Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The One With The Tired of Waiting

hello..i had a wonderful dream last nite..i dreamt bout my 3 bestfriends..we were at a kenduri or sumthing then we were behaving like we were Form V..snap photos and laughed at each other..it was fun and i enjoyed the dream so much..felt like it was so real and we were free..nuthing is bothering us..there was a river too in my dream and the depth is only till my chest..there was a big house too..belong to somebody i know..whut a dream!

guess i had that such dream coz i msg erin b4 i went to sleep..asked her bout her facial treatment..might be goin there with her this saturday..my 1st facial with my bestfriend..actually, i went once before wif zarina..but didnt continue after dat..erin's place use dermalogica product and i thot of using that product too..why dun i give it a try rite?the price is reasonable..plus it is in subang..very convenient..

after several sms attempts to the person who is responsible for my payment, that gurl finally called and say that the payment is ready for collection..goin to go there this evening and hopefully everything turns out okay..gonna send my car tomorrow and joe is on his way home too..yeay!

nuthing much happened to me at work and i helped my colleague today as still free as a bird..but when February comes..im gonna suffer..3 products awaiting for me...*sigh*

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