Thursday, June 29, 2006

The One With The Super Sux Thursday

today is sux! i feel so damn bored..nuthing much to do in the office and less thing to do with life this very moment, i wish i dont exist..i know i should not talk crap but im feeling so so damn bored with my super duper boring life..pms??could be.. *argggghhhh* tension nyer! plus my so called date tomorrow looks like its goin to be canceled. fiancee got sumthing urgent to do..yeah rite! *!@#$%^&%$#$%* okay..think on the bright side..we will be together forever hopefully next let him do whatever he wants to do now..let us enjoy our 'single' life before 'I' become 'WE'...alright then..i feel much better now..UNTIL....just read my cousin's blog..she had a fight wif grandma and asked me to bring grandma to my hse..not that i dont want to my dear cousin..but honestly, i dont think she belong anywhere..she's better to be left alone..let her in her own world..the minute she steps into my hse, only God knows how i feel..i know its not good to hate your own grandma but really cannot stand her!she makes other ppl's life miserable..says bad things about her own family..what kind of grandma is that?! why should i care about her if she talks like s**t behind our back??honestly, i dun give a d**n about her..i know it sounds harsh but that's my true feeling..nana, dun worry..she did it to my mum other grandma,uncles&aunties are at home and yet our so-called lovely grandma asked my mum to come back just to settle her stupid things!!i askedmy mum to go back on fri and come home on my dad is not around..why does she always has to steal the thunder??damn damn..i really2 hate own grandma..hatred is the only thing i can think about her..since tok bah passed away, her attitude becomes more and more annoying..first2 can la kesian but if everyday she blames other ppl, say bad things about other ppl, make other ppl's life miserable, seek for extra attention..then takkan nak kesian kan dia lagi kan? *arggghhhh*

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