to my apartment around 3pm to help me transfer some of the stuffs to Putra Heights. They were very helpful and sangat rajin minus that one confusion between the guard and my bro. Thanks Duts, sayang kamu semua. Then waited for Umi and Abah to return from wedding cum visit to hubby's parents house in Bkt Mahkota as the items we bought yesterday were supposed to be delivered around 4pm. Went to Putra Heights again and Abah helped out by buying the gas to test the new stove. So I officially have a dapur now and there is no excuse not to cook. Ada oven sekali okay, so have to make use of it :p We lepak² there for an hour plus then headed back home.

Get ready for dinner to celebrate my sis’s birthday (her birthday falls on the 27th and on weekdays hence we decided to celebrate it earlier). Asked hubby to meet us there after work. Owh yeah, hubby kerja last weekend. Sometimes it’s good when he works during weekend cause I got to spend more time with my family and balik rumah lama².

Friday, November 21, 2008

checkup @34 weeks

I’m now in my 35 weeks and I feel bloated, heavy and HUGE! I’ve put on like 13 kgs and yet the doctor said it was okay??! Are you for real? The nurse even smiled when she weighed me that she said “Eh dah naik 2 kg from last visit”..Normal kah ini? The check up went well and Alhamdulillah, good feedbacks received from the Doc. She said to be prepared on the 38 weeks as labour could happen at anytime starting from the 38 weeks. 38 weeks is like 3 weeks away! OMG..takut nyeeee. If baby to come out that time, Abah and sis will not be around as they will be in Chiang Mai for Abah’s office trip. Let’s hope everything goes well okay?
I so wanna have a new hairdo and miss wearing my old clothes and shoes which are now kept safely in the boxes @Putra Heights. Hopefully I can get back to my old size after the delivery, InsyaAllah.
Owh, after the check up, I bought some goreng pisang, keropok leko & kacang kuda (I called it kacang kuda..not sure of the real name though) and since we were in Puchong, I asked hubby to tahpau for me (and himself too) Nasi Lemak Queenz. I used to eat this when I stayed in Puchong last time. Tak serik² btol weight dah naik. takpe takpe..eating for two and also if I don’t eat, nanti teringat² laks..(sedapkan hati sendiri)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

an afternoon delight

it was friday and we went to somewhere nice for lunch (unfortunately that somewhere nice is just in Cyber) and to kill the time..Wana said, "Hey, why don't we take some photos?" Ros & Me were like.."Ooookkayyy!" i thought of trying this newfound scrapblog site. enjoy!

isn't this cat adorable?? sangat geram okay!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

checkup @32 weeks

2 posts in 2 days? I must be very² free. Actually ader la kerja but as always, buat slow² coz it’s not urgent pon. I’m way ahead of the deadline and so, slow down sikit (clear cepat² pon macam ada orang nak appreciate). I had vegetarian meal jer for lunch tapi still sleepy and so to cure it, blog la kot

Went for my checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are doing fine. I have few things to clarify and the doc was helpful enough by answering my never-ending queries and doubts, even for things that I have already know the answer but saja nak tanya lagi :P Doc kan sounds convincing. Doc says baby will gain approximately 200gm weight per week and I have 7 more weeks to go till my EDD InsyaAllah. For now baby is in the right size & weight. Tried to take a 3-D image but he’s quite shy lar..always cover his face with his this time around, we still cannot get a 3-D image of him. Baby ni nak surprise kan me n hubby kot. Hubby said, “No need lar..tgk masa keluar nanti” The checkup was done in 15mins time and no hassle at all. Sampai² nurse dah tunggu, then prepare the necessary and I did not have to wait for my turn pon. My name was displayed on the LCD screen together with the doc’s name and me being a bit jakun snap la a photo of it (will upload it later) So far, I’m quite satisfied with the service. The bill was quite reasonable too, not much difference than the previous clinic that I used to go. I asked the doc why baby hiccups but she said that the exact cause was unknown. Baby’s hiccups may be helping to strengthen the diaphragm muscle in order to help the baby breathe both in the womb and once they are born. That’s what the expert said. I noticed the hiccups happen like for 2-3 mins, 2-3 times a day. Boleh tak I cakap kat doc baby tak cukup air ke? Heheh..she just laughed. Baby kan mmg duduk dlm air, so mestilah cukup!

After the checkup we made a quick stop at the lighting store and added 4 more lights. As it was still early, hubby suggested we go to Pyramid. Had an early dinner there and jalan² sampai my kaki sakit..kan swollen..huhuh..sakit dan lenguh². Sambil jalan, sambil makan donut RM0.80 sebab teringin sangat nak makan donut yg ade sugar kat atas tuh. I sempat jer grab 2 more maternity pants and so happy sebab muat *grin* Last time I try, tak muat sebab the elastic band sangat loose for my tummy but now tidak lagi. It fits perfectly! Selesa tau pakai maternity pants ni LOL. My pants yg lain² memang dah tak muat dah so I can keep them away nicely in the moving box until it’s time I can wear them again, wish me luck! Btw, do forgive me for babbling ntah pape coz I’m so sleepy at the moment and sangat bosan. So I simply type..that’s why agak ntah pape :P Hubby was supposed to meet a friend @Parade at 8PM but his friend was stuck in traffic jam @KL, so he sent me home first. Balik rumah, mandi, then watched TV japs, then sambil tunggu hubby balik sambil main game yang sangat addictive, susah nak stop. Then at 10, watched CSI for half n hour sebab dah ngantuk..hubby lagi la..start jer terus tido okay..heheh..pukul 3.30AM tersedar sbb hubby bangun tgk bola then macam lapar..but was too sleepy to bangun and makan..sambung tido sampai la alarm kejut @6.50AM. okay dah banyak sangat tulis ntah pape ni..i’m heading to no where. Later people! *muah*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

nothing much

Hubby sent me to work this morning and reached the office @7.30AM. I have to leave early today as I’m going for my 2nd check up @CA this evening. Not much to do at the office except for offering help here and there. Just cleared 2 products last Friday and Monday and another one is still stuck with SE. The clock is only showing 10:21AM and I’m already sleepy. Even surfing & blogs hoping did not help that much *sigh*

This weekend will be another busy weekend. Umi wants to let go some of her stuffs to my house and I, of course, accept them willingly. Who doesn’t want freebies rite? Furthermore, hubby and I need to use the money for something else and so whatever furniture is welcome for now. Plus they are still in good condition, so why waste the money on something that you can get them for free? *beam*

After the checkup, we might make a quick stop at the lighting shop store to add few more lights. We totally forgot about the stairs, store and gate light. Will update more soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

a very well spent weekend

My weekend started early on Friday, earlier than usual lar :P Left the office at 4pm and we decided to check out this baby warehouse sale in Puchong. Managed to reach there at 5pm and it was okay, not many people. We planned to get a stroller and an infant carrier or better still a travel system where it has this 3 in 1 function (stroller, carrier & car seat). When we saw the displayed items, hubby was not too convinced with the quality and actually I was not either. We thought of checking other places and off we go to Jln Kuchai Lama. There’s this online shop that sells baby items and there are few types of strollers that are in our list and we thought of seeing the real thing first before coming up with any decision. Managed to get there at 6pm and thank God the traffic was not that bad as the shop closes at 7pm. The one that I like was not on display (out of stock) and it is a travel system. Again, we thought, nvm we’ll check out the strollers at other shops. Avent BPump was on sale and it comes with a bag & 4 bottles and hubby bought that instantly as he said it was a very good buy plus I received good reviews from my friends on that brand & a recommendation to get that one. Hubby sent me home before he left again for futsal around 8PM. Was too tired and went to bed early but somehow woke up around midnight when I realised the house was empty plus I was hungry. He said his futsal finishes at 11pm but it was half past midnight and still he was not around. Called him and he was on his way back. Ate some biscuits with eyes half shut then back to sleep..hehehe..

