Sunday, June 25, 2006

The One With The Six Years of Anniversary

happy 6th yrs anniversary! but fiancee didnt wish me sharp on midnight and as usual, i made a big fuss of it..lalalala..blame him lebih2..but he did wished..he was just a few mins to show him how mad i was for not being thoughtful..i didnt wish him till 10am..bad gurl!

went to sis's school to watch her perform..her band managed to get 2nd place and she was the only female drummer.. *congrates!* and guess who i ran into old colleague of mine..managed to exchange few words and not to forget numbers too :P apparently he stays in subang too and he was der for his bro..who was the guest runs in the family..

then had dinner at chilli's..we ordered triple play for starter, i ordered flaming rib eyed steak and fiancee ordered shoulder lamb accompanied by bottomless fruit juices and we were so full by the end of the meal! i havent bought him any gift yet..maybe this saturday..the anniversary now is different as we are now known as fiancee and no more gf/bf episode..and this will be the last anniversary before we got married next june, insyaallah..luv him so much!

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