Thursday, January 19, 2006

The One With The Dunno What's Going On

its fast?hhmmm..sent my car to the workshop yesterday..then my honey came and picked me up&sent me back to Subang..i think im the slowest beemer driver today..have to drive abah's car as no other car is available.umi wants to drive her car guess i got no choice than to drive abah's car.abah is in Sabah..outstation

uncle Kenny, the workshop guy told me that the cost will be around rm700-800.extra of rm180 becoz of the right hand side thingy which was last yr's incident..or was it last last yr?hahahaha..i banged into my colleague's car at HDPM parking lot.i will pay for that..according to uncle Kenny, if everything goes will be ready by tomorrow..yeay!

will be going for a family vacation on the 30th&31st Jan..trip to PD, although its only PD but i seriously need a vacation!my family&uncle sharil's family and additional of 4 ppl,which are Tok Mak, Aunty Mummy&the two kids..

met my sayang yesterday after 1 week plus being away..he gave me a cute handmade color and i luv it!thanx u loads..but i don't know how to describe my feeling yesterday..i felt after 1 week of not seeing each other, u have to be excited when u finally see the other person..but as for me..felt cam biasa je..i dunno la..maybe the time&place was not right for the right moment..whutever it is..i luv u sayang..maybe it takes time to get the same feeling back..patient is virtue!

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