Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The One With An Engagement & A Wedding

holla! i'm now engaged! i have a fiance and a ring on my left to my middle finger (i cant remember the name!)..meaning i was half officially taken and i am half official my bf's future wife..quite a big title rite?play no more, flirt lagi la no more!

the ceremony was held at my house in subang on 10062006 (nice number eh?) and it started at 11am. i was a bit worried when the makeup artist didnt turn up at 9.30..she came 10 mins after that & started to work her miracle touch. that was my 1st makeover and i was really surprised when i saw the took me about 5 mins to get use to the new me..and luckily the makeup
session is done on time..then i was given a signal to come down for the guests to see me and of coz for my future mum-in-law to put on the ring. i was extremely nervous with the attention given,

the cameras flash, eyes on me..and during the ring session, my hands were shivering and i have to support my left hand with my other hand.. *sheeeshh* my grandmother (nenek sedara) was sitting beside me and she told me not to smile or talk and kept pinching my left leg when i made a sound *oucch!* and i almost forgot to shake hands with my future mum-in-law that my cousins and aunty actually have to give me a signal to do so.. *ooopss!* kelam laa..too many things to be remembered with no rehearsal..i dun remember anyone reminding me about do's and dont's too.. the event was closed with a doa selamat from abah's friend and i met my dear sayang for photo session...took loads of photos with family, friends, sayang and thanks to the photographer who stayed for 3 hrs to cover the event. i hope all the photos turn out fine..and thanks to the make up artist who did a marvellous job..some of them could not recognise me..and to the most important ppl, my beloved parents who put all out for this event..setting up the tents which someppl mistaken it for a wedding, the food, the hantaran, the decoration in u guys very much!to my aunties, uncles, grandmothers, cousins who helped me to set up the event, prepared the door gifts, woke up early to get things organised (yes nana, thanks for wakingup early on the day of the event, i know exactly how u feel :P), layan the guests..i love u all so much!! and to my sayang, i still remember when u told me that u dont want to go in and u will only come for lunch, ended up you have to stay extra hr, lunch wif my family when all your family members have gone u have to wait for one of them to pick u time, do drive your own car ya..but im glad u stayed longer..we spent time wif taking photos and sort of get to know my family..hooray for u!

photos can be viewed here

i am now somebody's fiance..really looking forward for my big day which i hope it to be on next june..insyaallah..i love u so much sayang!and cant believe that ereen is now married too. her wedding was on 030606 a week before my was held at 3k complex subang and finally she can be together with her long & distance so happy for her.went there wif my sayang, met erin wif her hubby, faz with her beau, eisha wif her frenz and some other friends were there too..kartini, suriati, zubir and shazri..things didnt really work well wif me and zubir. we didnt talk at all dat day just exchanged some eye contacts..he was standing across the table when i first saw him. i gave him a big friendly wave and he responded witha smile-or-not-to-smile smile.. *sheesh!* so i didnt bother to do anything let alone make any more i was there wif my sayang and i got my friends..why bother to say hi if his response was like that..anyway, congrats to ereen&zab and may God bless you all always... *muah muah*

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