Thursday, January 19, 2006

The One With The Dunno What's Going On

its fast?hhmmm..sent my car to the workshop yesterday..then my honey came and picked me up&sent me back to Subang..i think im the slowest beemer driver today..have to drive abah's car as no other car is available.umi wants to drive her car guess i got no choice than to drive abah's car.abah is in Sabah..outstation

uncle Kenny, the workshop guy told me that the cost will be around rm700-800.extra of rm180 becoz of the right hand side thingy which was last yr's incident..or was it last last yr?hahahaha..i banged into my colleague's car at HDPM parking lot.i will pay for that..according to uncle Kenny, if everything goes will be ready by tomorrow..yeay!

will be going for a family vacation on the 30th&31st Jan..trip to PD, although its only PD but i seriously need a vacation!my family&uncle sharil's family and additional of 4 ppl,which are Tok Mak, Aunty Mummy&the two kids..

met my sayang yesterday after 1 week plus being away..he gave me a cute handmade color and i luv it!thanx u loads..but i don't know how to describe my feeling yesterday..i felt after 1 week of not seeing each other, u have to be excited when u finally see the other person..but as for me..felt cam biasa je..i dunno la..maybe the time&place was not right for the right moment..whutever it is..i luv u sayang..maybe it takes time to get the same feeling back..patient is virtue!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The One With The Tired of Waiting

hello..i had a wonderful dream last nite..i dreamt bout my 3 bestfriends..we were at a kenduri or sumthing then we were behaving like we were Form V..snap photos and laughed at each was fun and i enjoyed the dream so much..felt like it was so real and we were free..nuthing is bothering us..there was a river too in my dream and the depth is only till my chest..there was a big house too..belong to somebody i know..whut a dream!

guess i had that such dream coz i msg erin b4 i went to sleep..asked her bout her facial treatment..might be goin there with her this 1st facial with my bestfriend..actually, i went once before wif zarina..but didnt continue after dat..erin's place use dermalogica product and i thot of using that product too..why dun i give it a try rite?the price is it is in subang..very convenient..

after several sms attempts to the person who is responsible for my payment, that gurl finally called and say that the payment is ready for collection..goin to go there this evening and hopefully everything turns out okay..gonna send my car tomorrow and joe is on his way home too..yeay!

nuthing much happened to me at work and i helped my colleague today as still free as a bird..but when February gonna suffer..3 products awaiting for me...*sigh*

Monday, January 16, 2006

The One With The Stupid & Reckless Driver

hullo hullo hullo..another bad thing happened to my car..damn damn damn..the story goes like happened on lastSaturday, i was at my car..heating the engine..then suddenly i heard a loud noise followed by a bang..a van has ramped into my hit my right hand side bumper and broke the backlight..stupid driver!my car shifted from straight to left..i was not even on the road..the car was parked safely at a parking area but this reckless driver just ramped into it..stupid!i was so panicked but managed to calm myself down and felt so could he drive like that when he knows that there were cars parked on right&left of the road..unless he is blind laa...stupid !@#$%^&*!!! and so i called my dad coz i was unsure on whut to do..waited for him for bout 30mins..luckily my hsemate was at she accompanied me till my dad arrived..the 2 guys asked my dad how to settle it and my dad gave him 2 options..1st)report it to the police 2nd)theywill bear the cost of the repair..they chose the 2nd one..(my guess is bcoz the driver got no license) and so we went to the office which was located behind of my hse.their boss was not in and so they called the dad spoke to their boss and he agreed to pay me im going to see them today to collect the money..yeah..alone..issshhh...hopefully the money is ready to be collected as the secretary said she is not sure if the boss is coming back on monday..then that is their problem la rite?i still need the money..u have to be responsible for it..then haf to send the car for repair on wed eve..troublesome!

my sayang is still in terengganu/kelantan..hopefully he will beback today..went to JJ in Bkt Raja yesterday with my mum&sis..bought like 6 new was so crowded when we wanted to leave..luckily we went there early..did nuthing much this weekend..boring boring boring..*sigh*

i called the secretary justnow and she said the cheque is still in process and she will call me once its the feeling it wont be ready today..problematic ppl menyusahkan org je tau!