Woke up and get ready to go to Putra Heights. Today is “basuh rumah” day. We reached there around 8.30AM, bfast and hubby started to “samak” the house first while waiting for Abah, Umi, Ajoi, Zira & Kak Isma (she works for Umi & me once in a while) to arrive. I helped to clean up a bit while waiting for them to arrive. They reached at 10AM and Kak Isma started right away. The rest helped out too with the washing, mopping, cleaning the window, toilet, stairs, Abah fixed the taps and even helped to wash the porch. Thanks all, love you! I was prohibited from doing anything, so I just sat outside minum air and makan kuih bought by Umi. Owh did I tell you that I have swollen feets? Water retention, so they said :P

By 1PM, we were almost done and Abah, Ajoi & Zira went back first while Umi, hubby and me went for lunch and decided to buy the lights and fans. Kak Isma stayed at home so she could continue with cleaning the house. After lunch, we checked out the lights at this shop and was told by this guy (sort of our neighbour as he is staying one row behind us) that we can get cheaper lights & fans from this one shop @Puchong. So without wasting anymore time, we went straight to the mentioned shop and he was right..there were so many designs to choose from and the prices are way more cheaper. We spent like 2.5 hrs choosing and deciding which lights and fans to buy and were very satisfied and happy with our purchase and the service. The owner even gave us some discount too. we LIKE!

When we reached home, the curtain man was already waiting for us to put up the curtains. I love the curtains and even asked the guy to quote the kitchen windows to fix the blinds. Received good review for the kitchen cabinets from him and he said he could get the same colours as the cabinets for the blinds with discount too. I so love the word DISCOUNT! The lights, fans & blinds will be installed this weekend and we can even start to transfer some excited!

Breakfast @Old Town Kopitiam and headed off to MV to check out this baby store called Mamours. Checked out the QZ stroller and it has this modern design but we are not really interested with it as the push chair does not have flat reclining position for children aged 6mths above to lie down. So we deleted that from our list and made a quick stop @Jusco to buy some things from the checklist. I actually wanted this G design while hubby really adores the M design. Conflict! After MV, we went to SS2 to check this store and they are selling the M stroller for quite a good price but again, I was not that convince with it and went to Planate Enfants, Atria hoping that we could get best price there. The salesgirl demo us the PP Piko P3 and I like this one better than the QZ and of course the price is way more expensive than QZ and no discount, only best price but still..hmhmhm..then off we go to SS21 to check out another store and this time, the salesman was not helpful at all! What kind of salesman brought his children to work and expect us to ask when he’s the one supposed to explain and demo to us. His kids were busy shouting in the background when we hubby and me tawar hati + emo + letih + panas + that’s it. You just lost one potential customer Mr!

Went to Parade to check out the strollers @Mothercare but nothing caught our eyes and after lunch, we found this shop and the saleslady demo us the Z stroller. Okay, this one macam cantik and affordable. It’s like the M stroller but cheaper and berat sikit jer and function just like the M stroller and both of us like it. Tapi to make sure we don’t regret later, we thought of holding to it first and made one last stop @Summit. We saw the same stroller with 5% discount..suddenly hubby said.. “Think first la..don’t make hasty decision” I ended up buying few more items from the checklist and next stop was home sweet home.

Choosing a stroller is not an easy job u know! There are lots of things to be considered and the most important thing is..what’s best for the child so he can sits/sleeps comfortably inside there. We made some survey checking out the reviews on net, forums, YouTube and managed to narrow down our list to 2..but still..TBC..Still got time to decide and there’s one more store for us to check out.

That was how my weekend was well spent and although tiring, I really enjoy it very much because managed to settle some important things and of course with help from my loved ones.

Have a good day people!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

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alternatively, I can be visited @my other blog

Same posts but with different domain :P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a lunch and one happy news

had lunch with Faz & Ereen. Erin & Eisha could not make it and so only 3 of us were there again @Bumbu Bali. We had a great 2.5 hrs lunch and as usual, there were so many things to update..and speaking of update, there’s a new mommy in town! heheheh..congratulations Ereen! I’m so happppyyyyyyy for you! If mine keluar lambat..then our babies will be the same age la kan..seronoknyeeeee!!! Hubby is working today and malam pulak tuh but takpe..i have things to do to occupy the time. before he left for work, we went to Burger King for a takeaway coz i suddenly feel like having the Mushroom Swiss Burger..heheh..yummy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

31 weeks

went for my 1st checkup at the hospital last night..and Alhamdulillah, everything is A-okay. I’m in my 31 weeks now. Baby is doing fine and mommy is in a good health too. Hubby sent and fetched me from work and we decided to have dinner first before the checkup. the nurses were friendly and helpful, the equipments used are way more advance than the clinic i used to go, no hassle and no waiting as it was on appointment basis. The gynae, Dr Raja Juhaidah was friendly enough and she really made me feel at ease. I’ve put on 5 kilos since my last check up and i think it is fine as they said the 3rd trimester is the time when you will gain most weight. So ape lagi..makan lar..the portion tak boleh banyak² coz i tend to have short of breath if makan banyak². The doc advised me to eat banyak kali but in small portion, just like the 1st trimester. Maybe sebab tak banyak ruang for the baby and food kot..then sekarang like cepat jer ngantuk kat office..exactly like 1st trimester..i got leg cramp too especially bila nak tido or when i suddenly stretch masa tido..sakit woooo..if dah duduk/baring lama² sure kena mintak tolong hubby bangunkan sebab susah..hehehe..macam orang tua ;P

asked the doc whether I can hear the baby’s heartbeat coz believe it or not, i never got the chance to hear it before. It sound so real the minute I heard it! Alhamdulillah..I still could not believe that there is a human being inside of me..rasa sgt overwhelming and it is a MIRACLE okay! nways, sian tummy is aint that big for you to move around kan? limited space..even now I could feel his kicks, tossing and turning adjusting himself inside there. Be patient my dear, only 7-9 weeks to go before you can see the real world!

