Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The One With The Something Sweet To Be Remembered

hi again again and again!today was not a very bad day well till now la..reached off late..not dat late actually on time..then on the way to the entrance, i accidently bumped into dis guy..dis guy is from the process beside mine and we shared a very weird,funny and i-dun-know-whut to say history. to make it short..there was one time i went to da table beside him coz my friend wanted to ask me sumthing and there i was..standing and staring at the monitor..making a i-know-dis-stuff-very-well face n thought of moving the cursor..n hence grabbed the mouse..but instead of grabbing the mouse..i accidently grabbed his hand...kinda funny but i maintained cool and not even care to say sorry..but my face was already red and so damn blushing..but i kept it low and just pretended dat nuthing weird has already happened..sssoooo...today he officialy said hi to me and asked me somethings..we were both late and i was kinda embarassed. luckily joe's friend stopped me and we went separate ways..so dats the story...to JOE>>if u are reading dis..pls dun think of anything weird..trust me i dun like him,alright?muah muah u so much!!nobody but u..ok? okay...bout my friend...got a latest news yesterday...i dun kno how to act when i found out dat..whutever pon...i dun care!ta!

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