Friday, November 17, 2006

The One With the Long Overdue Post

today is friday and it has been such a long time since my last entry! just dont have the time to write..busy busy busy. i'm moving out next weekend..finally! well everybody is moving out actually. i do have plan to move out by end of this year but due to unavoidable circumstances, we have to make it earlier. zarina's mum passed away on the 25th day of Ramadhan due to cancer. poor her.. *al-fatihah* therefore she said it's better to live with her siblings so when her dad comes he can stays with them. ju will be staying with her friend in Kota Damansara. i will be moving in to my mum's hse and it would be easier for me too to make my wedding preparation and save my money on the rent. why didnt i do this earlier?i must have save a lot not too pay the hse rent, electric, water & asto bill! *regret regret*

i will be kak johana's bridesmaid on her wedding which will be held on 8/12/2006. exactly 6 mths after that, with God permits it will be my turn! colleague, Lina has safely delivered a baby gurl yesterday. she named her Rae Nna..nice name, huh? like korean name..nuthing much exactly happened with my life..the days passed by quickly without me even realising its almost end of the year already. its time to say hello 2007..

i forgot to mention that the 'guy' is now married. can u believe it?? the guy that once said, "I will never ever get married and there will be no other girl after this" is now married! he got married on 30/10/2006. he texted me to wish slmt hari raya but at the same time he announced that he's getting married and he asked me to wish him all the best and be happy for him..he said he's going to UK for training and things are moving quite fast for him but he's happy bla bla here...CONGRATS! *duh*

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