last weekend, hubby and I did some shopping (for the baby). not really knowing what exactly to buy (though we have checklist to refer to, we were still clueless) we ended up buying all kind of stuffs..rompers, short sleeves, long sleeves, mittens, booties, hat, towel, feeding bottles, shampoo, lotion, powder and so much more. All the clothes are so tiny and super duper cuteeee..rasa macam nak beli semua jer..i even shopped online for the rompers..hehehe..we still have quite a few things to get and that includes stroller, infant carrier, bedding, diapers etc. takpe, slowly..then mana la tau ade orang baik hati nak bagi gift ke *hint hint*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

happy birthday to ME!

the team celebrated Sept & Oct babies (2 other team mates & my birthday) @Penang Village, Alamanda. It was very nice of them to get the cake, present, card & bought us lunch. Hubby is working on night shift this whole & next week so he did not get to be there when the clock struck midnight. Well, takpe least i got to meet him on wednesday and we went out for dinner with my family. Thanks for the wishes & thought my dear family & friends. Love you all so much!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

post Raya entry

I know it has been like 2 weeks after Raya but since I’m in the mood of updating, who cares right? Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all my friends who are celebrating. Hope you had a great time and still enjoying your Raya with open houses, visiting relatives and friends (Raya kan sebulan). I have actually uploaded some Raya pics in FS & FB..if sudi, sila lah tengok yer :)

My Raya this year was a bit different from last year’s as we changed our schedules a bit. Though it was tiring to travel here and there but it was great! Here goes..

The last day of Ramadhan:
  • Iftar with hubby at Bumbu Bali, Puchong. Most people already returned to their hometowns or gather at one place with their loved ones but for us, it was a bit different. My mum was at Bahau with my sis & bro, my dad was at Johor and since this Raya hubby’s family celebrated at their new house in Bkt Mahkota, we decided to go there only on the 1st Syawal morning before the prayer. For us, malam Raya was just like any ordinary nights except this night got Takbir (so missing my arwah Tok Bah. Things will be different if he still around). Nevertheless, it was one great night to be able to sleep at your own house, on your own bed, watching TV and lepak² with your hubby peaceful.. ;)
  • I managed to fast 28 days only coz the other 2 tak larat puasa and scared that something bad happen to baby..he was not that active those 2 days and to avoid anything bad from happening, I decided to not to fast (as per the doc advised)
1st Syawal:
  • Woke up around 6AM and made a move to Bkt Mahkota. Managed to reach there before 8AM. Went to the mosque to perform the Solat Aidilfitri with hubby, FIL, SIL & SIL hubby
  • After solat, went to PIL house and makan². All of hubby’s siblings were there and we salam² and asked for forgiveness and took some pics
  • Around 10.45AM, we (PIL, SIL&hubby and hubby & me) made our ways in 2 cars to Muar to visit hubby’s uncles, aunts & relatives
  • Got the chance to meet most of my PIL siblings and it was one great new experience. Took some pics here and managed to go to 4 houses only as nobody was at home for the other 2. By the time we finished, it was nearly 7PM
  • Dropped PIL at their house and headed back to Shah Alam (yeay, tido rumah sendiri lagi..eheheheh)
  • By the time we reached home, it was almost 11 and had to recharge our energy for another trip the next day
2nd Syawal:
  • Breakfast at Subang then Abah asked us to check the fishes and fed them. Everything was okay with the fishes and house and pushed off to Bahau around 11AM
  • Highway was clear but upon reaching Bkt Putus, caught up in traffic jam and instead of 2 hours journey, it became 3 hours and reached Bahau at 2PM
  • As usual, Tok Mak invited her siblings to come on the 2nd raya, sort of open house..makan² and just lepak² with my cousins, aunts and uncles. It was good to be able to meet them and the moment I entered the house, they actually stared at me or to be precise at my tummy..hehehe..yer la, after so long tak jumpa then mula la many months, when are you due, got morning sickness and some even gave tips on what to eat and what not to eat was great to be center of attention once in a while :P
  • Acu & Aunt Normah invited hubby & me to sleep at their house, alaa..tak jauh..Tok Mak’s old house, row depan rumah Tok Mak jer and we agreed sebab last year pon we slept at their house plus it was more comfortable and privacy lah. Even my bro joined but different rooms, of course
  • Before that, jalan² at Bahau and my..agak boring la actually..but duduk rumah pon boring jugak..hehehe
3rd Syawal:
  • Had breakfast cum beraya at Aunt Zie’s house. She served us Nasi Lemak together with cakes & kuih raya
  • After that, my family and hubby made our ways to Johor in 3 separate cars. Umi & abah one car, Zira & Ajoi one car and hubby & me one car..membazir jugak..but what to do..we went back different time masa raya that day
  • Reached Johor around 12noon and makan lagi. This time Tok Mak J cooked her initial Kari Ayam, makan with nasi putih, ikan goreng, lodeh, ketupat..simple and yet delicious
  • The guys went to the mosque for Friday prayer and around 3PM, we went to Muar. Initial plan was to eat Mee Bandung at this famous restaurant but it was full! Then we just ate at another not-so-famous restaurant and hubby tahpau Murtabak Singapore for his family
  • Next stop was my Tok Andak’s house and last house was Pak Tam’s house. Mak Tam served us Meehoon Goreng and Roti Jala and my..sangat kenyang okay! Makan non stop from morning. Baby pon kenyang makan macam²..well..thats what they called Raya Sakan.. :P
  • After Maghrib, hubby and me balik Shah Alam while the rest went back to Tok Mak J’s house and spent the night there. We decided to singgah at his parents and sisters house to give them the Murtabak and only managed to reach home around 11PM but it was we still have a good weekend to rest :)
That basically how my Raya goes..Got the chance to meet my and his relatives and although it was tiring to sit in the car for hours, but I enjoyed the trips very much and insyaAllah next year, there will be one additional person tagging along and I bet it will be one new experience and perhaps more tiring? Only 1 sad thing happened..the fishes died! Abah has like 6-7 Koi fishes and they were quite big..and all died except for 1 “ikan bandaraya”. There was a failure with the power supply and the pump was not working..kesian the fishes..better luck next time ya?

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!

