Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The One With The Sticker or Access Card

wednesday morning..i was about to park my car at basement when i was stopped by this guy..told me that i should not park there if i dont have a stupid is that??i do have a card & a sticker..cant u see the sticker on my windscreen? then how wouldu know if i have card or not if the stupid access device is not working?? this issue was actually yesterday's issue..or to be precise..monday's issue. i didnt put the sticker on..and i received a notice that said i am not allowed to park without access mistake..and i've already put the sticker on yesterday only to find the admin still asking me about my car at basement.. *duh!* fine la..then today still kena..cant u see i've already got the sticker? sticker not enough ke? and the most unsatisfying thing was, how would u know if i have an access card if the device is not working? takkan la nak check satu2 kereta yg park kat bwh tuh? or do we have to show our access card instead? *sheeesshhh* i hate it when ppl trying to be clever and end up make a fool of themselves..and i just happen to know one person who always does that..annoying-stuck up-b***h..(okay..that one is a lil bit out of topic..but there is a similiarity in it, cant resist!) hatred is all i can think about her..

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