Friday, February 3, 2006

The One With The Unexplainable Incidents is friday and only worked for 2 days this week due to chinese new yr&awal muharram public holiday..yeay!went to PD on monday with my family,ellie's family, tok mak and aunty mummy. reached there at 12 noon and the place was packed wif ppl checking out, checking in, ppl having their family day etc etc..we rented 2 side by side apartments and everything went well until 2 half invited families came and destroyed everything..this thing happened coz of my granny who could not resist inviting her 2 sons to come over even persuaded the other son to overnite for F.O.C! they came and they ate all of our dishes..which were supposed to be enough for dinner and some of them even tapau! whut the @#$% ? consider la skit..then things started to get out of control wif ppl screaming here and there and chaos everywhere! the apartment which has the gurls, aunty mummy and ajoi was so messy..geram sure my dad didnt enjoy was supposed to be a vacation not a kenduri they are not invited pon!no more vacation wif tok time, we go on our own..

nway, i got an interesting story to tell..on the way to work i kept imagining stuffs..stuffs like wouldnt it be nice if i can bump into him and struck a conversation just to ensure that he did not think i am an arrogant and etc etc (due to the last incident when he asked me whut was my plan for new yr and the way i replied to him like, "how bout u?performing?" sure he thinks i am an arrogant or ntah pa per gurl!) ok back to the present..wanted to ask him bout his album if i got the nerve to (he got a cool band!) then as i was waiting for the lift wif my fren, the lift opened and he was inside there!he said hi to my fren 1st coz they are in the same team n i dun think he bother bout me but he did!and he even smiled..waaaaa...*butterfly in my tummy*

it felt so awkward&weird being inside the lift wif him when i was just thinking bout it this morning..then we got out at level 4, he was the last person to go and then i heard a loud bang..i think the lift door just banged into kesian!didnt dare to look back and there i was being rude AGAIN and i dun think so i got anymore chance after this...sob sob sob...*sigh*

the first person or maybe the only person that i told was Shahmi and he said i must be blushing like hell!he said luckily i didnt knock into anything but that guy did!hihihi..its fun to go to work now..last friday, that guy caught me smiling at the monitor (yeah, thanks to Shahmi)..and he gave me a"whut's up" smile..i could feel my blood gushing to my head..felt so hot& i knew that my face was red!damn damn..another embarassing wish is to be his friend and to know him better..dats all..just a friend..coz he is a cool and talented guy and im sure it will be great to have a cool friend like him!whut do u think?

last nite i msg this gurl, my msg sounds ok, no vulgar language or anything, just a simple msg asking how r u doing etc etc and expected some answers as i was asking some questions.then 2 mins after that, my other friend's phone was the gurl that i msged before..she dun even bother to reply to my msg but called my other friend instead!!i think she had no idea i was there or she assumed that her fren or i was at sumwer else..sorry u were wrong! wtf?who do she think she is?then i gave her few mins thinking that maybe she will reply after the phony phone call but NO!!!so there goes my questions without any could she be so cold-hearted?

some ppl are just too dumb to realise whut is happening around them..

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