Monday, October 13, 2008

antenatal class

Hubby and I went to Antenatal Class which was held at Columbia Asia, Puchong last Sunday. Had to be there before 8.30AM for registration and since it was still early when we reached there, decided to go for breakfast first. It worth to wake up early and had the chance to enjoy the morning breeze and peacefulness of Sunday morning. Columbia Asia is located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong and I am planning to deliver there as the gynecologist and hospital are highly recommended by my friend who just delivered at that hospital in September. Furthermore, the hospital is equipped with modern facility and it has this cozy environment that makes you feel like you are at home. It is neither big nor small, just nice. The class started at 8.30AM and ended at 2PM. Talks were given on physiology of normal pregnancy, the labor- what every woman should know, video shows on normal birth and c-section, common problems in newborn, epidural anesthesia, video show – epidural, tips to reduce backache during pregnancy, breast-feeding technique, ward tour and was concluded with antenatal exercise. Breakfast and lunch were provided and each couple received a door gift & RM50 voucher to shop at this company which sells baby products. The tips and info are very useful and really help to prepare young parents like us for Labor, Birth and Early Parenthood. Sangat puas hati and love it! I almost cry when they showed the videos of the birth. It is a miracle to see how babies come out from that tiny “place” and I think all the moms-to-be who watched that videos shared the same feeling. It helped the dads-to-be to understand the process of labor and see the actual thing. At least they have ideas on what women will face when the time comes. Hubby even started to treat me differently after the class and now he knows what pregnancy & labor actually mean. I strongly suggest if you have the opportunity to go to the class with your partner, please go. It will be an unforgettable experience for both of you and help yourselves to prepare for the parenthood life.

Owh, HaPpY 18th BiRtHdaY to NaNa-Dut!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iftar with the gurls, 3 guys and a baby

Had a breaking fast session with the gurls, Lan, K and baby Irene yesterday. Initially there were only 8 of us + Irene but Zab made a surprise visit to his dear wifey arriving from Kemaman. He reached there nearly 8 and could only joined us for few minutes. As for my darling hubby, he finished work at 7 and I asked him to iftar with his colleagues @office cause he would not make it on time if he joins. As we were waiting, Faz said “Fiz, Zira laa..” hehehe..yes, my sister was at the same restaurant too with her friend sitting like a table behind us. What a coincidence I’m sure she’ll say we were loud and it’s true. We were like in our own world and could not care less bout other people who were sitting around us. Actually, not that bad lar since no complaint or what so ever..just too excited I guess. I enjoyed meeting the gurls and we had a great catch up session. Even Eisha was around! Played with baby Irene and gosh, she’s so adorable and very well-behaved! There were only few times when she got cranky and when Mama Erin fed her or tuck her in the stroller, she just sat there quietly for a while and in a second, she was ready to play again. So easy to take care of her! Love to pose when she sees the camera and always smile with her big eyes! cute lar you..Aunt Eeja wants to gigit you! Hehehe..

To my dear baby, mommy hopes you would not trouble mommy so much too, yeah? Then Mommy can happily bring you along to meet mommy’s friends and you can be friend with Irene or else, mommy will need to leave you home with Daddy or at Grandma’s house

Btw, HaPpY B|RtHDaY eR|n! *hugs&kisses*

Here are some pics..enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

team building

I remember last time at my previous company we have this area called breakout area and whenever we are free (low item in the queue), our AMO (Assistant Manager of Operation) will ask us to go (usually in a group of 10-15 people) to this area and do a team building session. We would do fun activities such as play cards, truth or dare, poison box, sing out loud or just lazed around chit chatting to fill up the time and it was such an enjoyable moment back then. I realised that I have this strong bond of friendship with my colleagues back then compared to now and we always in a big group creating havoc, gossiping and life back then was so easy and relax. I was 22 that time and still enjoying it when I turned 23…you have nothing to worry about and the office was like a big playground and very college-like; full with young people with fun loving attitude. I feel so lucky to experience this and being a fresh grad that time was just the right place to start my so-called career. I believe that was one of the main reasons why I could stand working on an odd shift (3PM-12 midnight, 4PM – 1AM for daylight saving period) and observed UK public holidays instead of Malaysia’s. If we are working on a public holidays during the festive season, the company will provide us free lunch/dinner to brighten up our days with special dishes for that very occasion (eg ketupat, lemang, sate for Hari Raya) and there were also competitions held for best dressed of the day, best team and we will be rewarded with gifts and performances from our colleagues themselves and even management participated to perform. We once been entertained with lion dance during Chinese New Year and to work on public holidays for us was like going for a big open house with never ending food supply and entertainment. If only I knew how to appreciate those then. Nevertheless I will definitely treasure all the memories I have collected in those 2 wonderful years.

The reason why I mention this is because I’m so free at the moment. Nothing much to do in the office and even when I offer my help to my team mates, they have nothing to give me too. Things are different here when you are free. Team building? What the heck is that what more an approval from your Team Leader to do one? I bet my TL has no idea too what team building really means. The environment here is different with more serious minded people and we sit quietly in our cubicle and do our own things. It’s extremely quiet okay.. In other words, it is very office like except for one or two occasions where we have these activities organised by Fun Inc club (don’t ask me why the name is like that) like quiz, auction or games just to take off our minds from work for few minutes. Other than that, it is work, work, work or pretend to work If we need to talk, we rather do it thru messenger. We even chat with our colleagues who are sitting in front or nearby us. Everybody is doing their own thing. Well it could be good or bad..that depends on the individual and situation. What I know now is, I am dying of this boredom and very much sleepy..the clock is only showing 10:31 AM and I have like 6 hours to go..yikes!

So my dear friends, appreciate every little things that you have alrite? Live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it! ciao..

Friday, September 19, 2008


I don’t know why sometimes I can be extremely fussy and petty not to other people but to my own hubby instead! For example, this morning during sahoor, I woke up and prepared my food (tuna mayo sandwich) then watched helplessly as hubby prepared his. He fried Ayamas chicken and had it with Indomee (kesian kan hubby makan ni jer..huhuhuh) and he even had the courtesy to ask me whether I want it or not..but all I did was shook my head and ate my sandwich without even waiting for him! What make it even worse was, I did not offer my help at all! Teruk kannnn????? Sangat teruk! Could it be the reason because I have to go to work and he does not have to as today is his off day?? It only happened to this morning and not to the other mornings you know..hmhmhmmh

Ish ish ish..memang berkira..then after sahoor, he said nicely he wanted to sleep first cause he stayed up all night and kinda tired and I did not reply..I continued washing the dishes..buat tak tahu jer..hmhmhm..then what made me more mad was he did not switch off the tv & air-cond in the living room, left the lights on..straight away went to sleep and switched on the air-cond and tv in the room pulak! So lagi lar marah kan..sometimes he can be so irresponsible and as usual, I made a big fuss out of this. 5 mins later, I went inside and saw him fast asleep with the tv & air-cond on! *geram geram* tapi I think partly his fault too coz tinggalkan everything like that and I lar yang have to switch off everything..(mungkinkah revenge sbb wife tak layan dia baik²..tapi I know my hubby is not that type..itu adalah saya ) true it’s a responsibility of a WIFE to keep things in order tapi kan..takkan I have to do everything everytime? Penat lar..Argggghh…*sigh* so hubby in case you are reading this..can you pls be more responsible so I don’t have to be angry and make a big fuss about little things anymore? You know me kan.. I’m not that fussy or petty actually and I’m not a fan of mess if you see me marah², not because I simply marah..there must be a valid reason behind it (yer, sometimes mmg saje je marah tak tentu pasal but most of the time..ade la something tak kena tuh)..after writing this, I feel so guilty the right thing to say is..“I’m sorry”. Nanti raya saya mintak maaf face to face yer..hehehe..ciao!