Monday, January 9, 2006

The One With The 2005 in Memory

hello peeps..i know that nobody is going to read my blog..and so gonna write whutever i feel like writing ere but of coz..need to cover2 also..its 2006 already and im turning 25 dis yr!OMG..its such a big number..whut have i achieved so far..2005 was an unforgettable yr as lots of things happened on that yr..hope it still not too late for me to do some recap of 2005..

Joe's bday, went out for dinner with his family sometime around end of January, was still with HSBC in EPS PP, boring life with boring work!

Trying really hard to apply for a lateral move to another department where Suraya was working..went for an interview and an was asked to do an Excel test..dun really know how to use Excel and there was a test?!Sue did not mention anything bout test..*sigh* My application has been reviewed&accepted(thanks to Sue's recommendation) and yeay!Ops Coordination Exec..working time rotate every 2 weeks, 1st shift: 9-6pm 2nd shift: 2-11pm..will handle reports and liaise with AMOs,MOs,AVPs and VPs..more to admin stuffs and assists AMOs in doing their reports..not starts in March!

Joined Ops Coordination and reunited back with Suraya(she was from EPS PP before she joined Ops Coordination last September)..answered calls, handle reports, statistics, formulas,numbers&numbers everywhere, good opportunity in building friends, new environment, new work loads, more flexible and more freedom!no time capture sheet and the best part is no RPH!

Went to F1, Sepang..courtesy to Abah who got free grandstand tickets..yippee!brought my bf along..

Was the month where my bf injured his leg during a football tournament.Tore his ligamen and he had to wear a cast for 6 mths to straighten his bone..visited him often at his hse..have to make a very x malu face coz he cannot go out for 2 mths..sigh sigh sigh..

Dun remember whut happen on this month..but i sure know that i still cannot go out wif my sayang..

My grandfather felt down and broke his hip bone..he had to be warded..although it was only a minor accident but for an old man like him, the effect was terrible!

My 5yrs anniversary!joe was able to walk but with the help of a cane..he still got his cast on but this time it was only till his knee..he gave me a white diamond necklace, a Harrod's bag, a card and treated me dinner at Victoria Station..i luv u much2 sayang!

Ajoi's Bday...oh..Suraya left HDPM on July 15th. She is one of the close frenz that has been with me since April 2003 and now she is leaving was a sad day for us and i thot at least she will stay till end of this yr and we can work happily work together..and now Sue is more chit chat, no more gossips, no more Sue kacau2 me, no more sister to sister more Sue..eric and mun hoe also left HSBC bout the same time as Sue..whut a sad month..

Happy 48th birthday Malaysia!Started job hunting again..and was kinda depressed as nobody response to my applications..then one day Shahmi asked how was my progress..i lied to him saying that i got an interview soon at this one comp at Cyberjaya doing multimedia an editor..the truth was no interview pon..sajejer..sedapkan hati sendiri..really frust with some ppl ere..having to face the guy that i hate d most!and knowing that he already had a gf which is actually working in HDPM also!he was the main reason why i decided to find another job apart from the reason most of my friends were no longer attached to HDPM.

Somewer in the early of the month my dream came true!got a call from the comp which i lied to Shahmi before..turned up the lie became true..i was called for an interview and so i went there..had to do a test and it was Grammar test!i knew i will not make it thru..and so the HR lady said.."I am sorry but you did not pass the test....HOWEVER, we would like to know if u r interested in applying for another position as a Production Editor" I was like.."Production Editor?Whats that?" and so she explained to me these and thats and it is actually more interesting than the 1st position i applied..more to my degree background..great!so i was interviewed again by the HR lady and her partner from Australia..and she told me that they will get back to me within a week to let me know the result..

