Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The One With The One Wednesday

its raining heavily outside..and i dun know how in the world to walk to my car..i do have an umbrella but the grass is wet & muddy.. *sigh* plus me wearing heels..sheesh! fyi, these past few days i didnt take rice for dinner..not bcoz i wanna diet or anything..(phleeze) its just dat im too lazy to tapau..the restaurant behind my hse is convenient to tapau and they know me already, but the prob is they really KNOW me! before i open my mouth to order, the gurl will say whut i want..and its true..coz i only eat dat dish from that restaurant...yummy yummy..and sometimes there will be stupid guys or so to say, uncivilize guys who love to be busybody..will make some noise and i feel like giving them slaps on their faces when they act like dat..pls leave me alone can? so that's why im lazy to tapau sometimes..and since my bf works in cyber and he's carpooling with his fren, i seldom go for a dinner with him on weekdays..last time, it used to be on Wednesday *sigh*

but u cant have everything rite? u just have to deal wif whut u have..but look on the bright side, i can either have lunch/bfast wif him..yeay?!at least he is still near me..

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