p/s: baby is kicking so hard when i’m writing this. dia pon emo kot like his mummy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

reminiscing those old days

During my pre-U year, I stayed at this place called Unihostel. Although the place was off campus, it was very hostel like and for me, it was way more comfortable. you got to live in a 4 bedrooms house instead of the tiny room on campus. Unihostel was a gated housing area specially for MMU female students complete with security, located about 1km from the university and it had total of around 30 houses with 4 bedrooms which can occupy 7 tenants (1 person will get the single room). Each house was provided with a dining table, telephone (you can call out, but it was a bit expensive than the normal public phone but can certainly receive incoming calls), 2 large cabinets (we used this cabinets to store our food), 1 toilet and 1 shower room. Each room except for the single room was provided with 2 single beds, 2 study desks & 2 cupboards. There was no curfew and so we were free to go in and out whenever we like and the compound was like a big play ground where you can ride bicycle, play badminton and the best part was, everyone like know each other. You are free to go from one house to another as long as you know the people lar and I always go to my neighbour’s house for a sleep over. We seldom lock our gate/main door except for the bedroom’s door and it was so safe back then. Unihostel was also equipped with washing machines which we can use them for free located at tv area/cafĂ© and I remember washing my clothes in the middle of the night/early morning to avoid the crowd and while waiting for it to finish, I watched TV (Astro pon ada okay :p ) it was pure bliss and I totally enjoyed my days there.

What I love the most is my room. I have my own laptop, telephone, internet connection and I brought my radio with me. I found it so cosy and still can remember those long phone conversations in the wee hours (that time mana ada handphone fixed line phone dah cukup menghiburkan), then the dating sessions behind the house (dulu tak couple lagi ngan my hubby tapi baik selalu hang out together..he always buy me McD and passed it to me kat belakang rumah..tak mintak pon okay) then I remember watching movies at my friend’s room and sometimes at the house in front of us, main kejar²..owh how I miss those old days. Freedom and nothing to worry about. There was this one stall which sells Nasi Goreng Ayam yang sangat sedap! *drooling* ishh..bulan puasa nie..then this restaurant called RSU where most of the students hang out here and popular with Nasi Goreng Daging Merah..yumm yumm..mmg this place like very the popular la for us MMU students back then. Then those jalan² session at night, Mahkota Parade and the time when we waited for bus to go back to Subang..that 1 lovely year..mmg sangat best la..i really enjoyed my time there and thank God I found Unihostel the place where I made lots of friends, had a good time goofing around with the girls and those memories shall remain in my heart forever..i miss my pre-U year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the day i knew i was…

Early this year, hubby and I tried to have a 2008 baby and alhamdulillah, after the 3rd was successful *grin*. When the first 2 failed, I was not that depress, just a little bit down but I knew everything happens for a reason. Maybe the timing was not right or could be because I was stress…owh well, “Belum ada rezeki kan..” so we thought okay..nvm..just keep on trying. time was running out and most likely we would not have our 2008 baby..tak sempat ni..hehehe..suddenly..April came..I was supposed to get my P around the 20th but..takde pon..normally my cycle tak pernah lari..usually on time or 1-2 days early, never late..but I stay collected coz ade jer my friends delay 2 weeks and in the end they got their P. so I did not want to put any hope and assumption..buat tak tahu jer..That time, I always emo tak tentu pasal and cepat jer nak marah² and the victim was…hubbyla who else poor hubby..selalu kena I thought..PMS..typical alasan. Then I remember feeling cramp kat pinggang & tummy sangat tak selesa bloated semacam..again I thought..nak P mmg la camtuh kan. I waited for 2 weeks but still nothing..jeng jeng jeng..suspen pon ade tapi acted nonchalantly. my friend persuaded me to buy the DIY Pregnancy Kit..masa nak beli tuh agak malu²..yer la..all this while tak pernah tahu pon about that..and I was searching for it ade la dlm 10 mins dlm Guardian tuh coz tak nak tanya orang..i remember that day was Friday after work..pergi sorang²..then hubby main futsal mlm tuh and I thought to do it while he’s gone but I fell asleep instead and he woke me up when he returned around midnight asking me the result..before hubby left, I dah emo² with him coz the house was in a mess and he did not wash the dishes..kesian hubby..asyik kena marah jer for that few days..sorry yer b..blame it on the hormones..hehehe..Masa nak wat test tuh agak takut coz I don’t know what to expect..panic..sume la ade..siap baca instructions beratus kali takut salah buat..then after 2 mins kot..the result showed clear doube lines. Boleh caya ke benda ni?? masa tuh mmg takde speechless..and not sure to believe it or not..i told hubby and his reaction also lebih kurang mine..he asked.. “So what does this mean? Camner?” I asked him to read the instructions sebab takut I pon salah baca..then he smiled..i pon smile sbb dah dia smile kan takkan nak nangis laks.. both of us were in betul ke ni???? sangat tidak day, we went to the clinic and again the doc confirmed it was positive but we went to the normal clinic la not gynae..he did the same test like I did at home only his kit a bit more advance..and..knowing me..saya sangat inginkan kepastian! tapi at the same time we have told Umi & Mummy, cuma not 100% confident la..hehehe..on Monday decided to go to the gyane and when the doc scanned, I could see this tiny black dot inside my uterus and the doc congratulated us and with that..i know that I am preggers, ahamdulillah. That time I was 5 weeks pregnant dah :)

My 1st trimester was vomitting only nausea, easily tired and sleepy in the evening. I remember feeling so sleepy and tired that I have to jalan² around the office to hilangkan the mengantukness. Then I had this weird metal taste on my tongue and everything I ate felt tasteless. I could not stand the coffee smell and the thought of nasi lemak..urgghh..mmg tak suka..padahal those are my fav food! I’m tired of eating rice at terminal and the only thing I could eat was spaghetti. Pergi mane2 pon cari spaghetti..tapi of coz la..mamak mane hilangkan rasa nausea..i ate Peppermint chewing gum every morning and took orange juice..i think there were only few times I vomit and itu pon sebab perut kosong and i terus makan something heavy like nasi tomato and benda pedas²! Errkkkk…. But headache mmg selalu every week once mesti headache..other than that, I felt fine and managed to perform my daily tasks without any difficulty, alhamdulillah. Thank you God for giving me the strength!

