Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The One With The Diamond Ring

it's tuesday & the 1st working day of the week..it was Labour Day yesterday and so it was a public holiday.yeay! i wish the holiday is longer..my bf is still on leave today..did nuthing much during weekend..but i'll be more than happy to write down whut i've done as really got nuthing to do now..here it goes:

Friday: Didnt go to the gig, had dinner with my bf..and the place was none other than the restaurant behind my house..isshh..watched survivor and some episodes of The OC and went to sleep.

Satuday: Woke up early, actually bout the same time as normal days but not normal for a saturday and decided to buy bfast..went out together wif my hsemates, one of them goin back to her hometown and the other one goin to work..had my bfast and fetched my sis at subang and my cousin at shah alam and headed to a nearby shopping mall to survey make up but the shops were closed but we did spend bout 3 hrs there and i bought 2 pair of sandals, a baby tee and treated them at Nandos. then as we were waiting for our meals, saw our Tok Ngah & Tok Teh walking towards the restaurant opposite the Nandos. thought of saying hi to them but didnt get the chance too. then as we were browsing through clothes at this one shop, saw Tok Teh again and said hi..helped her to choose sumthing for her granddaughter and how great does it feels to have a caring grandmother.. *whut can i say bout my grandmother..urggh..just the thought of it makes me sick..no comment, maybe later. then Tok Ngah came & accompanied his wife and we had a quick conversation and they decided to leave for another shop. she gave us RM50 each while we were shaking hands..lucky or not?that is enough to cover my Nandos' treat..thanks a lot Tok Ngah & Tok Teh for your generosity..
met a friend from old office too and we chatted for few minutes..catched up with the latest news and as she was telling me this person is at Shanghai, this person just came back from Colombo, this person is moving to another process, and this person will be going to sumwer..to go for training at other country after 3yrs of waiting, and to be back here with say 30% of being promoted (depends on how good ur 'kipas' skill) and with the same salary or maybe increment of 5% max..boy, im just glad im out of there!phew ^_^ then we went to Section 9 to buy some stuffs at other shopping mall. sent my other sandal for repair and hey, technically i got 3 new sandals! hihihi..with the repaired one being wear only twice..consider new la rite? then we had ice cream at baskin robbins..sent my cousin home and my sis back at subang..hang around there for an hr i think before decided to head back to puchong..my sayang fetched me around 7 and we thought of goin somewer nice for dinner but we ended up at this restaurant which was sad to say..in Puchong..urgghh..guess we are stuck in puchong..sheesh!

Sunday: Woke up around 9, had maggi for bfast..then get ready to go out..my sayang came and picked me up around 12 and we headed to BTS to watch a movie..had lunch there and accompanied him for a while to LY to buy sumthing..then he took me to Habib in Ampang to buy my engagement ring. i chose sumthing sweet & simple & nice & sparkling..thot of getting
sumthing cheaper..but he said.."Choose je..dun worry bout the price.." eerrkk??so sweet laaa sayang nie..but i know la my limit la kan..i really like the ring! i felt like wearing it straight..but of coz i cant..have to wait for 39 more days..the ring is soooooooooo beautiful!! *muah muah* luv u so much sayang... *hugs* then we had satay for dinner..the famous satay..yummy yummy yummy..words cant describe how i feel as im in love with both my sayang & the diamond ring!

Monday: Again, woke up early to buy bfast..then went to Subang around 12 to bring my sis to Parade & had our lunch there..didnt really enjoy there..probably coz of too tired and no mood to shop..but i managed to buy a skirt for myself..hihihi..then hang around for few hrs at home..waited for umi to come back but she was late..so went back to puchong..my sayang came and picked me up for dinner and that concludes my weekend + 1 public holiday..
the bad thing, didnt do anything much..the good things, spent my weekend with my loved ones, got a beautiful DIAMOND ring! *blink blink* , ate nice stuffs and had a good rest..

nway, i still havent found the person that will be doing my makeup..the gurl that i called earlier was not available on the day that i want her to come..then suddenly she called saying that somebody has cancelled the session and now its up to me to decide if i want her to do my makeup. i think her price is a bit too expensive, RM350 and when i looked back at the result, biasa je..maybe i will check out the ppl with mycousin tomorrow.. *sheesh*