That time the HAZE was very bad!the vision is less than 500metres..when i was heading to my car, i met this guy..who happened to be the same guy i met at Terminal during lunch time sometime ago..who introduced himself as Chris..i met him again at this FSBM building and turned out he is working at the same building..he remembered my name and he said im going to get the doubt..

Received a call at 12.30pm the same day and I was accepted!!the salary was unexpectedly high..higher than whut i asked for..the prob was, had to give 1 mth notice as they want me to be in by 19th Sept..i got approximately 1 mth to join the new company..i've made my decision the same day too..It was an opportunity that came in a lifetime..i cannot miss this..i just need to get out from HDPM..furthermore, im going for a better job!and so i informed my new HR im joining the comp and gave my resignation letter the next day and as they say, the rest are history!cant believe that im resigning and with all my hope i wish that the new comp will be a better place for me..i guess the luck was with this Chris guy too..weird enuff as i never met him again at FSBM till now..

Abah's birthday..

On 16th Sept, my beloved grandfather passed was Friday nearly to 11am, i was at the office and was packing my stuffs..then i received a call from Umi telling me that Tok Bah has passed away..managed to make a half day and went back to Bahau..*al-fatihah*

Joined the new comp on Sept 19th and everything went well..had to undergo 3 weeks of training class and made some friends..the comp is ok, only one level compare to 3 storeys high of HDPM. the environment is so quiet!its like a library..enjoyed the 3 weeks of was internet a phone for myself too..the working hour is flexible once u r on ur own..but i prefer to work from 9am-5.30pm.

After 3 weeks of training, got my own product and worked like crazy!everything was so blur to me and everything also have to ask..this one dont know that one also dont know..i felt so stupid!i never felt like this before..usually i know at least sumthing but not that time..i knew nuthing!only the basic but still not enough to do my work..puasa time..and was struggling really hard to finish my work within limited time..deadline to meet..really2 pressure..but as they pain no gain!i learned a lot and thru the hard another way, im satisfied with myself!

Oh yeah..i turned 24 on the was puasa my beloved bf brought me to JW Marriott Putrajaya for a buka falls on Friday too..thnx sayang for the u much2!

Zira's Birthday..

At last i got my Malaysia Public Holiday!Raya&Deepavali..took one unpaid leave too..submitted my first product and began to work on another update besides helping my fren to clear her product too..working hour is so flexible where u can come in early and go back early..Zarina got engaged..

My front tyre was stolen!i parked outside of my apartment and when i wanted to go to work..i saw the tyre was missing..damn the people who stole it..stupid!but luckily Abah was kind-hearted that he bears all the cost to get a new tyre..i love u Abah!

Umi's Birthday..

Two of my friends got married..and held a kenduri at subang to remember100 days tok bah has passed away..Joe day which was on Christmas Day got a BBQ..Celebrated New Yr with beloved sayang..

2005 was a great yr but i wish that 2006 will be greater..i will be one yr older and hopefully wiser..and i hope my relationship wif my sayang can bloom to something more meaningful and looking forward for the future wif him so much!love my family and frenz too..thanx everybody as each and everyone of u plays an important role in my life will not be as interesting as this if its not bcoz of u...thank you Allah for ur bless..

Happy 2006 Everybody and may all ur dreams come true and have a great life filled with love, happiness and success..*muah*

Sunday, January 8, 2006

The One With The Happy 25th Birthday Sayang!

Happy Birthday to my sayang!he turned 25 today and quite a big number..time to think bout future and starts planning for the big day..i wish he will wakes up and realise how important it is to me&us..i felt bad for not doing anything to him on his bday..didnt buy any gift just a plain card and treated him at Chillis..honestly..i dun have any mood to do anything coz he didnt promise me anything too..nway, happy birthday sayang!i think i love u so much..*muah*

me&my bf..cant deny that i had a great time wif him last weekend..that's all i can say&manage to comment..till then..ta!