Now I’m in my last month of 2nd trimester and things are going well too. People cannot really tell that I was pregnant during my 4th month and the bump just started to show only in early 5th month. Even that, they say if from behind, I doesn’t look pregnant at all only when I turn, then they can see my tummy..hehehe..I’ve put on several kilos and often gets leg cramp at night that I need to lie down instead of sit when watching tv/reading. Baby started to move/kick during the 18th weeks and sometimes it’s so ticklish that I have to straighten my back and stroke my tummy to ask the baby bertenang..sometimes boleh nampak dia gerak²..eheheh..what a wonderful feeling! This year Ramadhan I might be able to fast 30 days full, thanks to my baby. Today is the 16th day the Muslims are fasting and hope that I have the strength to finish the last 14 days, InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

songs with memories

Have you ever listen to a song that brings back old memories? Well, I’m listening to some at the moment and wow, these songs really influenced my life! One song reminds me during my pre-U year and another song reminds me when I was in Form 4 & Form 5 etc..the best part is, I could still remember what I was doing at that very moment and all the bittersweet memories come flashing back at me, one by one.

I’m just glad that I have been given the opportunity to get to know all sorts of people before I decided to commit myself to “the one” and each of them has different ways, styles, moods, preferences. There are things that are just too painful to be remembered but I believe everything happens for a reason. I thank all of you for making me be a better person, wise, more confident in making decisions & actions and careful enough not to repeat the same mistake in the next relationships before I devoted myself to “the one”. Those good things that are worth to be remembered, I just keep them safe & sound as its good to know that I was once cared & appreciated although the relationships failed to survive. Like they said.. “Takde jodoh..nak wat canne kan?” and NO..I never regret. In fact I’m happy enough to experience all these as you only live once, right?

Each song is unique and has its own memories and I don’t think I could erase them permanently from my mind. What I can do is to move on and get it over with, which I already did. Let it be just memories and chapters of my life. Do cherish your loved ones ya..have a nice day! Owh, i love you sayang!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Abah’s birthday-cum-“buka puasa” at Subang and it was a nice get together session as my cousins and uncle were also there to join us. In the morning, my siblings and I together with hubby decided to look for Abah’s present and we decided to get him a Plasma LCD tv. Umi is the main contributor and the rest top up, how much..that depends after the tv hunting session, I stayed back to help Umi prepare the dishes while hubby went home with my bro. I was craving for “tauhu sumbat” and told Umi that I would be gladly to prepare that while she prepared “kari daging”, “ikan tenggiri masak lemak” and vegetable soup. The dishes were simple but so sedap! Makan ramai² memang sedap pon. Hehehe..For desert, Ellie brought Big Apple donuts & curry puffs, we had “kuih bakar”, pudding, banana and not to forget the birthday cake! Yummylicious..I don’t take chocolate but from the look of it I know that the cake is delicious. Around 8 when Abah went for terawih, the tv was delivered & installed and it was sort of a surprise for him when he returned from terawih. The other reason why they (Umi & siblings) decided to get him a tv is, the old one is not functioning well anymore and so you can say it’s for their own purpose was raining the whole day and I was glad to be able to spend the day with my loved ones. On the way home, we stopped by @Burger King to to tahpau for sahur and later at night thought of watching movie at home but sangat la 11, I was already in my lala land

Today is Ellie’s birthday. Happy birthday to my dear cousin! Bila nak kahwin ni? Have a great day everyone!

Friday, September 5, 2008

happy birthday to the coolest Dad ever!

HaPpY b|rThDaY aBaH!

you are one wonderful dad and love you so much! thank you for your help with the car, house and everything! i never gonna survive if it is not because of you. love you so much!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Independence Day & Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends and happy 51st birthday Malaysia! Didn’t do anything on Merdeka eve as I was already asleep around 11..alone! hubby had to work and he was on the night shift last weekend. I only went to Putra Heights accompanied by my brother as the delivery man wanted to deliver the kitchen cabinet. It was raining heavily when we reached there. My mom was not around during the weekend and so did my sister. Umi went back to see Tok Mak and Zira went for her class camping. It was a very dull Saturday *sigh*

On Sunday, had lunch with Faz & Ereen @Bumbu Bali. That was their first time there and they really enjoyed the food. Eisha was supposed to join us but she could not make it. Eisha, next time awak better make it tau! After lunch, they wanted to see my house and we paid a quick visit to PH as I have to be back before hubby leaves for work. Was so happy to meet them and managed to update ourselves with latest info and endless gossips of this & that! I was thinking of going back to Subang and sahur there but texted Ereen instead asking her if she wants to go out for dinner. Ereen’s hubby has to work too and he’s at offshore and she really understands the feeling not to have hubby around. In her case, she only sees her hubby like 3 weeks once and I really respect how she prefers to live on her own rather than with her family who is just in Subang. We tahpau something for sahur and we made a pretty good company ourselves

1st day of puasa was okay for me. I had rice, oatmeal, milk and plenty of water for sahur to keep me going for the day. It was not that bad because it was public holiday so I can just sit back and relax. Went to Bazaar Ramadhan, Shah Alam and my, there were so many people shoulder to shoulder and not a mere chance to go near the stalls! Most of the food sold out already. We went there quite late also around 6 because of the earlier heavy down pour. Break fast at Umi’s and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough for my tummy Only that I pity hubby as he does not fancy “rendang” that much and that was the main dish. Next time I will inform Umi to cook something you like okay?

2nd day puasa was work day, aint that bad also. I left the office at 3.45pm and picked up hubby to go to Bazaar Ramadhan. This time we were early, still not many people when we reached there. But on the negative side, you feel like buying this and that and everything look simply delicious! We managed to refrain ourselves from getting carried away and after checking all the stalls at the 3 long rows, we decided that enough is enough!

For today & tomorrow, I am going back to Subang to break fast and also will be spending the nights there as hubby is working on Wednesday & Thursday night. He will have his day shift back next week and hopefully things will be better

Just a quick update, baby started to move already. Actually I started to feel it in my 18th weeks gestation and I thought I was feeling hungry/tummy upset or something. It feels like butterfly/bubbles/gas. Words cannot express how happy I am to feel the baby moves and can actually feel the baby moves when I put my hand on the tummy. Such a lovely feeling! Hubby felt the same way too when he felt the baby moved though he was expressionless but I could tell he was excited as he keeps asking if the baby is moving or not and wants to feel it again. So happy to be able to share the feeling with him and it is a miracle to know that there is a human being inside of me! I notice that the baby is very active in the evening around 5pm – 8pm and sometimes early morning around 5am. If I lie down on my side or just sit quietly reading or watching tv, I can easily feel it. Alhamdulillah, hope everything goes well. Do pray for me and my baby health :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

last weekend’s update

I’m now in my 22 weeks, 18 weeks to go, InsyaAllah. see how fast time pass us by. Last weekend hubby had to work and I thought my weekend is going to be dull and boring already but Alhamdulillah, I managed to keep myself busy. Thanks to my family ;)

On Friday, around 7pm, hubby’s car broke down right after the Cyberjaya’s tol. Not really broke downla, still can drive but the temperature kept going up and it almost reaches HIGH. He managed to drive till home and me being a dear loving wife, wanted to accompany him that I drove myself back to Cyber and followed him from behind, just to make sure that if he is going to be stranded, he will not be alone. The next day he borrowed my car to work and Abah dropped by to check his car. Abah volunteered to drive the car to Uncle Kenny’s workshop somewhere in D’sara and he asked me to drive his car back to Subang as I’m going there anyway and also because I forgot how to drive a manual car :P

