Thursday, December 8, 2005

The One With The Story of Weird, Strange & Confuse Me

Hullo! Submitted my product to Team Leader for him to check..Hope it will be error free as that is not really my just helping afriend who is on vacation..but the web transfer could not be done today due to too many broken links as informed by the Indexer..guess have to wait for her to complete her job then i can proceed with the web transfer which is next week and might not be handling that..

woke today wif mixed feelings..had a very strange dream..dreamt bout me,i was wif a guy..he was my old friend back then at my old comp..we were so close to each other..i guess we are not a couple..we were just CLOSE..i was having a great time wif him, we talked & laughed & gossiped..that time we were having meal at sumwer..then as we were bz wif our thing, i turned around and saw another old friend of mine..he used to be my bestfriend then..he saw me wif this other guy and he looked at me without saying anything..he just stared and left..weird!then i saw my ex..he came back to patch things up with me..he said, "let's get this over with&start all over again.." my family was there to witness all these things and i ended up being together wif him..but whut happen to the friend that i was having a nice time with?then the phone rang at 7.05am, my so-called bf gave me a wake up call..nway, the dream was unexplainable..after all, a dream will always be a dream.. ait?

headache...again?izzit becoz the way i slept last nite dreaming bout all this strange dream?(woke up wif one pillow on my face, another one under my thigh but no pillow supporting my head..huhuhuh..funny..)whutever it is i felt weird..i looks like its goin to rain outside..wanna get home early but nothing to do life is so boring..i want my sayang..but we seldom meet on weekdays too..i dun know whut to do wif my life laa..

btw, i have submitted my work. I've cleared the back to surfing&blogging..and although the company does not allow us to do such things but im still doing it..catch u later..ta!

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