Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The One With The No Comment Pls

hullo..yesterday was a public holiday for Selangor..had a long&tiring weekend i guess..reasons: 1) overslept 2) spent too much time doing nothing..no comment..

Friday nite, watched Narnia. the movie was okay, didnt expect it to be that interesting for a children's movie. Saturday,had lunch wif my sayang..mum invited him for dinner but he could not make it as he had a family gathering to attend. then went back to Subang around 4 sumthing..but before that, took an hour nap..maybe coz i slept late the night before&woke up early the next morning(thanx to the NipTuck episodes&a wake up call from my sayang), had dinner wif my family at our usual place..weird as i forgot the restaurant's name although have been there lots of times..aiyaaak..Sunday, went out wif my sis..bought her birthday present&treated her brunch at Secret Recipe..then did nothing other than watched tv,movie&eat&eat at home..

Monday, initial plan was toget a haircut..but damn lazy to go out so stayed home and later in the evening went to puchong to send&collect some stuffs.. take away McD and it was Mum's bfday too..HAPPY BIRTHDAY UMI!love u loads...ellie was at home when i came back and we decided to cook..(plus umi was bz dealing wif the contractors>>the house is under renovation). we managed to cook fried vege and soup "tulang"!okay lor..the soup was edible..everybody loves it..i knew it bcoz nobody says anything..hahaha..mum said it was good.. :):) and so i learned how to prepare a new dish..yeay!

slept at subang last nite..reasons: 1) lazy to go back to Puchong 2) wanna spend another nite at my own house (there is no better place other than ur own hse)

i did my web transfer justnow..everything looks ok but not till the Q&A part,sumthing need to be clarified wif the Editor..so awaiting for her response..in the mean time..i tried logging on to Y!..i saw one of my colleague tried to log on last week and decided to try myself..to my surprise..the Y!Msgr worked..yeay?hhmm..no comment..

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