Uncle Kenny is Abah’s friend and we always consult him if we need to get our cars fix/service. His price is quite reasonable and we do trust him with our cars. The reason why I mentioned his workshop is in D’sara is because, Abah thought he could make it by taking the highway thru Glenmarie but the temperature kept going up and Abah said it was too dangerous to drive and parked in front of DRB-Hicom in Glenmarie. That time I reached Subang already and asked Zira to accompany me to pick Abah up. Why didn’t I follow Abah from behind? Well, good question. When Abah came to my house that morning, he drove his new car and I was like..OMG..don’t tell me I have to drive this car back. The car has all these weird digital buttons even to change the gear you need to press the correct button so that it is able to go from P to D or R and if you press the wrong one, it will not take you there and you will end up struggling so hard to change the gear and no matter how hard you try, it wont go as you press the wrong one. It was so confusing as the car is a bit modern from the previous beemers he had. Had to learn all that in less than 5 mins and I even forgot to ask Abah how to adjust the seat! To adjust the seat, you also need to know which button to press also and when you press a button, you either press it to the right or to the left..depends on which position you want your seat to be. Conclusion, you need to master all the buttons before you start driving and there was no time for that. So there I was, driving the car without adjusting the seat and didn’t lean back at all cause if I did, I will not be able to reach the pedals & see the rear view mirror or even in front! All I could think at the moment was to get the car back to Subang safely and I took the easiest route which is the highway, only 5 mins drive while Abah took the Glenmarie road. That was why I did not follow Abah from behind. Was so relieved to be able to get the car home and Umi was amazed to see how her daughter could drive such a big car without adjusting the seat..hehehe..well, if you ask me to do reverse or side parking..I will definitely fail, no doubt at all. Btw, the car’s plate no is not being registered as our usual family plate number as Abah got it from the waiting list (ppl ordered the car but did not collect it, still zero mileage) and he cannot even choose the color. It is cheaper compared to if you order a brand new one. But the color & the cream-colored leather seat are nice..they blend very well. love it! So Abah got the car already, its time to change the gate and equip the house with better security system, okay? We certainly do not want the same thing to happen again.

Then Umi, Zira and me went to Pyramid to do some shopping. We were there for few hours but in that few hours I managed to get myself some clothes for my new wardrobe (it is impossible to wear XS or S now unless the cutting is really loose or the size S of the maternity wear). In the evening, went to Tesco because Umi wants to do some grocery shopping. They were supposed to drop me at my house but Abah said hubby’s car is ready, Uncle Kenny will deliver it in the evening. So I followed them back to Subang and waited for hubby to return from office which was around 7. Checked his car, everything was okay and we headed back home. Thanks Abah for taking care of the car and for your time! He had golf meeting after Zohor and he still managed to take care of the car.

On Sunday, again we went out and this time to Shah Alam where Umi needs to collect her curtain. I even managed to buy ready made curtains for all the rooms except for the master bedroom. Got them at a very good price and quality material too. I only returned home after tea, tahpau some lauk for dinner and that was it. A lovely weekend indeed!

Btw, congratulations to my dear bro. He had his convocation on 08/08/08. I was unable to attend as it was on working day plus Umi said she’s afraid I cannot stand the crowd, weather and they had to park the cars quite far from the hall.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


my TL is not around for this whole week till next tuesday and guess who’s in charge?heheh..not much to do in the office as i have 2 products which are still in review state and one book to finalised. team and i planning to go for birthday lunch this afternoon to celebrate 2 of our team members birthday.

last weekend, went for a “cukur jambul kenduri” at my grand aunt house. luckily i have this one baju kurung that i can still fit as for the rest..could not even zip it up and had to use safety pin instead..ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai. altered the hook also didnt work…huhuhuh…there goes the moment where i could easily fit into old baju kurung, as old as 4 yrs! now the new ones also cannot fit *sigh in relief* why relief? cause i think its normal for preggers :P my aunt who is umi’s cousin just had her 3rd daughter and she did the “cukur jambul” for all her 3 princesses. the 3rd one is just 5 mths old and she’s so lovely, chubby and well behaved! not cranky at all except for this one time when she was hungry..she could just dozed off easily on ellie’s lap..gosh, i want a baby just like that. tak banyak hal pon..hehehe..poor ellie have to pangku her that she gave up after few minutes and put the baby back in the room ..the baby is heavy, alrite! my hands went numb just after carrying her for 5 minutes..berat! tapi sangat comel..*geram* tak percaya? see the pic below to believe it..heheh..we left the place at 4pm and back to subang.

after Asar, decided to check the grill @putra heights. well the man did quite an impressive job, perfect! i even asked the curtain man to come and take the measurement for all the windows. my sliding doors curtain i tailor-made from this one shop @putra heights and thinking of putting wooden blinds and curtain for the rooms and living hall upstairs with cheaper material la, have to see the budget first. then we had our early dinner at this restaurant called “Warung Mak Jah”. the food was delicious & nice presentation too. the deco and environment pon okay for family, friends, was actually a girls only outing. hubby had his own agenda that evening (jamming with his friends). returned to shah alam around 9pm. our plan was to watch this movie called Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds aka Scarlett Johansson fiance but 15 mins after the show, i was already in my lala land. huhuhu..hubby watched the movie alone..*tired*

nothing much happen on sunday, just lazying around the house and had a very late lunch @Nasi Kandar Pelita. i told hubby i wanted to try nasi kandar line clear and wouldnt mind to have nasi kandar shariff too..but..aarghh..penang is so far away! if tak dapat, i think nasi kandar kayu at ss2 also can la..hehehehe..yummylicious!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hello hello hello..yes, its been a while. so many things have happened since the last time I blog. It’s not that I do not want to blog but everytime I draft an entry, I only do it halfway, save it and totally forgot about it.

