Monday, January 16, 2006

The One With The Stupid & Reckless Driver

hullo hullo hullo..another bad thing happened to my car..damn damn damn..the story goes like happened on lastSaturday, i was at my car..heating the engine..then suddenly i heard a loud noise followed by a bang..a van has ramped into my hit my right hand side bumper and broke the backlight..stupid driver!my car shifted from straight to left..i was not even on the road..the car was parked safely at a parking area but this reckless driver just ramped into it..stupid!i was so panicked but managed to calm myself down and felt so could he drive like that when he knows that there were cars parked on right&left of the road..unless he is blind laa...stupid !@#$%^&*!!! and so i called my dad coz i was unsure on whut to do..waited for him for bout 30mins..luckily my hsemate was at she accompanied me till my dad arrived..the 2 guys asked my dad how to settle it and my dad gave him 2 options..1st)report it to the police 2nd)theywill bear the cost of the repair..they chose the 2nd one..(my guess is bcoz the driver got no license) and so we went to the office which was located behind of my hse.their boss was not in and so they called the dad spoke to their boss and he agreed to pay me im going to see them today to collect the money..yeah..alone..issshhh...hopefully the money is ready to be collected as the secretary said she is not sure if the boss is coming back on monday..then that is their problem la rite?i still need the money..u have to be responsible for it..then haf to send the car for repair on wed eve..troublesome!

my sayang is still in terengganu/kelantan..hopefully he will beback today..went to JJ in Bkt Raja yesterday with my mum&sis..bought like 6 new was so crowded when we wanted to leave..luckily we went there early..did nuthing much this weekend..boring boring boring..*sigh*

i called the secretary justnow and she said the cheque is still in process and she will call me once its the feeling it wont be ready today..problematic ppl menyusahkan org je tau!

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