Saturday, June 24, 2006

The One With Future Sis-in-Law's Engagament

sent dad to airport in the morning..he's goin to Mecca for umrah for 10, went to fiancee's was his sis's engagament..yeap..the date that was supposed to be my engagement's date..nway, went der wif sis..reached around 11.30am and not many ppl were around..have to make a very tak malu face..salam2 and greeted everybody there and have no idea who are these ppl..but i think i did a great job..fiancee was not at home that time..sent his sis to MV..i managed to mix wif his family..chatted wif them and get to know them..have to give credit for myself for doing an excellent PR job! was not that difficult if the ppl are okay and friendly..then i was introduced to the family as J's fiancee.. *yeay!*

the guy's family came at was just a small ceremony with small number of guests compare to mine..but i enjoyed myself there..managed to get along with the ppl..and have to rush home to send sis as she needs to go for an audition..

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