Where should I begin..maybe the recent ones to go first:
  • Just came back from my monthly medical check up. Baby is fine, mommy is fine too (psstt..we know the gender already, but yet to be revealed. lets keep it a secret first ya.. ;) I am now in my 4th month and things are so far so good, Alhamdulillah. No morning sickness, only nausea and I remembered that I cannot tahan the sight or even hear the word “nasi lemak” though it is one of my fav food. Then the smell of white coffee from the coffee machine at my office just make me wanna run away..but that was during the 1st trimester only. Now everything also can tahan except for Kuey Teow. Why Kuey Teow? Hubby once cooked Kuey Teow and it did not turn out well. I think either because of too much or not enough ingredients which made the Kuey Teow turned out that way. Since then, I avoid Kuey Teow and just thinking of it makes me sick. Sorry sayang, bukan tak suka awak masak just hormone..ya ya..blame it on hormone :P (ada kena mengena ke?)Trying my best to avoid any caffeine drink too. If I really feel like having one, maybe once or twice a week can la. Empty stomach is a NO-NO as I will throw up whatever I eat after that. Have to keep my tummy full. I have a lot of craving (even if I’m not pregnant, I still have the urge to eat a lot of things :P). I craved to eat putu mayam, Umi’s sambal ikan bilis, sotong goreng with fried lala @Uptown, roti canai Malay punya, vegetarian food at Khush, J Co’s donut, spaghetti..anywhere will do, baked beans & scramble egg (I can eat this almost everyday for dinner) and mostly mom’s cooking whenever I feel like eating something nice during the weekend, I will definitely be in Subang. Alhamdulillah, so far all the food senang cari. My hubby pon tak pening kepala to find
  • Hubby resigned from GITN in June to work with MIMOS in Technology Park but resigned again after 1.5 mths joining the comp to work in this MNC comp in Cyberjaya. Good news, he’s back in Cyber to work in this well-known IT Comp as an Analyst (network) and well…the pay is much better, Alhamdulillah. Bad news, he has to work in 2 shifts (AM & PM – rotate by week), 4 days work (12 hrs) and 3 days off and his rest days will not necessarily fall on weekend. Nvm, think on the bright side. It’s REALLY worth it; the knowledge, experience and salary wise. Good luck sayang! Luckily my parents are just nearby and Umi told me to spend a night or two at her place if I feel alone and bored or can just drop by after work for dinner when hubby is working on the PM shift. He will be starting this 28/7
  • Happy birthday to my dear bro who turned 24 on July, 5th. He finished his study already and now working at Bandar Kinrara as a mechanical engineer and he plans to join Abah soon. How soon..I have no idea :P
  • Speaking of Abah, his dear beloved beemer kena curi about a month ago :(:( There goes the Master of 5955. The incident happened early Tuesday morning around 3-4am. The thief broke into the house and took the car key and drove off the car which was parked INSIDE! He even managed to grab Abah’s laptop and briefcase which were at the living room (Abah did not keep it away when he retired to sleep even after being reminded constantly to do so). This was not the 1st time someone broke into the house but the 3rd time I think only this happened during wee hour and the 2nd time his laptop got stolen. Thank God nobody was hurt and he did not take nor touch anything else (he got the beemer, what else did he want?!!). But jackpot for the thief as inside the briefcase, there was a digicam and cash in USD! Abah was planning to get himself a 3G hand phone over the weekend but he didn’t..tak ade rezeki kan..pity him..and there was a new golf set in the car which he already planned to take it with him to Thailand that weekend. I think the thief has targeted the beemer for quite a long time cause if he really needs a car, he can just take 3 other cars which were parked outside and were more vulnerable. Why susah² kan diri to get into the house, take the car key, open the auto gate and drove off the car? Our neighbour’s CCTV managed to capture a glimpse of the incident. In the video, one car came and parked in between my house and neighbour’s and few minutes later, the beemer being successfully stolen emerged and followed the first car. Although the quality of the video was poor, we still send the tape to the police with hope that they will do something. My uncle has a friend who is a DSP of SJ but I doubt they can resolve this case. According to the DSP, there are too many similar incidents and it happens almost everyday. What we can do from our side is to take extra precaution. Umi changed the grill (she took the opportunity to change it to wrought iron grill. Initial plan was only to fix the grill for main door but she got all the windows covered as well :P), changed and installed additional locks for the wooden door. Abah is still thinking of buying another beemer but Umi advises him to install CCTV, alarm and change the auto gate first before he gets we’ll see..this is the 2nd time our car kena curi depan rumah. The 1st time was Umi’s Kembara which was parked outside the house and that time was around 7pm. Umi was actually inside the house watching tv and she heard someone started the Kembara but thought it was the neighbour since they also got one..that was 5 yrs ago and now the same thing happen only that the thief broke into the house to get the car keys. I wonder what will happen if the thief did not get the car key..hmhmhm..whatever it is, Alhamdulillah, everybody was safe and sound. Better be careful next time ya..
  • We finally got our keys to our new house. Inspection –> DONE (with 1 year warranty from SIME UEP), grill –> DONE, kitchen cabinet in progress, curtain in progress and next is to find the lights & fan. Thank you to my parents who were willing to bear the expenses for the wrought iron grill and kitchen cabinet. Alhamdulillah, love you Umi & Abah. Umi said we don’t have to move there so fast because err..of my condition and also because there are still not many people in that area yet. We are just going to decorate the house and hold a “doa selamat cum makan²” after Raya and get it ready by end of this year. I can still enjoy my 3 bedrooms apartment for now. Yeay!
  • Whut else..errmm..owh..we turned 1 year last 8th June and cant believe we have been married for a year! Time do pass by so quick and soon two will become 2nd honeymoon cause that time it was not advisable to travel and people say you have to be very careful during the 1st trimester and so we spent the day with jalan² around here, makan² with our family and just enjoying the quality moment. We didn’t buy any gift also, just dinner as we already have this precious gift. anyways, hubby did get himself a PS3 and bought an amp for his electric guitar and got his wife some basic normal things ;) Whatever it is, I am happy, he is happy..thats all that matter. So sayang, happy anniversary! We will try to do something nice next year you!
  • Ajoi got a new car, the latest addition of 5955 to the family. Zira takes the Kelisa
  • My dear sis had her appendix removed somewhere in late May. She was admitted to SJMC and as soon as she got out, she asked for McD and other food which by right should be avoided. She could not sit still too that during her 1 week of recovery, pergi jalan² here and there..stubborn girl :P and thank God her operation was on her semester break
  • Attended Kartini’s reception on 310508 @KGNS. Faz & K were there and we have this table of 10 to only 4 of us..the food was it was catered by d’saji, felda only that there was no sambal udang on the menu..but i ate quite a lot of the ‘daging dendeng’. yummylicious. met our ex-schoolmates and it was good to see the familiar faces back. Kartini did put 3 photos of me on her when we were in Std 4 i think, then 2nd one when we went to the Commonwealth game back then in ‘98..we were at this bus stop waiting for my cousin to fetch us and there was actually a story behind it *wink* we had no transport to go home and my cousin had to borrow my friend’s mum van to fit 6 of us. it was one hell of experience coz we actually susahkan our parents and came home late..tapi best! then the last photo, was at Erin’s wedding with Ereen. very the obvious our faces..heheheh *malu*
  • david cook won the American Idol title. hoorayy! at last a rocker in AI history. at first, he was not one of my favourites. michael john outshined him but when he sang “Hello”, i knew that this Cook really got talent. then with a hit song like “Always Be My Baby”..i knew he’s gonna make it…you rock David Cook!
  • erin is back! welcoming irene natasha too..ereen and me paid them a visit and i’m so in love with irene..she’s SO adorable and sangatlah baik. with her big eyes..suka tengok orang and well behaved! i want a baby just like dat..muah muah to irene!
I guess that’s about it (banyak jugaks kan.. :P). Hope to update this often although I know nobody really reads this anyway..ciao!