Saturday, November 10, 2007

The One With The Bit & Pieces of My So Called Life

Today is Thursday and not really my fav day..*sigh* before I begin with anything, I would like to update u wif whuts goin on wif my life..

On the 16th Sept itself was my last day..yeap!finally out from, the remaining 9917 who are still there are Dzakiyah, Irni, Hui Chuin&Patrick (both promoted to AMO). The rest?? LEFT!
Including half of the second batch of EPS PP. I decided to get a new job because im sick with the environment, having to face ppl that I don’t really fancy everyday, working in a workplace where everything has it own so called “sweet” memories..anywhere I go, anything I see WILL remind me of something..which only God knows how hard I tried to forget them and be ignorance but the new boss of mine was extremely a book follower (get whut I mean?) we were supposed to be flexible but she implemented so many raya leaves was not confirm although I was the only one celebrating it (Sue left in July for OCBC) due to month end, short-handed of staffs and bla bla bla..and everything was just too sux..of course my dear AMO Elene and my colleagues Grace,Agnes&Shahmi are okay..they are the best!I miss the moment having lunch with Shahmi and all the gossips we talk about..miss teaching Grace these&that and repeating it over&over again and get disappointed with her (Grace>it was fun working with u, really test my patience), miss Agnes loud voice and her craziness&being a great entertainer..miss answering the phone&entertain the AMOs, MOs, VPs and 'layan' them (tunjuk pandai but actually tak pandai sgt or buat2 pandai jer),miss the attention I received,miss the LN gossips with Elene and miss all the laughter& was kinda sad to leave them but if I don’t do it then, maybe they will do it before, Im leaving for something regret! :):)
So on the last day, which was a half day for me,managed to meet some of my friends as most of my friends work on the evening shift.somebody once said to me.. “dun say goodbye if u wanna
leave..its better that way” im still holding on to it..passed my so called autograph book around and asked them to pass it to Zul but haven’t got it back till now..and I did sumthing stupid on the last week before I left (tell me what is new..), I had this CD which I bought some time ago and I just dun want to keep it..and apparently I know somebody who adores that singer very much..i gave it to him through Shahmi…and normally after sumbody give u something u will response with thank you right or at least sumthing laa rite? Guess whut??no acknowledgement..nothing!stupid..and I felt stupid too for doing that..(it happen to me a lot..dah buat baru rasa stupid..padan muka gaks..hihihih) daaaammmmnnnnnn…..then after few weeks..he sent me a msg saying that he has been promoted to I reply??hell NO!wuteverlaaa…dun care&dun wanna know..u SUX!

My new company, a multimedia publishing company which is also located at CJ but further up (near the Petronas). Working as an p.editor(weird huh as the abbreviation is also PE). Deals with
layout, content, indexing, editing (its hard to explain) and at last, I can apply some of whut I studied before here..working hour, flexi but between 8am – 6pm..haven’t try working after 6..although its just one level of the building but the pay is good and environment is okay. But I do have deadlines to meet..have to catch up as fast as I can so that no need for OT…but so far okay laa..Got my own direct line phone, internet access, can listen to music and etc..joined on the 19th Sept and underwent for 3 weeks of my raya leaves..3 public holidays (Deepavali&Raya) and one day of my own leave.

Btw, sumthing bad happened to me yesterday. My front tyre was stolen! I parked my car outside of the apartment and when I was bout to go to work, I noticed that the tyre is missing..daaaammmnnnn!lucklily my beloved bf was on leave and he came to help.but have to buy a new tyre and rim dis Saturday…the stupid thief left his ‘jek’ too…stupid! Went to work late&luckily my Team Leader is understanding…I think I have updated a lot now.. laterrr yaa..

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