Wednesday, November 9, 2005

The One With The One "FINE" Day!

this is my first time blogging @WK and guess whut?i do have some reasons for this to be the first. first reason would be, still got nuthing to do at the office (awaiting for my sub editor to get to me back) and secondly, somebody dat is stupid enough..stole my car's tyre!no wonder i had a very bad dream bout my car last nite..sigghhh..luckily only one tyre but on the other hand, i still have to buy 1 set of rims as nobody sells loose rim..called my daddy, he said to use my money 1st and he will refund it later..yeay!luckily he is so considering&concern!muah muah u loads :):)

a brief story bout working at a multimedia publisher company which is still at CJ. I was with my old company for 2yrs ++ when i finally decided "okay..thats enough!" hence applied for other jobs and accepted here. as a production editor, i deal with the layouts, contents, pages numbering and etc..basically i didnt waste whut i studied before back then in MMU. Oh yeah, MMU is also located at a CJ-an but not to the extend where i want to live can be very boring rite?

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